CALIFORNIA ASPAR (A117) 加州勇將 (Retired)

A. S. Cruz / Rating: 60

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 6 yrs / IRE
Owner: Howard Liang Yum-shing, Chloe Liang Shun-yin & Charmian Liang Shun-ming
Last win: 22-11-17
Health: Lame left front leg on the day after racing. Update (15.12.2017): Palmar/plantar osteochondral disease lesions in both fetlocks. (14/12/2017) Substantial mucus in trachea after racing. Lame left front leg on the day after racing. (10/01/2018) Bilateral forelimb lameness on the day after racing. (07/09/2017)
Sire: Holy Roman Emperor
Dam: Lisa Gherardini

Past Performances
Total Starts: 19: (1-2-1)
ST 1000m: 5 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 4 (0-1-1)
HV 1200m: 7 (1-1-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
18-04-18580HV tf g B120045A. S. Cruz129K. C. Ng8B/H/TTCLEAR CHOICESPLIT OF A SECONDJUNZI1:10:4023.3824.05 23.09 23.55 2-2-51.751008608.819
08-04-18551ST tf g C120035A. S. Cruz111K. C. Ng8B/H/TTSOLAR PATCHWISHFUL THINKERINTREPIC1:09:2622.5324.14 22.67 22.89 2-2-52.751006615999
21-03-18516HV tf g C120039A. S. Cruz111K. C. Ng1B/H/TTORIONIDSGAMECHANGERSPHANTOM FALCON1:09:9822.9924.41 23.10 23.32 4-5-95.251012611013
07-03-18479HV tf g A120042A. S. Cruz130K. C. Ng3B/H/TTHERO TIMECALIFORNIA ASPARGOLDEN GLORY1:10:0622.9924.00 23.23 23.06 2-2-21.51010602253
10-01-18330HV tf g B1200410A. S. Cruz130K. C. Ng4B/H/TTEXCEPTIONAL DESIRENICE FANDANGOFUNNY BUDDIES1:10:3323.8423.91 22.90 24.44 3-3-105.751013602127
13-12-17265HV tf g C120049A. S. Cruz130K. C. Ng2B/H/TTBOLD STITCHCLEAR CHOICEMANFUL STAR1:10:1523.2523.86 23.28 23.92 2-4-95.751013605.48.8
22-11-17211HV tf g C+3120041A. S. Cruz129K. C. Ng1B/H/TTCALIFORNIA ASPARSHOWING CHARACTEROUR HONOUR1:10:6823.6324.00 23.13 23.55 3-2-1N1015554.75.8
08-11-17174HV tf g B100045A. S. Cruz127K. C. Ng4B/H/TTOCEAN ROARPEACE COMBINATIONNOBLE DE BOY0:57:2823.4313.08 21.89 22.54 6-7-51.51012569.217
22-10-17127ST tf g/f A1000410A. S. Cruz130K. C. Ng14B/H/TTLUCKY TIMETOURBILLON KINGFISH N' CHIPS0:57:4523.1613.64 21.57 23.41 10-13-107.25101458922
06-09-1714HV tf g A100049A. S. Cruz132N. Callan7B/H/TTDR RACEOCEAN ROARBEAUTY CONNECTION0:57:9723.9912.95 21.99 23.94 6-7-95.751006584.75.4
12-07-17789HV tf g/f A100042A. S. Cruz131N. Callan1B/H1/SILVER SPUNCALIFORNIA ASPARDR RACE0:57.323.5 12.89 21.49 23.014-5-2H988563.74.1
25-06-17752ST tf g/f A100044A. S. Cruz129K. C. Ng13B/TT TRAVEL EMPERORWINFULL PATROLBEEKELY0:56.122.6 13.41 20.68 22.655-4-43.5980583133
31-05-17693ST aw g -1200411A. S. Cruz128K. C. Ng5B/TT GOLDIE FLANKERSTAR SUPERIORFISH N' CHIPS1:09.022.7 24.40 22.64 23.418-10-118.75989601875
17-05-17657HV tf g/f B120038A. S. Cruz114C. Y. Ho10B/TT BREEDERS' STARPEACE N PROSPERITYPACKING STONES1:09.823.5 24.13 22.58 24.607-6-89.5974611133
03-05-17622HV tf g/f C+3100033A. S. Cruz117C. Y. Ho4B/TT DIEGO KOSTARADIANT STEEDCALIFORNIA ASPAR0:56.922.7 13.08 21.78 22.756-5-34979613431
09-04-17557ST tf g/f C100039A. S. Cruz108K. C. Ng1B/TT MOMENTUM LUCKYBEAUTY MASTERFLYING TOURBILLON0:55.422.2 13.37 20.51 22.5310-11-95.75965636099
26-03-17519ST tf g A+31000314A. S. Cruz113K. C. Ng9B/TT DRAGON GENERALPERPETUAL JOYANCEBOTH LUCKY0:57.623.4 13.47 21.43 24.212-5-148.75976652347
12-03-17487ST tf g C+3100036A. S. Cruz117K. C. Ng10B/TT BRAVO WATCHMANACE KINGBOTH LUCKY0:56.222.7 13.48 20.83 22.649-10-64.5968674499
19-02-17427ST tf g/f A1200311A. S. Cruz115K. C. Ng14B1/TTHIGH FIVEMOMENTUM LUCKYTOP LAURELS1:09.222.7 24.06 22.59 23.822-2-118983674599

HKJC Comment

Fast into stride, raced outside to the leader, 3/4L back, travelled well throughout, showed good response early in straight, peaked near 100M, slightly weakened thereafter.