Nikki Han made history when she reached the end of the 298-kilometre Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge (HK4TUC) in 58 hours, becoming the first woman to break 60.

She joined Mary Hui and Mark Agnew on The Adventure Trail podcast to talk about her epic achievement.

Incredibly, Han did not sleep for a second, even when she had the chance as she waited for the ferry. What’s more, she only had four songs on her iPod and would wait until the final 10km of each trail before she allowed herself the luxury of listening.

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The HK4TUC links four of Hong Kong’s major trails – MacLehose, Wilson, Hong Kong and Lantau. There are no checkpoints and no support, but runners are allowed help travelling between the trails.

Even as she headed to the start, she thought: “This is such a different feeling. This is not a race. It is just like a long run.”

“There’s no pressure, there’s no bib, it’s just you and the trails and you have to do whatever you have to do to survive,” she said on the podcast.

The Adventure Trail is a bi-weekly podcast that brings together a range of extreme sports athletes, from trail runners to rock climbers.

Hui and Agnew explore issues from gender equality, to professionalisation, and discuss with the athletes their views and experiences.