Lloyd Belcher’s journey to trail-running photography is a unique one that started with anthropology. He worked as a university lecturer for sociology and criminology and used cameras to document his subjects behaviour and their environment.

But as he marked papers, his mind would drift to his other love – the great outdoors.

“The principle is the same, I’m looking that narrative,” he said of his transition, adding it is about his subjects interacting with their environment, whether it is a runner or a documentary on drug use.

He spoke to Mary Hui on The Adventure Trail about how he draws on his skills as an ethnographer to shape the images the trail running community has come to love.

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The Adventure Trail, hosted by Mary Hui and Mark Agnew, explores a range of extreme sports issues, from gender equality and professionalisation to interviews with the top sportspeople. Guests range from trail runners to rock climbers, photographers and race organisers.

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