Andre Blumberg has been called the ‘Grandad of Hong Kong trail running’. He has become famous for hosting the brutal 298km Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge (HK4TUC). This year, Blumberg has had a massive 12 months.

‘There is no way I could do that’ – Andre Blumberg surprises himself to set TorTour de Ruhr 230km record with 24-hour run

Within six months, he set the course record at the 230-kilometre TorTour de Ruhr, ran the 160km Hardrock in the United States and the 246km Spartathlon in Greece.

Blumberg spoke to the Adventure Trial podcast, not just about his impressive year and how he trains for very different races in a short period of time, but also about what makes him tick.

Gender diversity in trail running: Andre Blumberg only accepts one man for every woman on 298km ultramarathon

Blumberg is a running purist, describing the sport as his passion and his form of meditation. He banned hiking poles for next year. He took the bold move of only accepting one female runner for every male runner that enters.

But only 10 years ago, Blumberg was a 110-kilogram party animal. His transformation has set his life on a completely different direction.

Hong Kong trail running calendar and schedule: choose from the long list of races in 2018-19

The Adventure Trail podcast covers a range of outdoor and extreme sports. Mary Hui and Mark Agnew interview guests on topics such as the psychology of sport, mental preparation for races, gender inequality in extreme sports and the professionalisation of niche events.