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C. W. Chang / Rating: 37

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / ch / g / 7 yrs / AUS
Owner: DBS Goodban Syndicate
Last win: 01-12-19
Health: Bled from both nostrils after barrier trial. (30/04/2021) Unacceptable performance. (28/02/2018) Lame right front leg after racing. (24/01/2018) Right front fetlock lameness. Update: Bone lesion in right front fetlock requiring extended period of rest / non-ridden low impact exercise. (23/09/2020) Substantial mucus in trachea after racing. (10/02/2021) Substantial mucus in trachea after racing. (08/10/2017)
Sire: Hussonet
Dam: Grantsville

Past Performances
Total Starts: 50: (3-6-3)
ST 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 5 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 2 (1-0-0)
ST 1800m: 6 (0-2-0)
ST 2000m: 2 (0-1-0)
ST aw 1650m: 5 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1800m: 4 (1-1-0)
HV 1650m: 20 (1-2-3)
HV 1800m: 4 (0-0-0)
HV 2200m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
31-03-21549ST aw g -180054C. W. Chang125C. L. Chau5CP-/B2FAIRY FLOSSDRAGON COMMANDERPROUD SKY1:48:9624.3860.65 24.21 24.573-2-4-4-431052398.67.9
10-02-21414HV tf g B1800412C. W. Chang114V. Borges4CPDIONYSUS COLLINOWNERS' STARCHEERFUL STAR1:50:3124.7661.89 24.50 26.671-3-4-7-1217.251080419.411
27-01-21379HV tf g C+3165043C. W. Chang117M. Chadwick5CPDREAM WARRIORSV CHEVALIERSMISTER MONTE1:39:8923.3552.34 24.20 23.751-1-1-32.51072421519
12-07-20813ST tf g/f A180045C. W. Chang115M. Chadwick12CPNATURAL STORMMANAGEMENT STARGOOD DAYS1:47:4623.4559.75 24.26 23.963-4-2-1-53.251068421610
21-06-20754ST tf g/f A200042C. W. Chang115M. Chadwick8CPBULLISH GLORYMISTER MONTECHEERFUL STAR2:01:9923.9874.10 24.11 23.954-4-5-4-211071411810
07-06-20722ST tf y C180052C. W. Chang125K. H. Chan13CPGREAT SMARTMISTER MONTECURLING LUXURY1:49:6424.2660.99 24.39 24.272-1-2-2-2SH 1061392619
29-04-20612HV tf g A220046C. W. Chang110K. H. Chan10B-/CP2GALA NIGHTBULLISH GLORYSALTO OLIMPICO2:16:0623.9188.65 23.70 24.155-4-2-2-2-62.751061414463
19-04-20584ST tf g C+31800413C. W. Chang109K. H. Chan1BDEFINING MOMENTGOOD DAYSGALA NIGHT1:47:4423.6260.10 24.08 25.464-6-5-4-1313.751066432545
29-03-20532ST tf g A+31400411C. W. Chang113C. Wong8BJUNEAU PARKTELECOM ROCKETWINWIN THIRTYTHREE1:22:8424.3736.41 23.38 24.1313-13-13-116.751061457199
14-03-20495ST aw g -1800414C. W. Chang119M. F. Poon12BGALA NIGHTFOODIE PRINCESSCROWN AVENUE1:47:7323.8060.18 24.47 25.455-10-9-10-1414.751069472522
19-02-20431ST aw g -165045C. W. Chang112K. H. Chan3BFOODIE PRINCESSTHIS ONE'S FOR YOUMEGATRON1:38:9423.6151.45 24.32 24.046-4-4-55.51064491514
02-02-20386ST aw g -165045C. W. Chang124S. De Sousa13BFOODIE PRINCESSMEGATRONTHIS ONE'S FOR YOU1:39:1823.2752.55 23.72 23.719-6-5-551055502714
15-01-20336HV tf g C+3165049C. W. Chang123G. van Niekerk7BPLAY WISEHEAVENLY THOUGHTLIGHTNING STEED1:39:3023.6451.78 24.16 24.143-4-4-94.751074501510
05-01-20309ST tf g C+3180048C. W. Chang124S. De Sousa8BCHEERFUL STARGOD OF DRAGONHAPPY WIN WIN1:48:1123.6061.03 23.48 24.361-1-1-1-84.751059501713
01-12-19212ST aw g -180041C. W. Chang117S. De Sousa14CP-/B2MISTER MONTEDRAGON COMMANDERCALIFORNIA LEGEND1:48:1724.5560.02 23.60 24.551-2-1-1-12106144167.8
17-11-19171ST tf g B200047C. W. Chang108K. H. Chan6CPABOVEC P POWERHO HO FEEL2:03:3522.9476.66 23.95 23.513-4-3-4-74.751070441912
27-10-19125ST aw g -180042C. W. Chang120G. van Niekerk3CPCURLING LUXURYMISTER MONTEABOVE1:49:6523.9562.49 23.53 23.772-4-4-4-20.751065431815
16-10-19100HV tf g C180045C. W. Chang110K. H. Chan1CPKING'S MANBULLISH GLORYGARLIC YEAH1:49:0524.2560.28 24.68 24.621-2-2-2-53.2510724385.7
15-09-1931ST tf g/f C+3160051C. W. Chang123K. H. Chan3CPMISTER MONTELE PANACHEREGENCY GEM1:34:5223.2447.86 23.42 23.242-1-1-1SH1059385.93.3
14-07-19807ST tf g/f A180052C. W. Chang123K. H. Chan8CPABOVEMISTER MONTEGOOD RUNNERS WAY1:47:6023.0660.28 24.26 23.451-1-1-1-22.51053401010
03-07-19781HV tf g C180045C. W. Chang113M. F. Poon3CPFAMILY LEADERGREEN DISPATCHCROWN AVENUE1:49:1224.3160.82 24.19 24.571-2-2-2-53104442149.5
26-06-19763HV tf g/f B1650412C. W. Chang114M. F. Poon6CPTHE JUDGEHIGH REVDREAM WARRIORS1:40:1223.2952.74 24.97 23.509-9-12-126.751060448.97.5
08-06-19729ST tf g/f C140045C. W. Chang117H. N. Wong4CPEMPIRE STARGRACIOUS RYDERWINWIN THIRTYTHREE1:21:8023.0036.96 22.76 22.479-12-11-52.51053461028
29-05-19699HV tf g C165046C. W. Chang121K. C. Leung9CPPERFECT TO PLAYPOLYMER LUCKSMART ROCKET1:40:3923.9551.65 24.87 24.331-1-2-631053481314
22-05-19680HV tf g/f B165046C. W. Chang124K. C. Leung4CP1ACCLAIMED LIGHTSALTO OLIMPICOFAMILY LEADER1:40:1724.2652.42 23.81 24.322-3-3-62.51057507.86.3
01-05-19624HV tf g C+3165044C. W. Chang125K. C. Leung10 GENTRYHAPPY WARRIORACCLAIMED LIGHT1:39:8524.1851.96 23.95 24.403-2-4-42.751050511226
24-04-19604HV tf g C165045C. W. Chang126C. Y. Ho11B-MY FAMILYELECTRIC LIGHTNINGBUNDLE OF ENERGY1:40:5723.4853.13 24.44 23.232-2-4-51.51048521936
17-04-19588HV tf g B1650411C. W. Chang127H. N. Wong11BTHE FULL BLOOMMR DARTHVEGARNITRO EXPRESS1:39:9824.2951.84 24.85 26.379-10-10-1119.251059544870
27-03-19531HV tf g/f C+31650411C. W. Chang129Z. Purton2B2ROYAL RACERRULETHEROOSTCURLING LUXURY1:40:3823.4553.40 23.89 24.073-4-4-116.251057565.66.6
06-03-19473HV tf g A165045C. W. Chang128M. F. Poon6 RULETHEROOSTHAPPY WARRIORNABOO STAR1:41:0323.6752.96 24.52 24.183-2-2-541058581934
27-02-19456HV tf g/f C+3165044C. W. Chang130H. N. Wong2 CLEAR CHOICESPARKLING SWORDPLAY WISE1:40:1423.2852.87 24.27 23.423-3-3-42.751063603880
13-02-19422HV tf g B1650312C. W. Chang111H. N. Wong2B-/TT-ENCOURAGING, MAGNIFICENT NORDIC WARRIOR1:40:3223.9652.76 24.08 24.853-4-5-128.51059634799
07-02-19400ST tf g C+31200312C. W. Chang118K. C. Leung12B/TTFULL OF BEAUTYHONEST WAYSPARKLING DRAGON1:09:4622.8025.19 22.87 23.87 12-12-1215.51058658999
10-10-1890HV tf g B165039A. S. Cruz123A. Sanna12B/TTTHE JUDGEPLANET STARRIGHT HONOURABLE1:40:2824.6351.91 23.98 25.332-2-2-961082672048
08-07-18788ST tf g/f C1400314A. S. Cruz120K. C. Ng9B/TTWINSTON'S LADBOMBAY BLITZULTIMATE GLORY1:21:3123.5634.97 23.06 26.081-2-5-1417.51074703099
09-05-18638HV tf g A165037A. S. Cruz127T. Berry12B/TTLUCKY TIMETHE JUDGEHAR HAR HEART1:41:1323.6053.02 24.87 24.1011-8-7-75.51073722318
02-04-18547ST tf g B+21400314A. S. Cruz126S. Clipperton8B/TTHARMONY HEROSUN TOUCHFAMOUS WARRIOR1:21:6223.7535.70 23.33 25.744-4-5-1419.751076732932
28-02-18463ST aw g -1650313A. S. Cruz127Z. Purton6B/TTDR WIN WINNUCLEAR POWERKIRAM1:38:2923.6351.14 24.04 27.633-4-7-1328.251085731512
14-02-18426HV tf g B165033A. S. Cruz126J. Moreira6B/TTLITTERATEUROUR HEROMISTER MONTE1:39:8723.7552.46 24.06 23.505-6-5-30.751086725.34.2
24-01-18372ST aw g -1650311A. S. Cruz125B. Prebble2B/TTJADE FORTUNENUCLEAR POWEREXPERTO CREDE1:38:2023.8850.61 23.71 25.081-1-1-117.5107972178.2
10-01-18335HV tf g B165033A. S. Cruz125J. Moreira5B/TTWINNING FAITHLITTERATEURMISTER MONTE1:40:3323.4852.90 24.07 23.782-2-2-32.7510917232.4
13-12-17270HV tf g C165031A. S. Cruz118J. Moreira7B/TTMISTER MONTEDR WIN WINNITRO EXPRESS1:39:5623.3552.37 23.84 23.351-1-1-12.751084633.13
22-11-17216HV tf g C+3165032A. S. Cruz117M. Chadwick2B/TTMAGNETISMMISTER MONTEBANK ON RED1:40:5324.1451.80 24.87 24.125-5-5-21.751086628.54.5
08-11-17176HV tf g B165042A. S. Cruz133M. Chadwick4B/TTCURLING LUXURYMISTER MONTEPOLYMER LUCK1:41:2324.0353.42 24.34 23.525-6-6-2N 1088605.93.4
25-10-17143HV tf g/f C+3165035A. S. Cruz114M. Chadwick12B/TTDR WIN WINLUCKY GIRLBANK ON RED1:40:3523.4252.07 25.10 23.468-4-3-51.751086612681
08-10-1799ST aw g -1650311A. S. Cruz117M. Chadwick1H-/B2/TT1DIVINE BOYRED MARVELGONNA RUN1:39:2723.9051.20 24.17 26.041-1-1-1113.51095631519
18-06-17738ST tf g/y C+3180037C. W. Chang121U. Rispoli8B-/H1VICTORY BOYSGREEN DISPATCHGORGEOUS AGAIN1:48.923.5 62.76 23.26 24.659-9-9-710.751050681963
17-05-17655HV tf g/f B180039C. W. Chang115H. T. Mo8B VICTORY BOYSHIGH VOLATILITYSHARP SAILOR1:48.824.1 61.81 24.32 24.793-5-7-9131037708599
30-04-17611ST tf g/f A160038C. W. Chang128S. Clipperton8B CITRON SPIRITHOME RUNPENANG HALL1:34.423.5 48.11 23.41 23.967-8-7-86.251042719299
09-04-17562ST tf g/f C1400311C. W. Chang124N. Rawiller9B1 HAPPY AGILITYBIG BANG BONGG-ONE LOVER1:21.723.4 35.90 23.23 23.4311-12-12-1151047712639

HKJC Comment

Ridden to be prominent before racing on the leaders back from the 1200m. Hard ridden on straightening when under 2L from lead, continued only a length behind at furlong marker before weakening slightly late.