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A. T. Millard / Rating: 96

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 6 yrs / AUS
Owner: Eden Wong Chi-hong
Last win: 12-01-19
Health: Right front medial splint bone fracture. (03/04/2019)
Sire: All American
Dam: Jarada

Past Performances
Total Starts: 31: (7-2-2)
ST 1400m: 4 (1-0-1)
ST 1600m: 3 (1-0-0)
ST 1800m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 4 (0-2-0)
ST aw 1650m: 16 (5-0-1)
HV 1650m: 2 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
08-09-1918ST aw g -120022A. T. Millard130J. Moreira7TTBIG TIME BABYELUSIVE STATESUNNY BOY1:08:1322.8723.90 21.96 22.34 7-5-20.511309466.4
14-07-19817ST tf g/f A140023A. T. Millard121K. C. Leung2TTFAST MOST FURIOUSGLORIOUS SPECTRUMELUSIVE STATE1:20:9122.8934.97 23.29 22.752-4-4-30.51121931739
10-03-19486ST aw w/s -165024A. T. Millard131S. De Sousa7TTKING GENKIRAGING BLITZKRIEGGLORIOUS ARTIST1:38:8023.9051.94 23.44 24.114-4-4-44.251127932.12.2
12-01-19338ST aw g -165021A. T. Millard115S. De Sousa10TTELUSIVE STATERAGING BLITZKRIEGCIRCUIT GLORY1:37:3222.8051.58 23.22 22.529-6-5-111129803.94.4
18-11-18183ST aw g -165031A. T. Millard129C. Schofield11TTELUSIVE STATEGREAT TREASURETANG FLEMING1:39:0324.2452.58 22.89 23.5611-11-8-10.51108743.43.4
31-10-18143ST aw g -165031A. T. Millard115C. Schofield2TTELUSIVE STATEHANG'S DECISIONBLOCKER DEE1:38:3424.6451.12 22.98 24.245-6-4-14.751104623.92.1
22-09-1840ST tf g/f A160041A. T. Millard131C. Schofield12PC-/TTELUSIVE STATEBEAUTY DAYLE PANACHE1:33:9823.8247.61 23.35 23.026-6-5-10.51103572118
15-07-18801ST tf y A140041D. Cruz124S. Clipperton3PC/TTELUSIVE STATEINVESTOR BOOMBEAUTY DAY1:24:2225.3235.68 23.66 24.889-6-3-111052511612
11-07-18792HV tf g/f A1650410D. Cruz124A. Sanna11PC/TTCHARITY WINGSSTARLIT KNIGHTNEVER BETTER1:40:4424.5651.22 24.66 25.424-1-1-105.51068511829
01-07-18764ST aw w/s -165041D. Cruz116J. Moreira7PC/TTELUSIVE STATELUCKY SHINY DAYGRAND HARBOUR1:39:5124.7251.06 23.73 24.724-4-1-15.51070434.54.4
10-06-18719ST aw g -165043D. Cruz116A. Sanna9PC/TTIMPERIAL CONCORDECHATER THUNDERELUSIVE STATE1:38:7124.2550.75 23.71 24.804-3-3-33.51071439.811
30-05-18691ST aw g -165048D. Cruz118A. Sanna11PC/TTHOUSE OF LUCKMARVEL JOYGRAN MASTER1:39:0324.1852.40 23.65 23.3413-13-12-82.251073459.116
12-05-18642ST aw g -120046D. Cruz111C. Wong9PC/TTGRAND HARBOURGIDDY GIDDYFLYING GODSPELL1:08:3622.6324.02 22.47 22.93 8-9-66.751070475.73.5
21-04-18586ST aw g -165047D. Cruz124O. Doleuze9B-/PC2/TTNAMJONG INVINCIBLELET US WINGRAND HARBOUR1:38:6222.8452.27 24.11 22.695-5-7-72.75106149116.7
08-04-18552ST aw g -165049D. Cruz125O. Doleuze11PC-/B1/TTCROWN AVENUESPEEDY WALLYGO GO WIN1:39:2024.0251.62 24.24 24.225-5-6-95.51074506.77.8
11-03-18488ST aw g -165044D. Cruz123O. Doleuze9PC/TTREMARKABLEQUICK RETURNHAY RUN1:38:4024.0751.25 23.44 24.099-7-5-42.5106650128.7
28-02-18462ST aw g -165044D. Cruz123C. Schofield9PC/TTAMAZING FEELINGGOLDEN SLEEPIMPERIAL CONCORDE1:38:4124.3150.77 23.65 24.244-5-5-41.51070505.66.8
10-02-18414ST aw g -165041D. Cruz118C. Schofield5PC/TTELUSIVE STATEKIROVMI BLANCO1:38:7723.8051.35 23.82 23.605-4-3-11.2510754546
24-01-18369ST aw g -165045D. Cruz120A. Sanna14PC/TTCHATER THUNDERBEAUTY CONNECTIONQUICK RETURN1:38:4023.6951.88 23.71 23.5011-9-10-54.251077471114
07-01-18321ST aw w/s -165044D. Cruz120A. Sanna2PC/TTCHATER THUNDERGRAN MASTERIMPERIAL CONCORDE1:39:2324.5051.05 23.88 24.424-4-3-40.751073476.87.9
17-12-17275ST aw g -120042D. Cruz119A. Sanna5PC/TTUGLY WARRIORELUSIVE STATEGRADE ONE1:09:0923.2124.14 22.42 22.78 9-7-21.51083479.614
03-12-17236ST aw g -120046D. Cruz122A. Sanna11PC/TTUGLY WARRIORHEARTS KEEPERGLENEALY PRIZE1:08:3823.4223.70 22.62 23.22 7-9-67.251083498.211
29-10-17149HV tf g/f A1650410D. Cruz125M. Chadwick12CP-/PC1/TTMR KOOLGENTRYDARING HEART1:40:7723.5953.09 25.09 23.6312-12-12-106.51064511831
08-10-1797ST aw g -165046D. Cruz119M. F. Poon12CP/TTSPICY KAKAIMPERIAL CONCORDEGRAN MASTER1:40:3124.3352.47 23.51 24.899-1-1-63.51058532615
16-09-1741ST aw g -165045D. Cruz127O. Doleuze8CP/TTGRAN MASTERFIVE STARS AGENTSURE PEACE1:39:6323.6952.47 23.51 24.202-2-2-53.51060531418
17-04-17573ST tf g/f C+31800413D. Cruz128C. Y. Ho12XB-/CGORGEOUS AGAINFANCY MUSICASHKIYR1:48.422.5 62.99 23.93 23.0512-13-13-139.751035583899
02-04-17544ST tf g/f B+2180039D. Cruz108H. N. Wong5XB GENERAL SHERMANVICTORY BOYSHOME RUN1:47.123.8 60.28 24.02 23.9214-14-14-96.51058605599
12-03-17489ST tf g C+31600313D. Cruz105H. T. Mo3XB WHAT ELSE BUT YOUGO BEAUTY GOENERGETIC CLASS1:34.522.9 49.05 23.41 23.1911-13-12-136.51052625099
26-02-17451ST tf g B160039D. Cruz117C. Y. Ho4XB WHAT ELSE BUT YOUHOME RUNISHVARA1:34.323.7 48.10 23.33 23.6710-13-13-94.751067648799
08-01-17321ST tf g/f C1400311D. Cruz119A. Badel8XB BIG BANG BONGTANG FLEMINGDIAMOND KING1:22.322.9 36.66 23.42 23.089-10-10-115.51079665299
11-12-16252ST tf g A1400310D. Cruz120C. Williams4XB1 WINNER'S WAYBEAT THE CLOCKBOOMING DELIGHT1:22.123.1 36.72 23.14 23.218-9-11-105.751078666780

HKJC Comment

Bustled along after the start to maintain a midfield position, 4Ls off the pace 400M, stayed on well to claim 2nd near line, nearest finish.