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TANG FLEMING (A067) 金剛之星

C. W. Chang / Rating: 56

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 9 yrs / GB
Owner: Tang Xiao-dan
Last win: 10-02-18
Health: Unacceptable performance. (29/12/2019) Bled from both nostrils after racing. (28/02/2018) Lame left hind leg after racing. Update(29.12.2017): Moderate uptake in left hind lateral condyle. (23/12/2017) Right front humerus suspected stress fracture. (19/07/2017) Palmar/plantar osteochondral disease lesions in both front fetlocks. (18/06/2019) Unacceptable performance. Lame both front legs on the day after racing. (12/06/2019) Lame right front leg with effused fetlock after barrier trial. (08/07/2017) Lame right front leg after racing. (04/06/2017) Rider concerned horse's action at the Start. Was found to have mildly irregular action in right hind leg but within an acceptable range. Rider uncomfortable to ride. Withdrawn from race. (02/02/2020)
Sire: Makfi
Dam: High Cross

Past Performances
Total Starts: 35: (1-4-3)
ST 1200m: 4 (0-0-2)
ST 1400m: 11 (0-2-0)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 15 (1-2-1)
HV 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
19-02-20431ST aw g -16504DNFC. W. Chang129K. C. Leung1B/TTFOODIE PRINCESSTHIS ONE'S FOR YOUMEGATRON1:38:9423.61 1177561128
02-02-20386ST aw g -16504WDC. W. Chang130C. Y. HoB/TTFOODIE PRINCESSMEGATRONTHIS ONE'S FOR YOU1:39:1823.27 11795614 
29-12-19287ST aw w/s -1650414C. W. Chang129H. N. Wong3B/TTCLEAR CHOICEBEST ALLIANCEFOODIE PRINCESS1:39:4524.6951.14 24.70 28.834-6-12-1432.751196588.815
18-12-19260HV tf g/f C+3120036C. W. Chang112H. N. Wong10B/TTHIGHLY PROACTIVEMONKEY JEWELLERYMY ALLY1:09:7723.6124.42 22.62 23.28 11-10-63.51196601399
01-12-19217ST tf g C+31400311C. W. Chang114H. N. Wong14B/TTFOLLOW MEULTIMATE GLORYFALCON TURBO1:21:6622.9235.68 23.10 23.935-1-2-116.51199626399
30-10-19138HV tf g A1200310C. W. Chang117M. L. Yeung3B/TTBABYLOBO'S LEGENDSHINING ACE1:10:3923.2624.33 23.32 23.57 4-4-105.251200642553
06-10-1974ST aw w/s -1650311C. W. Chang118H. N. Wong11B/TTRICKFIELDWARM THE VOICEDEAL MAKER1:39:3424.1051.40 23.84 26.561-1-1-1115.51201663069
15-09-1936ST aw g -165037C. W. Chang111K. H. Chan9B/TTBUDDIESBEAR SLAMHAPPY SEBRING1:38:5922.3751.66 24.56 23.171-1-1-751183671924
12-06-19739ST aw w/s -1650314C. W. Chang111K. H. Chan4B/TTKINGS SHIELDBUDDIESCLEAR CHOICE1:38:1323.4051.25 23.92 25.895-5-5-1418.25117868810
08-05-19647ST aw w/s -165032C. W. Chang113C. Wong7B/TTPING HAI TREASURETANG FLEMINGWILLIE WAY1:39:2724.6450.76 23.87 24.681-1-1-2N 1179651339
31-03-19545ST tf g A+31400312C. W. Chang118H. N. Wong7B/TTSUPER WISEYOUNG LEGENDBETTER CHOICE1:21:7824.2235.16 23.32 24.955-6-6-1210.251178674899
24-02-19450ST tf g B+2120038C. W. Chang118H. N. Wong3H-/B2/TTFULL OF BEAUTYHONEST WAYDIAMOND KING1:09:4923.1824.30 22.33 23.81 4-4-861195683082
02-02-19391ST aw g -1650312C. W. Chang120H. T. Mo10H/TTIMPERIAL CONCORDEVOLPINOKIRAM1:39:2624.4951.20 23.77 25.755-4-3-1291183701119
23-01-19365HV tf g C1650312C. W. Chang128C. Murray5H/TTBANK ON REDARCADAFEARLESS FIRE1:40:0223.9351.72 24.53 25.982-2-2-1213.751196722686
06-01-19316ST aw g -165036C. W. Chang124C. Wong1H/TTMONGOLIAN LEGENDRIGHT HONOURABLEFAMOUS WARRIOR1:38:5923.6951.06 23.84 24.042-1-1-62.251196745.96.2
02-12-18224ST aw g -1650310C. W. Chang124C. Wong10H/TTHANG'S DECISIONNUCLEAR POWERCHUNG WAH SPIRIT1:38:0123.7350.37 23.99 24.802-2-2-107.251192755.84.9
18-11-18183ST aw g -165033C. W. Chang131N. Callan4H/TTELUSIVE STATEGREAT TREASURETANG FLEMING1:39:0324.2451.90 23.37 24.202-4-5-32.751191768.67.7
31-10-18143ST aw g -165037C. W. Chang129N. Callan14H/TTELUSIVE STATEHANG'S DECISIONBLOCKER DEE1:38:3424.6450.68 23.26 25.592-2-3-77.51179769.612
07-10-1881ST aw g -165032C. W. Chang127N. Callan9H1/TTKING GENKITANG FLEMINGSIXTY SIXTY1:38:6923.1052.01 23.74 22.982-2-2-2N 1177741017
09-09-1827ST aw g -120038C. W. Chang132N. Callan6P-/TTGO PUBLICENCORE BOYSHIMMER AND SHINE1:09:3424.1423.66 22.46 24.53 5-6-88.251179752119
01-07-18768ST aw w/s -1650311C. W. Chang125A. Sanna5P/TTJADE FORTUNECIRCUIT GLORYIMPERIAL CONCORDE1:38:0623.5350.72 23.89 25.291-1-3-1111.51163761234
28-02-18463ST aw g -1650312C. S. Shum125H. T. Mo14P/TTDR WIN WINNUCLEAR POWERKIRAM1:38:2923.6352.02 24.08 25.0813-13-13-12181175761819
10-02-18410ST aw g -165031C. S. Shum119H. T. Mo3P1/TTTANG FLEMINGTRAVEL FIRSTNUCLEAR POWER1:37:9623.8950.15 23.92 23.891-1-1-1SH1175711211
23-12-17299ST tf g A+31400310C. S. Shum124A. Badel8B-/TTCALIFORNIA JOYEXPERTO CREDESACRED IBIS1:22:2123.4835.97 23.16 24.076-6-6-106.251155712133
03-12-17244ST tf g C+31400310C. S. Shum128J. Moreira9B/TTDIAMOND DRAGONCALCULATIONALL YOU NEED1:22:1723.6536.31 22.77 23.7210-12-10-1041147732026
19-11-17207ST tf g B1400311C. S. Shum121H. T. Mo5B/TTHAPPY AGILITYTOP BEAUTIFULAPOLLO'S CHOICE1.22.2223.6635.85 23.31 23.809-8-9-114.751148752346
04-06-17706ST tf g/f B140038C. S. Shum128N. Callan11B/TT MONGOLIAN KINGINTREPICVICTORY DAY1:21.923.1 35.56 23.58 24.025-3-4-87.751150754.96.1
13-05-17651ST tf g/y C140032C. S. Shum117H. T. Mo13B/TT HAPPY JOURNEYTANG FLEMINGMIGHTY MAVERICK1:22.923.8 35.76 23.43 23.8312-8-1-2H1143739.87.3
30-04-17615ST tf g/f A1200310C. S. Shum129Z. Purton13B/TT SHAMALLUCKY DOLLARHAPPY HAPPY STAR1:09.322.8 24.22 22.89 23.455-6-107.51152739.69.9
17-04-17576ST tf g/f C+3120033C. S. Shum117H. T. Mo10B/TT THOR THE GREATESTWINSTON'S LADTANG FLEMING1:09.423.3 24.14 22.42 22.975-4-30.51145721210
09-04-17556ST tf g/f C120033C. S. Shum125N. Callan1B/TT SHAMALRIGHT CALLTANG FLEMING1:09.522.9 24.64 22.47 22.634-3-311154728.88.1
15-03-17496HV tf g B120039C. S. Shum130N. Rawiller5SR-/BHARRIER JETHEALTHY LUCKHELLA HEDGE1:09.623.4 23.93 22.88 23.685-7-95.51152746.68.4
19-02-17435ST tf g/f A1400310C. S. Shum131G. Schofield4SR1/TNOTHINGILIKEMOREREGENCY BO BOSUPER SIXTEEN1:21.322.6 36.11 23.35 23.139-10-12-107.751156762232
30-01-17377ST tf g B1400310C. S. Shum132N. Rawiller4TT CITRON SPIRITREGENCY BO BOASSOCIATION FANS1:22.224.2 35.39 23.26 25.007-7-7-108.51156767.28.6
08-01-17321ST tf g/f C140032C. S. Shum127N. Callan3TT BIG BANG BONGTANG FLEMINGDIAMOND KING1:22.322.9 36.06 23.62 22.745-5-6-20.75116374146
17-12-16276ST tf g/f C+31400310C. S. Shum129N. Callan12TT1 JOLLY JOLLYBRING IT ONROUNDABOUT1:21.823.4 35.59 23.07 23.834-2-2-103.751162741613