D. Ferraris / Rating: 51

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 6 yrs / AUS
Owner: Samson Yip Yan-tion, Dumas Chow Wai-sang & Eric Tong Man-leung
Last win: 24-10-18
Health: Castration. (21/09/2017) Lame right hind leg. (09/07/2019) Medical therapy for chronic orthopedic condition. (06/09/2017)
Sire: Not A Single Doubt
Dam: Plain Crazy

Past Performances
Total Starts: 30: (3-2-2)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 10 (1-1-1)
ST 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 14 (2-1-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
01-10-1961ST tf g/f A+31600410D. Ferraris126N. Callan4B/TTSMART PATCHCALIFORNIA LEGENDSAVVY SEVEN1:34:1123.2348.08 23.40 23.655-6-6-106.251051531118
16-06-19743ST tf g/f C+31600410D. Ferraris129A. Sanna11B/TTSUCH A HAPPINESSSIMPLE ELEGANTSMART ROCKET1:34:1723.5547.67 23.35 25.145-4-4-1012.51050563082
05-06-19718HV tf g A1650411D. Ferraris132K. Teetan12B/TTSMART PATCHFLAME LILYHAPPY WARRIOR1:40:7524.2052.33 24.82 24.899-9-9-1181049581720
15-05-19663HV tf g A165044D. Ferraris131M. Harley7B/TTTRUE GRITUNIVERSAL GO GOFLAME LILY1:41:4023.9853.67 23.75 24.4011-11-1-42.751053582126
24-04-19604HV tf g C165042D. Ferraris130M. Harley2B/TTMY FAMILYELECTRIC LIGHTNINGBUNDLE OF ENERGY1:40:5723.4853.41 23.68 23.556-5-2-2N 1039565.814
27-03-19530HV tf g/f C+3165045D. Ferraris131U. Rispoli5B/TTCHAPARRAL STARSAVVY SEVENBUNDLE OF ENERGY1:39:2023.6452.27 23.97 23.648-7-6-54.251043581519
13-03-19492HV tf g B165049D. Ferraris133N. Callan3B/TTALPHA HEDGELUCKY SHINY DAYCHAMPION SUPREME1:40:0524.3451.99 24.12 25.223-3-4-981036608.98.2
20-02-19441HV tf g/f C165038D. Ferraris119G. van Niekerk12B/TTARCADAHAR HAR HEARTALL YOU KNOW1:39:0424.3651.95 23.53 24.4510-10-8-85.51048622638
23-01-19365HV tf g C165037D. Ferraris119K. Teetan9B/TTBANK ON REDARCADAFEARLESS FIRE1:40:0223.9352.96 23.77 23.7610-10-8-731051631737
06-01-19316ST aw g -1650312D. Ferraris120D. Whyte11B/TTMONGOLIAN LEGENDRIGHT HONOURABLEFAMOUS WARRIOR1:38:5923.6951.30 23.76 25.096-3-3-129.751051634137
05-12-18234HV tf g B1650311D. Ferraris120K. Teetan1B/TTEXPERTO CREDEBANK ON REDSUMSTREETSUMWHERE1:40:6923.6452.25 25.24 23.985-5-5-1151042638.77.6
24-10-18121HV tf g/f C+3165041D. Ferraris131D. Whyte7B/TTELECTRIC LIGHTNINGMEGATRONPEARL WARM WARM1:40:3123.3853.14 24.11 23.064-4-4-11.251039579.67.8
03-10-1867HV tf g A165043D. Ferraris133N. Callan1B/TTIMPECCABLE FELLOWCAPTAIN BOSSELECTRIC LIGHTNING1:42:0024.2053.33 24.67 24.234-4-4-31.51044579.94.8
09-09-1825ST tf g/f C160044D. Ferraris130K. Teetan6B/TTGREAT TREASUREFULL OF CHANCESLET US WIN1:34:4124.0847.14 23.55 24.336-6-7-43.751048572317
04-07-18771HV tf g C+3165046D. Ferraris133K. Teetan10B/TT1SPARKLING SWORDSTARLIT KNIGHTGOLD VELVET1:40:1623.6053.03 24.37 23.4112-12-12-641028581512
06-06-18709HV tf g A165047D. Ferraris131K. Teetan11BMULTIGOGOTEN FLAMESSICHUAN BOSS1:40:6023.8652.30 24.84 24.234-3-3-74.751023581913
16-05-18653HV tf g/f B1650412D. Ferraris132K. Teetan9BENORMOUS HONOURDASHING DARTSICHUAN BOSS1:40:1324.1851.61 24.70 26.136-5-4-1214.51011584.65.2
11-04-18561HV tf g A165041D. Ferraris124K. Teetan6BELECTRIC LIGHTNINGPLANET STARI'M A WITNESS1:41:3722.8753.27 25.27 22.834-3-2-12.751011517.38.6
18-03-18502ST tf g A160043D. Ferraris124K. Teetan13BSMART CHARADEDASHING DARTELECTRIC LIGHTNING1:36:4422.9849.34 24.12 23.251-1-1-31.751022512624
03-03-18470ST tf g C160047D. Ferraris124K. C. Leung5B1TELECOM MANLUCKY TIMEENJOY LIFE1:35:3923.4348.34 23.98 23.777-8-7-74.51033537.66.4
18-02-18429ST tf g A180049D. Ferraris126K. C. Leung5 EVER LAUGHHAY RUNLET US WIN1:48:4723.8161.38 23.68 23.7711-7-7-6-92.2510465587.6
28-01-18376ST tf g B160047D. Ferraris130J. Moreira11 EVERESTMARQULAEVER LAUGH1:35:3924.0948.24 23.74 24.157-8-8-74.751047573.54.6
01-01-18312ST tf g B+2160044D. Ferraris130D. Whyte4 UNICRON JEWELLERYGODSPEEDJOYFUL PARK1:35:4524.0447.97 24.00 23.768-10-11-41.751049575.14.7
17-12-17278ST tf g C+3160045D. Ferraris130D. Whyte4 ENJOY LIFEGOOD DAYSAMBITIOUS PINS1:35:1124.2547.38 24.08 24.096-8-7-52.751057578.37.2
09-07-17785ST tf g B+2160042D. Ferraris131D. Whyte13 SUCH A HAPPINESSELECTRIC LIGHTNINGINFINITY ENDEAVOUR1:35.423.6 49.40 23.29 22.9312-12-12-21.25107456188.1
28-05-17681ST tf g/f A160041D. Ferraris122D. Whyte9 ELECTRIC LIGHTNINGHAPPY AND HEALTHYWIN FOR CHARITY1:35.923.4 49.10 23.73 23.163-2-2-1210744994.1
30-04-17610ST tf g/f A140046D. Ferraris122D. Whyte14 METALLIC STARVICTORY MACHINEC P POWER1:22.523.3 36.89 22.92 22.939-7-8-611076492619
02-04-17540ST tf g/f B+2140045D. Ferraris123D. Whyte13SR- EVERESTCARE FREE PRINCEMETALLIC STAR1:22.423.3 36.69 23.62 22.4813-13-14-521071503812
12-03-17483ST tf g C+3140046D. Ferraris126D. Whyte8SR BOLD STITCHLUCKY POWERDESTIN1:22.823.1 36.23 24.16 23.077-8-8-63.51062523851
26-02-17444ST tf g B100048D. Ferraris125D. Whyte11SR1 SUPER JUNIORKEEP MOVINGWILD BOY0:57.122.9 13.80 21.10 23.1013-12-85.251067521716

HKJC Comment

Gathered speed after the start before settling in midfield away from rail. Peaked on effort shortly after straightening and yielded ground in the final furlong.