The Dubai CrossFit Championship is set to deliver four days of gruelling action as the new season gets under way.

You can also check out details for all 10 of the scheduled events at Jumeirah Al Qasar Layali Beach below.

Don’t forget to follow along with the live stream, too, where you can also see highlights of the workouts.

And if you miss any of the action, you can catch up with our recaps from day one and day two.

Dubai CrossFit Championship 2018: live stream and highlights


Day One – December 12

Event 1: Gulf Swim (8am local time)

A series of reps (21-15-9) for time of a Dual KB Snatch (24kg for men, 16kg for women), followed by a Dual KB Front Squat (24kg/16kg) and then a 350-metre swim, with a 15-minute time cap.

Dubai CrossFit Championship: day two recap after ‘4x4’ desert run

Event 2: Baywatch (10:45am)

An 800m Assault Air Runner and a 350m swim for time, with a 15-minute time cap.

Day Two – December 13

Event 3: 4X4 (8.30am)

A 4km run with a 9/6kg weight vest, then a 4km run without the vest with a time cap of 90 minutes.

Dubai CrossFit Championship 2018: leader board for men, women and team events

Day Three – December 14

Event 4: Max Snatch (1pm)

Athletes have five minutes to establish a 1RM (one repetition maximum) max snatch.

Event 5: Under Pressure (3pm)

The workout starts with a yoke carry (280kg for men/180kg for women), then 15 parallette handstand push-ups (regular for men/20kg plate and abmat for women). Then three rounds of 15 box jumps over (30 inches for men/24 inches for women) and 10 ring muscle ups, before a 20m yoke carry (280kg/180kg), all with a time cap of 10 minutes.

Dubai CrossFit Championship 2018: day one recap as Alex Kotoulas, Samantha Briggs sit top

Event 6: Acid Bath (5.45pm)

First up is 500m on a SkiERG. then a 500m row, then 1,00m on a BikeERG. Time cap is 6 minutes for men and 7 minutes for women.

Day Four – December 15

Event 7: Monkey Business (1pm)

Athletes have 7 minutes to complete: 9 rope climbs, 40m handstand walk, 6 rope climbs, 40m handstand walk, 3 rope climbs, 40m handstand walk.

Event 8: To be determined (time unknown)

Event 9: Lift Off (3.57pm)

Athletes have 6 minutes to complete 15 snatches, (90kg/60kg) then 15 clean and jerk (110kg/80kg).

Event 10: To be determined (time unknown)