Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Tyron Woodley demands public apology from UFC president Dana White – or else

Welterweight champion threatens he will take action unless his boss says sorry for scathing criticism of his UFC 214 performance

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 01 August, 2017, 3:42pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 01 August, 2017, 3:58pm

UFC president Dana White held nothing back in his criticism of Tyron Woodley at the weekend, but now his welterweight champion has returned fire.

Woodley retained his title by unanimous decision over Demian Maia in a plodding, heavily-panned bout at UFC 214, but has demanded his boss White apologise following a series of scathing comments at a post-fight press conference.

“If you’re going to publicly scrutinise me – Dana White, he needs to apologise to me,” Woodley said in an appearance on The MMA Hour podcast.

“I don’t have an issue with Dana. But the thing about it is, be a straight shooter to me. That’s how I operate ... you come and talk to me.

“If you thought I had a s***** fight? Come pull me to the side before going to the podium ... I’m a communicator. Come to me. I don’t want to hear about it afterwards.”

Woodley’s bout with Maia drew heavy boos from the Honda Centre crowd in Anaheim, California, with the pair setting a record for the lowest number of strikes attempted.

“You ask fans if you want to see Woodley fight again,” White said after the fight. “The answer would be a flat-out no. Who wants to pay for Woodley to fight again? You take no risks, you get no rewards.”

‘Who wants to pay to see Woodley fight again?’: Michael Bisping to face Georges St-Pierre, as UFC president White slams champion

White said he decided during the fifth round to punish the cautious Woodley by taking away a big payday bout against the returning Georges St-Pierre and instead giving the highly-anticipated fight to middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

“I don’t care so much about the fans, but when your job title is promoter, promote your f****** fighters. Promote your champion,” Woodley continued. “Don’t demote your champion.

“The word behind business is ‘man’. You need to be a man, and owe me a public apology.

“And if I don’t get that, I’m going to start leaking some s*** that people don’t want to be out in the wind. I’m not kidding about that.”

Woodley successfully stopped all 24 attempted takedowns by Brazilian jiu-jitsu genius Maia, but claimed his ability to throw strikes was compromised by an injury.

“I threw my shoulder out in the first round, I wasn’t able to throw any damaging shots – for you guys who don’t understand what a labrum tear is, go get on Google or Wikipedia and figure it out – and I still stayed the course, I stayed on path, I stayed on point, I executed the game plan,” added Woodley.

“I had to reduce all of my shots from overhands, uppercuts, things that were hurting my shoulder, to straight punches.”