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Y. S. Tsui / Rating: 40

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 6 yrs / NZ
Owner: Dickman Chan Lap-tat
Last win: 07-11-18
Health: Substantial blood in trachea after racing. Lame left front leg on the day day after racing. (11/10/2017) Lame left front leg. (09/02/2019) Unacceptable performance. (01/07/2018)
Sire: O'reilly
Dam: Former Glory

Past Performances
Total Starts: 39: (4-1-4)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 4 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 6 (0-0-1)
ST aw 1800m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 19 (4-1-3)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
02-06-19707ST tf g/f B1400411Y. S. Tsui112K. C. Ng7 MARQULACHAIRMAN LODESTIN1:22:0223.4136.06 23.11 23.352-4-6-113.251035423680
22-05-19679HV tf g/f B120046Y. S. Tsui113K. C. Ng2 JUMBO PRIZESUPER EURO STARGOUTEN OF GARO1:09:9122.9724.46 22.84 23.12 4-4-63.251033431849
05-05-19637ST tf g/y B1600410Y. S. Tsui114K. C. Ng3 SMART ROCKETSHANGHAI DRAGONSUNNY POWER1:36:8923.8049.38 24.03 24.444-4-4-1061031443248
17-04-19588HV tf g B165047Y. S. Tsui120K. Teetan1 THE FULL BLOOMMR DARTHVEGARNITRO EXPRESS1:39:9824.2950.76 24.93 24.841-1-1-73.510394494.7
27-03-19531HV tf g/f C+3165043Y. S. Tsui113K. C. Ng5 ROYAL RACERRULETHEROOSTCURLING LUXURY1:40:3823.4553.08 23.85 23.642-1-1-31.251033431416
17-03-19501ST tf g A140045Y. S. Tsui115H. N. Wong5 CRAIG'S STARCHAIRMAN LOSMART ROCKET1:22:4323.7435.53 23.48 23.832-3-2-52.51041443099
06-03-19473HV tf g A165047Y. S. Tsui116K. C. Ng7 RULETHEROOSTHAPPY WARRIORNABOO STAR1:41:0323.6752.84 24.76 24.231-1-4-751049462126
10-02-19409ST tf g A16004WDY. S. Tsui119S. De Sousa CHIU CHOW KIDFLASH FAMOUSROMANTIC CHEF1:35:8923.44 104546  
23-01-19362HV tf g C165048Y. S. Tsui118M. L. Yeung9 CHARITY GRANDALPHA HEDGECINQUANTE CINQ1:41:7223.3552.91 25.46 23.772-2-1-82.751044471621
16-01-19342HV tf g B165043Y. S. Tsui118M. L. Yeung7 CLEAR CHOICETAI SMARTCURLING LUXURY1:40:2924.3052.14 23.85 24.601-1-1-31.751043471211
26-12-18284HV tf g C+3165045Y. S. Tsui117M. F. Poon4 POLYMER LUCKHAPPY WARRIORCHAPARRAL STAR1:39:9324.4051.68 24.33 24.233-4-4-521045475.74.8
05-12-18233HV tf g B165042Y. S. Tsui118J. Castellano8 LITTLE ISLANDCURLING LUXURYALL YOU KNOW1:40:6224.5550.91 25.16 24.581-1-1-2H1041458.613
07-11-18157HV tf g B165041Y. S. Tsui108H. T. Mo3 CURLING LUXURYMARVEL JOYSPARKLING SWORD1:40:3524.2851.53 24.54 24.281-1-1-1SH1032402113
03-10-1867HV tf g A165047Y. S. Tsui115K. C. Ng9 IMPECCABLE FELLOWCAPTAIN BOSSELECTRIC LIGHTNING1:42:0024.2053.13 24.83 24.552-2-3-73.251032422615
26-09-1849HV tf g C+3120049Y. S. Tsui113H. N. Wong4SR-E MASTERNAVASRAICHU1:09:9823.2124.36 23.01 23.41 6-9-951033432319
01-07-18764ST aw w/s -1650413Y. S. Tsui118K. C. Leung6SRELUSIVE STATELUCKY SHINY DAYGRAND HARBOUR1:39:5124.7250.98 25.37 29.232-3-11-13381054452232
13-06-18726HV tf g B1200412Y. S. Tsui120W. M. Lai7SR1NOBLE DELIGHTOPEN HOUSESPLIT OF A SECOND1:10:1824.0024.04 23.02 24.82 5-7-1210.751044461844
21-04-18585ST tf g C+31000410Y. S. Tsui120K. C. Ng6 NICE FANDANGOGOODLUCK GOODLUCKJUST NOT LISTENING0:56:1722.2413.44 21.25 22.77 6-12-1081027464585
08-04-18552ST aw g -165044Y. S. Tsui123A. Sanna10 CROWN AVENUESPEEDY WALLYGO GO WIN1:39:2024.0251.54 24.12 24.102-3-3-43.51026482774
21-03-18514HV tf g C165049Y. S. Tsui124D. Whyte5 PLANET STARPLAY ITSEE ME NOW1:40:7323.9053.31 23.88 24.523-5-5-96.251029502322
28-02-18461ST aw g -180049Y. S. Tsui120H. T. Mo1 REMARKABLELET US WINCROWN AVENUE1:47:7723.3760.73 23.67 24.611-1-1-1-97.751031522047
24-01-18369ST aw g -1650414Y. S. Tsui127N. Rawiller13 CHATER THUNDERBEAUTY CONNECTIONQUICK RETURN1:38:4023.6951.68 23.83 25.187-6-9-1414.251024541740
17-01-18350HV tf g C165045Y. S. Tsui120M. F. Poon9 DON'T MISSTHE JUDGECHARITY WINGS1:40:9523.0453.80 24.31 23.914-2-2-56.751037551518
20-12-17286HV tf g/f C+3165044Y. S. Tsui121M. F. Poon4 RIGHT HONOURABLEGENERAL DINOSICHUAN BOSS1:39:7923.6452.51 24.08 23.526-6-5-421026551411
06-12-17251HV tf g B165045Y. S. Tsui129J. Moreira12P-LET'S TAKE IT EASYSPARKLING SWORDDESTIN1:41:3023.6553.53 24.52 23.794-4-3-53.51023551012
19-11-17200ST aw g -180049Y. S. Tsui121H. T. Mo2P2GOOD FITSPICY KAKAQUICK RETURN1.48.9624.5360.51 23.92 25.271-1-1-1-94.751028552521
08-11-17176HV tf g B165041Y. S. Tsui116H. T. Mo6 CURLING LUXURYMISTER MONTEPOLYMER LUCK1:41:2324.0352.94 24.46 23.832-2-3-1N102050168.7
11-10-17105HV tf g B165045Y. S. Tsui118H. N. Wong12 GENTRYSPEEDY WALLYTHE JAZZ1:41:1823.9752.90 24.31 24.861-1-1-55.5102250156
20-09-1750HV tf g/f C165041Y. S. Tsui115H. N. Wong11 CURLING LUXURYSMART UNIONPO CHING TREASURE1:41:5823.1753.32 25.09 23.171-1-1-10.751012446.75.6
13-09-1731HV tf g/f B165051Y. S. Tsui128H. N. Wong10P-CURLING LUXURYEMPIRE OF MONGOLIAFUN MANAGER1:41:1324.9551.78 24.64 24.713-2-2-1DH102439135.3
31-05-17692ST aw g -165045Y. S. Tsui109H. N. Wong2P1 SPICY KAKATURIN PEARLFIVE STARS AGENT1:38.923.4 51.95 24.07 23.762-3-4-5599542117
13-05-17646ST aw w/s -1650411Y. S. Tsui113H. N. Wong10 FOREVER POSHNAMJONG INVINCIBLEGRAN MASTER1:38.523.7 51.75 23.66 25.226-7-9-1113.25996439.610
23-04-17591ST aw w/s -165043Y. S. Tsui109H. N. Wong3 GOOD FITTOP ACECURLING LUXURY1:39.023.4 51.39 24.20 23.561-1-1-30.7599643208.9
02-04-17540ST tf g/f B+2140046Y. S. Tsui115C. Y. Ho12 EVERESTCARE FREE PRINCEMETALLIC STAR1:22.423.3 35.77 23.74 23.303-3-4-621007441822
15-03-17494HV tf g B165043Y. S. Tsui115C. Y. Ho3 WINASWEWISHGO GO WINGENTRY1:41.323.4 53.60 24.59 23.494-1-2-32101044157.8
22-02-17437HV tf g/f C+3165046Y. S. Tsui112H. N. Wong10 SPINNING DANCERTRENDY WINDARING HEART1:40.324.6 51.19 24.64 25.192-2-2-64.51005462921
05-02-17395ST tf g C140047Y. S. Tsui119C. Y. Ho1 MEISTERSTUECKGENEROUS HEARTCARE FREE PRINCE1:22.322.8 35.85 23.84 23.223-3-2-73.251010489099
18-01-17348ST aw g -1200410Y. S. Tsui121T. H. So9 BOND ELEGANCEGRADE ONEDRAGON WARRIOR1:09.623.5 24.05 22.77 24.149-9-108.51002505599
27-12-16289ST tf g A+3120049Y. S. Tsui126T. H. So2 SUPER SIXTEENSPRING WINBOSSIEE1:10.324.0 24.27 22.70 24.486-9-96.75977529999
04-12-16233ST tf g/f C+31200410Y. S. Tsui121T. H. So12 FOREVER ACCURATEHOT HOT PEPPERMONEY BOY1:09.423.2 24.82 22.59 23.1910-10-107981529999

HKJC Comment

Crowded on jumping, raced prominently, 2 wide, allowed rivals to cross near 1100M, 3 lengths back on turn, carried wider turning in, kept on evenly early in straight, weakened final furlong.