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VIVA COUNCIL (A190) 怪獸都市

L. Ho / Rating: 57

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 5 yrs / NZ
Owner: Dominic Chung Won-lok
Last win: 31-10-18
Health: Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (03/12/2017) Lame right front leg after racing. (03/09/2017) Lame right front leg after racing. (01/07/2018)
Sire: O'reilly
Dam: Holiday In Goa

Past Performances
Total Starts: 31: (4-4-0)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 12 (2-2-0)
ST 1600m: 6 (1-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 6 (1-2-0)
ST aw 1650m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
03-04-19551ST aw g -120042L. Ho128H. T. Mo12H/V2COOLCELEBVIVA COUNCILHEARTS KEEPER1:09:6023.9724.21 22.50 23.18 8-6-21.75111956148.9
17-03-19501ST tf g A140049L. Ho127H. T. Mo9HCRAIG'S STARCHAIRMAN LOSMART ROCKET1:22:4323.7435.73 23.44 23.944-4-4-94.251125581644
24-02-19446ST aw g -165048L. Ho128H. T. Mo13HCHUNG WAH SPIRITREMARKABLEDEAL MAKER1:38:3023.9150.82 23.89 25.362-3-2-8111132601518
02-02-19391ST aw g -165035L. Ho117M. Chadwick6V-/HIMPERIAL CONCORDEVOLPINOKIRAM1:39:2624.4950.92 24.01 24.753-3-2-52.51125621510
01-01-19306ST tf g C1200312L. Ho116M. F. Poon9H/VBIG PARTYGRADE ONEALCARI1:08:9922.7323.76 22.50 24.84 1-1-1213.251136632047
12-12-18251HV tf g C1200312L. Ho115H. T. Mo9H/VSPEED VISIONBUOYANT BOYFEARLESS FIRE1:10:1423.1024.79 23.37 23.87 9-11-1211.751124632914
18-11-18190ST tf g B140036L. Ho113H. T. Mo3H/VNOBLE STEEDNICCONI EXPRESSGRADE ONE1:21:6323.6834.97 22.98 24.352-1-1-64.251134633556
31-10-18140ST aw g -120041L. Ho125H. T. Mo8H/V2VIVA COUNCILNICE KICKDR PROACTIVE1:09:7524.4823.10 22.17 24.48 1-1-10.751118577.36.7
13-10-1894ST aw g -120044L. Ho124H. T. Mo12HJUST NOT LISTENINGSAM'S LOVEKIROV1:09:0623.4124.47 22.02 22.74 11-11-411119573521
02-09-186ST tf g B140047L. Ho124M. F. Poon2HWINNING CONTROLLERBEAUTY DAYGOLDEN FOUR1:22:2823.6835.36 23.24 24.422-1-1-74.51111571011
15-07-18802ST tf y A140041L. Ho127D. Whyte5HVIVA COUNCILRED HORSEENJOY LIFE1:24:1824.8135.33 24.04 24.812-1-1-1H1116522914
01-07-18765ST tf g B1400410L. Ho125M. Chadwick9HFLASH FAMOUSFRESH POWERPICKEN1:23:1923.8936.01 23.81 24.173-4-6-1051114527.95.7
03-06-18695ST tf g/f B140042L. Ho127M. Chadwick10HMAGIC SUCCESSVIVA COUNCILLOTUS BREEZE1:21:6923.5535.30 22.84 23.671-1-1-20.751111506.83.1
20-05-18661ST tf g/f C+3140042L. Ho121M. Chadwick6HBOSSIEEVIVA COUNCILBIG BULLY1:22:4323.7435.51 23.18 23.773-1-1-2H1111489.34.5
21-04-18590ST tf g C+3140041L. Ho116M. Chadwick6HVIVA COUNCILYEE CHEONG PEGASUSENDEARING1:22:2323.8435.11 23.28 23.843-1-1-1N1104431512
02-04-18543ST tf g B+2160045L. Ho120M. Chadwick5HRED ELYSEESPRESIDENTPARAMOUNTAMAZING SATCHMO1:35:1423.2348.32 23.59 23.451-1-1-51.51110432816
18-03-18502ST tf g A160046L. Ho117M. Chadwick6HSMART CHARADEDASHING DARTELECTRIC LIGHTNING1:36:4422.9849.46 24.04 23.292-2-2-62.251110441917
25-02-18453ST tf g B1600410L. Ho112H. T. Mo5HMARQULARED ELYSEESNAMJONG PLUS1:35:9623.2249.17 24.49 23.128-9-14-1051120443131
28-01-18376ST tf g B1600413L. Ho117K. Teetan6HEVERESTMARQULAEVER LAUGH1:35:3924.0947.56 24.02 25.751-3-2-1312.251099442910
01-01-18309ST tf g B+2160051L. Ho133N. Rawiller5HVIVA COUNCILAMAZING ALWAYSLE PANACHE1:36:4924.0148.00 24.64 23.851-2-2-10.51099396.44.7
03-12-17242ST aw g -165045L. Ho108H. T. Mo6HROMAN IMPEROQUICK RETURNIMPERIAL CONCORDE1:38:1123.8650.67 23.58 24.702-2-1-55.251102418.46.6
11-11-17183ST tf g/f A160045L. Ho115M. Chadwick5V-/HINDIGENOUS STAREVER LAUGHHIT A HOME RUN1:35:0623.4347.73 23.90 23.831-1-1-52.51100422017
01-11-17158ST aw f/t -120044L. Ho118K. Teetan3H/VPICK NUMBER ONEENDEARINGBOND ELEGANCE1:09:3323.6223.72 22.63 23.77 5-6-451100444.65.9
14-10-17112ST aw g -120045L. Ho117K. Teetan3H/VSTRATHCLYDEBEEKELYELITE SPIRIT1:10:0524.3124.03 22.71 24.13 10-10-55.251098443.94.2
24-09-1760ST aw w/s -120042L. Ho118M. Chadwick8H/VSTAR SUPERIORVIVA COUNCILSPICY KAKA1:10:5624.8423.63 22.65 24.33 4-4-2N 1100427.79.3
03-09-176ST tf g B1400410L. Ho116K. Teetan13H/V1GOOD FOR YOUEVERESTEXPERTO CREDE1:22:5624.1535.38 23.03 25.061-1-1-105.751105426.15.2
18-06-17735ST tf g/y C+3140047L. Ho121U. Rispoli13H METALLIC STAREXPERTO CREDESUPERIOR BOY1:22.523.6 37.36 22.88 23.2714-14-13-761100461614
21-05-17666ST tf g C+3140048L. Ho118M. L. Yeung7H CARE FREE PRINCEINFINITY ENDEAVOURGOOD METHOD1:23.323.9 35.95 24.11 24.0112-12-12-84.751096478799
30-04-17610ST tf g/f A1400410L. Ho120M. L. Yeung13H METALLIC STARVICTORY MACHINEC P POWER1:22.523.3 37.65 22.88 22.6914-14-14-1041104499999
09-04-17553ST tf g/f C1000412L. Ho121K. K. Chiong13H SIGHT LEADERENCORE BOYFISH N' CHIPS0:55.422.1 13.54 20.97 23.209-11-1214.51108525490
19-03-17499ST tf g/y A1200411L. Ho125K. C. Leung9H1 MR PICASSOMR ORIOLEJUMBO LUCK1:11.024.1 24.31 22.98 25.114-7-118.51107522939

HKJC Comment

Couldn't gather speed & drifted back worse than midfield. Lay outward making the turn in middle section before balancing up 7L from lead in straight. Made significant headway last section but winner was too far clear.