CrossFit Inc. has announced four more sanctioned events as organisers continue their overhaul of the qualification process for the 2019 CrossFit Games.

The French Throwdown, Fittest in Cape Town, Brazil Championship and Mid-Atlantic Challenge have all gained sanctioned event status, joining the Dubai Championship and the Granite Games.

Male, female and team winners will earn a spot at next summer’s CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, with the traditional “Regionals” system of qualification ditched in favour of 16 sanctioned events spread over the world during the first half of 2019.

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Additional sanctioned events, all independently run by members of the CrossFit community, will be announced in the coming weeks, including another in South America.

“This development of the CrossFit Games season reflects the enormous growth of CrossFit affiliates around the world,” a statement read.

National champions will still also qualify for the games through the CrossFit Open, as will the top 20 overall finishers. CrossFit Inc. will also select four “at-large” athletes to compete at the Alliant Energy Centre.

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Sanctioned events will be the only way for teams to qualify, however, though they will no longer be required to share a common affiliate, or train in the same affiliate or location.

All changes to the CrossFit Games season will be codified and published in the official rule book before the 2019 CrossFit Open, according to the statement.

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Online qualifiers will be held for the CrossFit French Throwdown in April, with a final three-day event in Paris in June 2019.

Sao Paulo will host the Brazil CrossFit Championship in May 2019, while the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge will be held over two days in April of 2019.

The CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town will be held over three days in February 2019 after an online qualifier.

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