Isaiah Thomas denies hip injury has ‘damaged’ him as Cavs delay blockbuster Celtics trade

Boston star says doctors have assured him he will return to full fitness as move to Cleveland stalls

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 30 August, 2017, 3:49pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 30 August, 2017, 3:59pm

Isaiah Thomas has insisted he will return to fitness from a hip injury as concern over his condition threatened to stall his move from the Boston Celtics to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Thomas is poised to join Cleveland with several teammates in a blockbuster trade that saw Cavs star Kyrie Irving head to Boston.

However, final confirmation of the trade has been delayed amid ongoing questions surrounding Thomas’ injury, which forced him to miss the end of the Eastern Conference finals last season.

“I am not damaged,” Thomas told ESPN. “I’ll be back, and I’ll be the same player.”

Thomas said medical professionals had assured him he would recover his fitness.

“There’s never been an indication that I wouldn’t be back, and there’s never been an indication that this is something messing up my career,” Thomas added.

“Maybe I am not going to be back as soon this season as everyone wants me to be, but I’m going to be back, and I’m going to be the same player again. No doctor has told me anything different than that.”

Thomas said he had remained in touch with Cleveland since a physical on Friday but was in the dark about the team’s plans.

“I don’t know what [the organisation] is doing,” Thomas said. “It’s out of my control. I just want to talk about what I can control, and I know that this [hip] won’t be a problem into the future.”