Crawling, climbing and carrying. Swimming, swinging and sweating. Running, rolling and rope burn. All this and more is in store for those brave enough to take on the Spartan World Championship Weekend in Lake Tahoe, California, this weekend.

The actual obstacles are strictly under wraps until the racers hit them – and tweets previewing them have been subsequently removed – but based on previous Spartan Race courses you can be sure they will be a test of the physical limits of everyone involved.

Hong Kong is sending two teams of three to the Spartan World Championship, one male and one female.

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For this second year the team event has been split along gender lines – and both are looking to improve on their 23rd place finish from last year, although there will be more than 50 teams taking part as opposed to 27 last year.

There are 30 countries invited and up to three teams from each of them.

Over 12 to 14 miles, around 30 obstacles and three hours, individual runners will take on the Beast with the elite pack looking to take the individual crowns from Cody Moat and Lindsey Webster.

There will be hundreds of elite runners from over 50 countries vying for the world title and six of them will be from Hong Kong.

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Those same six men and women will take on the team championship the next day,

They look to follow in the footsteps of the US team that won last year’s inaugural event.

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In the women’s team, Hongkongers Gigi Chan will be racing alongside Lena Tsang and Magdalena Cvetkovic, who took part last year in the mixed team.

For the men, it is Benjamin Fan, Chris Davis and Bernard Lee.

Last year’s Beast events included Spartan Race signatures like the spear throw, bucket carry, a tyre roll, rope climb, farmer’s lift, bag carries and the barbed wire crawl.

The team event was an 8.5 mile “super course”.

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There is sure to be more of the same on Saturday and Sunday.

You can watch along on Facebook at Spartan Race Live (@spartanracelive) from 7pm (Hong Kong time) on both days and also sign up for alerts on the progress of the athletes.

Spartan schedule (Hong Kong time):


Men’s Elite qualifiers – 7.15pm

Women’s Elite qualifiers – 7.45pm

Age group qualifiers – 8pm

Elite start time – 8.45pm


Team race begins 7.45pm

Awards ceremony – Midnight