Team Mainland China take 2-0 win over Team NA to secure their place in the finals

China will face off against the Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau in an all Chinese derby this evening

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 06 August, 2017, 2:55pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 17 October, 2017, 9:57am

The Coliseum was only half-full again this morning; a disappointment, considering the hype around the match-up between China and NA. China received a warm welcome and cheers from the crowd, but it was obvious the real stars of the show were Team NA. The crowd went wild as each of Leagues old school heroes were introduced.

Before the match, Misaya said he looked forward to playing against Team NA’s strongest previous meta. NA were never expected to win going into the match, though. EU, China and Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau had all predicated a resounding defeat for Team NA.

Like Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (THM) on Friday, China looked like a team that had been practicing and the Chinese went with pretty meta drafts in both games.

Pride and history were on the line, but the Americans went way back with their draft and it was obvious they aimed to put on a good show. Game one saw the most entertaining picks of the match with TheOddOne on Cho’gath and HotShotGG with Garen.

“I had an agreement with Caomei to have a 1v1,” HotshotGG said of his Garen pick. “But that quickly turned into a 1v2. That felt pretty bad,” he laughed. “But I had fun playing him, and I think that’s the first time anyone’s played Garen in a competitive match.”

NA’s counter-rotations to bot lane were on-point throughout the match, and they put up a great fight in game two, but ultimately the Chinese, many still recently playing on current meta, and living up to their reputation for aggressive play, were just too much for them.

On who they would be rooting for in the China v THM final, NA’s loyalties were split. HotshotGG took a more practical view.

“I hope Caomei does well again in top lane, so I don’t look so bad.”

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Top side of the map really was the weak point for NA. HotshotGG’s Garen was focused from the start, and he failed to level up quickly enough to allow him to dominate top lane. By end of game he was 1-7 at the end of the game.

China didn’t let up on the Americans once they’d taken the lead and aced them in the 25 minute to take the Nexus.

The lethality meta was in full effect in game two; China went with an AD heavy, tower crushing composition.

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NA’s ranged composition all depended on HotshotGG holding his own in top lane against Caomei. It quickly became apparent that this wasn’t going to happen, with Ruo heading straight to top and focusing him once again.

HotshotGG’s Galio was pulled off to support elsewhere as best he could, but failed to make much of a contribution throughout the rest of the game. Link on Leblanc, was the star for NA in game two, but wasn’t able to capitalise on the massive damage dealing potential he’d built up.

NA’s final attempted flank fell flat and China walked the base for the win.