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SIR REDALOT (A196) 紅運爵士 (Retired)

John Size / Rating: 74

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 5 yrs / IRE
Owner: The Hon Ronald Arculli GBM GBS JP & Johanna K J Arculli BBS
Last win: 04-02-18
Health: After being loaded became fractious, got out under the front gates riderless and completed a circuit of the course. Withdrawn from race. (28/03/2018) Bled from both nostrils after racing. (27/02/2019) Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (06/12/2017) Lame right front leg. (01/05/2018)
Sire: Sir Prancealot
Dam: Spring Crocus

Past Performances
Total Starts: 22: (2-2-1)
ST 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 8 (1-1-0)
HV 1200m: 10 (1-1-1)
HV 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
27-02-19457HV tf g/f C+3120038John Size125J. Moreira1 BREEDERS' STARBLITZINGFANTASTIC EIGHT1:09:3723.0123.97 22.67 23.29 5-4-83.51027727.74.4
23-01-19363HV tf g C120037John Size128J. Moreira10 MUSIC ADDITIONKA YING LEGENDHAPPY TIME1:09:5422.9824.85 22.79 22.72 9-9-751038741010
12-01-19337ST tf g A140037John Size131J. Moreira8 RIGHT CHOICERACING FIGHTERHAPPY FORCE1:21:9422.5135.95 23.76 22.754-4-4-73.251044761425
01-01-19306ST tf g C1200310John Size133J. Moreira8 BIG PARTYGRADE ONEALCARI1:08:9922.7324.28 22.62 23.96 5-8-1011.751033775.712
28-11-18216HV tf g A120034John Size133S. Clipperton1 FANTASTIC FEELINGBLITZINGGOOD BEAUTY1:10:0824.0223.95 22.71 23.69 5-6-41.75101477109
07-11-18159HV tf g B120033John Size130S. Clipperton12 LITTLE BIRDPRANCE DRAGONSIR REDALOT1:09:9023.7424.56 22.56 23.38 12-11-33.751018771445
13-10-18100ST tf g C1400310John Size132S. Clipperton7 INVINCIBLE FRESHLADY FIRSTCOMFORT LIFE1:22:1522.9036.75 23.06 22.988-9-10-1041002791321
10-10-1888HV tf g B120037John Size132K. Teetan12 PERFECT GLORYJADE THEATREFAIRY TWINS1:10:2123.7724.63 22.81 23.24 10-10-731000791527
26-09-1854HV tf g C+3120035John Size133A. Sanna8 SPARKLING DRAGONDOUBLE VALENTINEMY CHANCE1:09:7423.5624.11 22.91 23.23 9-8-53.251006801026
12-09-1835HV tf g C120039John Size133S. Clipperton12 EIGHTY EIGHTYBEAUTY LOYALSTAR OF JOY1:10:1223.5624.49 22.83 23.35 8-8-93.51020801340
21-04-18591ST tf g C+3120035John Size133O. Doleuze4 HANDSOME BO BOKA YING LEGENDSTAR SHINE1:09:6522.3024.96 22.83 22.79 7-4-55.75991801010
28-03-18534HV tf g/f C+312003WDJohn Size133B. Prebble PRINCE HARMONYCHARITY GLORYJOYFUL MOMENTS1:09:7122.82 9848010 
14-03-18499HV tf g B120032John Size133N. Rawiller4 GENEROUS HEARTSIR REDALOTDOUBLE VALENTINE1:09:9923.3724.29 22.81 23.15 5-5-21.5993804.42.8
18-02-18437ST tf g A140037John Size133O. Doleuze13 SIMPLY BRILLIANTSACRED IBISSUN TOUCH1:21:6623.5935.79 23.04 23.637-9-7-751004801615
04-02-18400ST tf g C140031John Size122J. Moreira10 SIR REDALOTREGENCY BO BOWORLD RECORD1:21:7624.0935.48 22.59 23.692-3-3-11.51007747.25.8
07-01-18326ST tf g C120034John Size127S. Clipperton3 RADIANT STEEDAMAZING STARBIZ POWER1:10:0523.4824.43 22.54 23.68 6-5-43.75994741410
06-12-17247HV tf g B120037John Size129H. Bowman6 FAIRY TWINSCHARITY GLORYWHO ELSE BUT YOU1:10:1622.7024.49 23.33 22.73 5-5-72.59927444.2
22-11-17214HV tf g C+3120031John Size123J. Moreira7 SIR REDALOTAFFLUENCE STARTBLAZE STAMINA1:10:0423.4824.08 23.20 22.76 6-7-10.75994675.23.8
11-10-17106HV tf g B16503WDJohn Size119M. L. Yeung GOLD LANDDR WIN WINACCLAIMED LIGHT1:40:2224.09 986678.9 
27-09-1771HV tf g/f C+3165039John Size120B. Prebble8B-OUTLAWEDKIRAMGONNA RUN1:39:4623.6951.68 24.25 24.263-2-2-94.5983692352
16-09-1746ST tf g/f C+31400313John Size123J. Moreira11BGREEN CARDIMPERIAL GALLANTRYPRETTY BAUHINIA1:21:4922.9435.42 23.13 24.061-1-1-137978701013
09-07-17788ST tf g B+2140037John Size121J. Moreira9B COBY BOYLUCKY GUYGRANITE BELT1:21.423.5 34.93 22.98 24.122-1-1-749877353.5
25-06-17760ST tf g/f A140037John Size121J. Moreira10B PENANG HALLHEALTHY JOYFULWORLD RECORD1:22.022.5 36.11 23.53 22.812-3-5-72.75980733.53.8
28-05-17682ST tf g/f A140032John Size119J. Moreira6B1 DUKEDOMSIR REDALOTDIAMOND DRAGON1:21.923.8 34.74 23.32 24.001-1-1-20.75984716.58.1

HKJC Comment

Raced in the box-seat, kept on till 100M. (Bled)