Yosemite National Park has identified the British tourist killed by a massive rockfall, as another rockfall injured one.

The park says 32-year-old Andrew Foster of Wales and his wife were hiking at the bottom of El Capitan when a chunk of granite about 12 stories tall broke free and plunged down.

Foster died, and his wife remains hospitalised. The park didn’t release her name.

A second rockfall from El Capitan on Friday (Hong Kong time) injured one person, who was airlifted to hospital. There was no word on the person’s condition.

Ryan Sheridan, who saw the second rockfall from the top of El Capitan, says the new slide occurred in the same location as Wednesday’s but was at least three times as large.

Sheridan had just reached the top of El Capitan when the second slide let loose below him.

Sheridan said that “there was so much smoke and debris,” and clouds of dust filled the entire valley below.

The collapses come at the peak of climbing season for El Capitan, when people from around the world come to test their skills on its sheer walls. The park says at least 30 climbers were on the formation on Wednesday during the deadly rockfall.

The second rockfall, like the first, was an immense mass of granite that plunged from the side of El Capitan and filled the valley below with a cloud of dust.

Park spokesman Scott Gediman says one injured person was airlifted to a hospital.

Yosemite National Park officials say they have closed one of the exit routes from the park after the new rockfall from El Capitan.