Outstanding British filly Sky Lantern has bounced back after landing "a little bit dull" on Saturday and American miler King Kreesa is continuing to improve in the countdown to Sunday.

"I'd say they are all OK," said Dr Chris Riggs, the Jockey Club's head of veterinary clinical services.

"Sky Lantern was a little bit dull when she arrived but she has picked up and is quite bright. There are one or two others with mild blood changes that we are monitoring, but probably not anything to worry about."

King Kreesa has been the biggest concern among the 28 visitors, with a bout of mild travel sickness after his arrival late last week.

However, he looked bright as he sauntered around the all-weather track yesterday and is on the list to make use of the turf track this morning.

"We previously advised them not to give him any strenuous exercise, but I wouldn't be too concerned if he did some exercise now," Riggs said.

"Of course, we are still monitoring him, but he seems much, much better."

Alan Aitken