While most CrossFit establishments across the planet are closed and the 2020 Games remain a question mark, many lovers of the sport have turned to YouTube to get their fix.

The sport is known for embracing non-traditional media avenues when it comes to coverage – ones now fast becoming mainstream – such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. The latter has become a never-ending cache of videos as the online video platform is filled with CrossFit clips, documentaries and video blogs from top athletes.

We asked some of the sport’s top pundits, journalists and analysts to sift through the pile for some golden moments fans can turn to as the world waits to reopen during the unprecedented global pandemic.

Justin LoFranco, Morning Chalk Up

Mat Fraser’s “Pursuit for Better” really fires me up. It offers the raw, gritty, classic hard-work-pays-off Fraser mentality that’s made him the best CrossFit athlete on the planet. Head down, in the basement, suffering through with a pool of sweat, is how championships are won. I fell in love with that kind of mentality watching NBA greats as a kid. “Pursuit for Better” makes me want to lace up and head out to the garage and go to work. For any student or fan of the sport, this is 15 minutes well spent.

Tommy Marquez, Talking Elite Fitness

The 2014 CrossFit Games represented a seminal moment in the growth of the sport, its athletes and the media surrounding it. That season marked a crescendo in the individual career of all-time great Rich Froning and the emergence of his equally dominant successor, Mat Fraser. The live broadcast and post-production coverage of the 2014 Games took a massive step forward both in scope and style. “Highlights From The 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games” provides a glimpse into the maturation process of the sport as a spectacle, and a media team that would go on to produce feature-length documentaries and live coverage on the biggest television networks.

Chase Ingraham, CrossFit colour commentator

Rich Froning just announced this would be his final year competing as an individual and was trying to win his fourth straight CrossFit Games title. Midway through the weekend Rich was reeling; knocked back on his heels when the now infamous ‘Push Pull’ was announced. The event was unique, the atmosphere under lights in the tennis stadium at the Stub Hub Center cannot be replicated. What transpired that evening will go down as one of the most iconic event finishes in CrossFit Games history. When “Push” came to “Pull”, it was a battle of the ages between two titans of the CrossFit Games, Josh Bridges and Froning, and ended with the greatest event win celebration of all time.

Heber Cannon, The Buttery Bros.

Everything in “Weapons Grade Grace” is phenomenal. From Dan Bailey’s performance to the visuals and what they represent. Superheroes are always a huge motif in our movies and this puts it right in your face. I love the reference to Thor’s hammer and challenging the viewer to hang onto a barbell longer than they want to. I also love that the camera moves 360 degrees around the athlete in 60 seconds, becoming the clock that the athlete is racing. Challenged me as a filmmaker and motivated me as an athlete.

Marston Sawyers, The Buttery Bros.

“Mat Fraser vs The World”. This was part of the Road to the Games series and a really good look at how dominant Mat Fraser was going into the 2018 CrossFit Games.

Brian Friend, CrossFit analyst

Coming off a devastating second-place finish to Ben Smith, Mat Fraser is refocused this season. The “16.08 Road to the Games” episode features an interview about 3:00 into the episode in which Mat states what to me is the most iconic line he’s ever spoken: “No, I do not have an addiction to suffering; I have an addiction to what the product of suffering is.” This episode chronicles his renewed preparation and amplified focus on becoming the Fittest on Earth. A title he has yet to relinquish.