Brian Cook has a unique skill. He is able to completely forget about the injuries and big crashes that would result in other mountain bikers giving up the sport.

Cook, one of Hong Kong’s top downhill riders and 1998 Asian Games bronze medallist, has never considered it a skill before, but during the Adventure Trail Podcast he reflected on his friends who have given up downhill riding following falls and crashes.

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He shares his thoughts on what it takes to get back on the bike. If you were brave enough to try the jump once, he said, you will be able to do it again even if you crash.

Cook has crashed a number of times, and believes you have to accept that you will fall if you take up downhill biking. But, one fall sticks in his mind.

A sharp rock hit his spine and he could not feel his legs. He could have let the crash turn into a “devil” that would have turned him off riding, but he said you can get back on the bike.

“If it stays in your mind,” he said, “you can’t overcome it.”

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