Four-time champion Mat Fraser continues to dominate at the online competition at the CrossFit Games 2020 as a dogfight develops to make the final cut.

American Fraser (556 points) has an almost 100-point lead over second-placed Noah Ohlsen (457), followed by Justin Medeiros and Samuel Kwant after six of seven events.

For the online competition, 30 men and 30 women are vying for five spots each to head to California in October for the in-person final.

Jonne Koski, from Finland, is tied with American Chandler Smith for the fifth and final spot, both with 358 points. Right behind is Canadian Jefrrey Adler, who has 352 points.

Fraser came first in the Nasty Nancy event and second in the handstand hold.

CrossFit Games 2020 live results for events five and six

Yesterday, Fraser took the first event, winning the Friendly Fran with a time of 3:08. Second behind him was Ohlsen (3:55).

Fraser was fourth in the second event, the front squat, which was won by Griffin Roelle (US).

Fraser came first in the third event, Damn Diane, and then eighth in the 1,000-metre row. Ohlsen came second in Damn Diane and then 17th in the row.