The new era of the CrossFit Open got off to a rocky start with many users experiencing problems when trying to submit their scores for the week one workout.

A server issue, which organisers later said had been resolved, prevented some CrossFitters from uploading their Workout 19.1 scores online via the official website before Monday’s deadline of 5pm Pacific time.

“The issue has been identified. Our team is working to correct it,” read a tweet from the official CrossFit Games account.

“Right now, some athletes are able to submit scores via the website but not the app. Please submit scores via the Games site,” the tweet added, posting a link.

The top 20 men and women in the Open, where athletes record videos of themselves performing the workouts, will secure invites to this summer’s CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, under revamped qualifying rules for the 2019 season.

Workout 19.1 required athletes to complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of 19 wall ball shots and a 19-calorie row. Men had to throw a 20 pound ball to a 10 foot target and women a 14lb ball to a nine foot target.

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The CrossFit Games’ social media team tried to see the funny side, saying “a burpee penalty will be self-assessed after we fully resolve the issue”.

But the joke didn’t go down too well with everyone. “A burpee for every athlete who busted their a*** on 19.1 for nothing please,” a user said.

Some users said they were not able to complete the final step of registration online, while others said they could not even log on to the site despite repeated attempts.

“It’s almost 11pm where I live and need to get to sleep soon,” one user said. Another said: “Please expand the deadline. The Meridian region goes to sleep soon.”

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Other users expressed their dissatisfaction at the changes in format this year, including the announcement of the Open.

Unlike previous years, the announcement of the “Workout of the Day” did not feature CrossFit Games director Dave Castro.

“There was zero personality in this announcement, it was boring,” a user said. “That was the most underwhelming CrossFit Open announcement I’ve ever seen.”

Another user said it was Castro’s “theatrics and passion about the Open” which made the announcement fun in the past. “That was sad and lacked everything we as a community love,” the user added.

The announcement video was also described as “terrible” with “no character, no emotion, nothing” by others.

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Some blamed the restructuring of the company, which has reportedly let go of many of its media team for the CrossFit Games while it switches focus to promoting the health and fitness aspects over the sporting side of CrossFit.

“I can understand needing to cut costs so as to refocus/redirect funds, but I think we can all agree this isn’t going well,” said one user.

The old “Regionals” system of qualifying has also been done away with, and replaced by “Sanctional” qualifying events where the winners can secure invites to the Games.

“What is the plan to ensure legitimate submissions?” a user said of the Open. “Unfortunately it doesn’t appear some affiliates can be trusted to validate legitimate scores. If you’re not gonna have regionals as a way to filter people out, then how are you going to do this when it’s only top 20 in the world?”

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