While the CrossFit world was united in congratulating Tia-Clair Toomey and Mat Fraser on retaining their titles as the fittest on earth, there was no such agreement on the new format for the 2019 CrossFit Games.

For the first time at the Games, organisers decided to introduce cuts to the competition and it divided opinion.

Social media users who were watching all the action from Madison, Wisconsin, were quick to pass judgment on what has become the biggest talking point of the weekend’s action.

The biggest issue for fans of the sport is that the cut was so huge, shrinking the fields to 10 athletes in the men’s and women’s individual competitions after just the first event on Saturday morning. What’s more, it was decided after a sprint, at a point where no weights had featured.

Twitter user Erika Engler said that the Games were now broken.

“Yep, I am done with the games this year. No point watching just 10 people complete the rest of the weekend. The games are now broken,” she wrote.

Like many on Twitter, a user called Art Warrior took issue with the choice of events before the cut. The last of these was a sprint, while weight events had been missing from the Games programme to that point.

“So you front load all the cardio and skill events and cut big name athletes when the idea of CrossFit has always been performance over a variety of skills?,” he wrote.

“Some serious bad choices this year! Death of Crossfit?”

Another user, Becky Two Belts, was as cutting about the cuts.

“The final day looks like a regional level top 10,” they tweeted.

“Pretty disappointing to see 4-5 athletes gunning for 2nd and 3rd, while the big two take a victory lap.”

Ilze-Marie Le Roux argued that the proof the cuts were not working was the discussion that surrounded them.

“Community discussing the cuts instead of the actual competition and what’s happening at the top of the leaderboard should tell you everything you need to know about the new format,” she wrote.

“Finish up and hit the drawing board again, it’s not working.” The tweet was directed at the official CrossFit Games account.

Annie Selak tweeted a thread on the cut from 20 competitors to 10, which contributors described as “ridiculous”.

“One event is not enough distance between cuts. How can someone from 20th place move to 10th?

“Either have a bigger cut yesterday or have 2-3 events before cutting today,” they wrote on Saturday.

User MGalea went as far as to suggest it sold both athletes and spectators short.

“The cut to 10 was unfair and not a true test of fitness,” the user tweeted.

“CrossFitGames have been an epic disappointment from a spectator point of view. Can’t imagine how those athletes feel.”

Cory McCartney wrote that he was “not feeling this new format. At all.”

Not everyone shared the view that the cuts were bad for the Games.

Twitter user Simon was in the “for” camp.

“Lots of hate for the CrossFit Games cuts. Its brutal but I love it,” he wrote.

“People acting like the top 10 was decided by a sprint seem to have forgotten the events leading up to that – endurance strength and skill all tested.”

FondaStrong felt similarly.

“If your favourite athlete did not make it to the final, it does not mean @CrossFitGames programming was stupid,” the user wrote.

“It means the athlete was too slow. You'll never be on top if you blame the events. Cuts make CrossFit super intense, exciting and really interesting.”

The question now is how CrossFit responds ahead of the 2020 Games next year. Will the cuts remain as they are, disappear completely or be tweaked?

Gabriel Gaw contributed to this article