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MULTIGOGO (A204) 萬事醒 (Retired)

A. S. Cruz / Rating: 45

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / br / g / 6 yrs / AUS
Owner: Lyraa Ng Yin-mui
Last win: 06-06-18
Health: Lame right front leg. (22/05/2018) Lame right front leg on the day after racing. (14/03/2019) Lame right front leg. (10/04/2018) Substantial blood in trachea after racing. Lame right front leg on the day after racing. (08/05/2019) Unacceptable performance. (01/07/2017)
Bloodline Relations: nil
Sire: Drumbeats
Dam: Lights Off

Past Performances
Total Starts: 31: (4-2-2)
ST 1000m: 3 (0-1-0)
ST 1200m: 5 (0-1-1)
ST 1400m: 4 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 3 (0-0-1)
HV 1650m: 12 (4-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
08-05-19640ST aw w/s -1650412A. S. Cruz121K. Teetan10H/TTBUDDIESASSOCIATION FANSFLASH FAMOUS1:39:4724.1751.50 24.36 25.704-4-7-12131120481819
13-03-19492HV tf g B165048A. S. Cruz121K. C. Ng1H/TTALPHA HEDGELUCKY SHINY DAYCHAMPION SUPREME1:40:0524.3451.59 24.36 25.161-1-2-86.51129511220
20-02-19439HV tf g/f C165049A. S. Cruz119M. F. Poon5H/TTMERRYGOWINNABOO STARUNIVERSAL GO GO1:39:5724.1351.97 24.07 24.323-3-4-951134541631
30-01-19378HV tf g A165049A. S. Cruz126H. N. Wong10H/TTCHARITY WINGSALL YOU KNOWPLAY WISE1:41:8124.0153.62 24.86 24.552-2-10-97.751134562129
16-01-19343HV tf g B1650410A. S. Cruz131A. Sanna10H/TTC P POWERGOOD FOR YOULETSGOFREE1:40:4124.0751.54 24.96 26.191-2-2-1014.251143588.517
01-01-19305ST tf g C140047A. S. Cruz131A. Sanna5H/TTPICKENNOBLE DE LOVEFRESH POWER1:22:4623.2935.75 23.98 23.643-3-7-75.751133601634
19-12-18270ST aw g -1800311A. S. Cruz115M. F. Poon11H/TTZILONGWILLIE WAYGOLDFIELD1:47:8723.3960.23 24.53 24.402-3-2-4-1181137624494
21-11-18197HV tf g/y C+3165039A. S. Cruz117K. Teetan10H/TTGREEN LUCKHAPPY DRAGONSLEEP EDUCATION1:39:8923.7852.83 24.52 24.0110-10-12-99.251116642040
10-11-18169ST tf g A1400313A. S. Cruz120M. Chadwick1H/TTTAKING AIMHIGH VOLATILITYLADY FIRST1:21:6523.7335.48 23.36 24.583-5-8-13111139661845
26-09-1851HV tf g C+3165039A. S. Cruz117H. N. Wong7H/TTRED WARRIORAMAZING SATCHMONITRO EXPRESS1:39:6723.4352.36 24.08 24.194-2-2-961137677.98.6
05-09-1817HV tf g/f B165039A. S. Cruz117H. N. Wong10H/TTSKY MELODYCLOUD NINELAND GRANT1:40:3724.7251.46 24.47 25.702-2-2-981129671011
15-07-18805ST tf y A140035A. S. Cruz121Z. Purton4H/TTBOLD STITCHRELENTLESS MEHANDSOME BO BO1:22:4424.7834.50 23.68 25.502-3-4-57.751119674.95.4
06-06-18709HV tf g A165041A. S. Cruz131C. Y. Ho4H/TTMULTIGOGOTEN FLAMESSICHUAN BOSS1:40:6023.8651.98 25.04 23.581-2-2-11.51126609.68
09-05-18635HV tf g A165041A. S. Cruz123H. N. Wong6H/TTMULTIGOGOPLANET STARKIRAM1:40:6624.4051.84 24.78 24.044-3-3-1N111955127.9
14-03-18495HV tf g B165041A. S. Cruz119H. N. Wong11H/TTMULTIGOGOGREAT JOYPEARL WARM WARM1:40:4123.6452.29 24.48 23.641-1-1-1Nose1131501315
25-02-18452ST tf g B140048A. S. Cruz124G. Mosse2H/TTGREAT TREASUREROYALE ELEGANCEAMBITIOUS PINS1:22:6223.8735.38 23.37 24.611-1-1-84.51134511014
07-01-18321ST aw w/s -1650414A. S. Cruz122K. C. Leung9H/TTCHATER THUNDERGRAN MASTERIMPERIAL CONCORDE1:39:2324.5051.17 24.12 25.285-5-8-148.51127511714
20-12-17286HV tf g/f C+3165047A. S. Cruz121K. C. Ng5H/TTRIGHT HONOURABLEGENERAL DINOSICHUAN BOSS1:39:7923.6452.43 24.36 23.433-5-7-72.751121511415
22-11-17213HV tf g C+3165041A. S. Cruz112H. T. Mo10H/TTMULTIGOGOCHARITY WINGSDUTCH WINDMILL1:41:4523.9052.29 25.26 23.901-1-1-1N113246109.7
08-11-17175HV tf g B120046A. S. Cruz120S. Clipperton4H/TTSTARLOTLEISURED FEETFORMULA GALORE1:10:6123.2824.48 23.33 23.12 7-6-6211264632.1
25-10-17141HV tf g/f C+3120043A. S. Cruz114H. N. Wong3H/TTLOOK ERASEXCEPTIONAL DESIREMULTIGOGO1:10:3322.8924.11 23.69 22.59 3-4-3N 1129458.73.1
08-10-1793ST tf g B+2120043A. S. Cruz111M. F. Poon1B-/H/TTE MASTERAMBITIOUS HEARTMULTIGOGO1:09:3823.1623.49 22.73 23.27 1-1-30.751131452.82.4
24-09-1757ST tf g A120045A. S. Cruz121J. Moreira11B/H/TTENDEARINGSPRING WINCHEERS CONQUEROR1:09:6523.1623.56 22.93 23.77 1-1-53.751123473.83.5
03-09-171ST tf g B100044A. S. Cruz124M. Chadwick6H/B1/TTTOP BEAUTIFULPEACE COMBINATIONBRAVE KNIGHT0:56:2822.3313.67 20.68 22.95 7-6-46.511234744.7
01-07-17773ST tf g/f A+31200411A. S. Cruz125J. Moreira8H/TT ALL YOU NEEDREGENCY DARLINGAMAZING MOMENT1:09.423.0 23.95 22.67 23.902-3-116.751122503.52.4
11-06-17715ST tf g/f C100045A. S. Cruz124U. Rispoli2H/TT LUNAR ZEPHYRENCORE BOYTOURBILLON KING0:56.823.3 13.41 20.81 22.925-6-51.51130517.56
24-05-17673HV tf g C120049A. S. Cruz124C. Y. Ho8H/TT MASTER VIKINGCONFUCIUS SPIRITCLEVER SPIRIT1:09.923.5 24.09 22.97 23.485-6-93.51126535.25.2
07-05-17627ST tf g/f A+3120046A. S. Cruz121K. K. Chiong7H/TT SIGHT LEADERINFINITY ENDEAVOURAMAZING MOMENT1:10.223.2 23.95 23.04 23.501-1-61.751118534.15.3
17-04-17574ST tf g/f C+3120042A. S. Cruz126M. Chadwick5H/TT LONDON CITYMULTIGOGOENDEARING1:08.923.1 23.96 22.36 23.062-2-22.751119534.13.1
19-02-17430ST aw g -120045A. S. Cruz127M. Chadwick4H/TT RADIANT STEEDGOAL FOR GOLDI'M THE WON FOR U1:09.423.2 23.35 23.22 23.701-7-55.2511145332.4
05-02-17391ST tf g C100042A. S. Cruz127M. Chadwick6H1/TTBRAVO WATCHMANMULTIGOGOINDIGENOUS STAR0:56.622.3 13.57 20.94 22.584-3-22.51141525.69.2

HKJC Comment

Jumped well from gate 10, unable to slot in, raced 3 wide with no cover, 2 lengths or so back, weakened turning in, emptied early in straight. (Blood in trachea.) (Lame right front leg next day.)