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ROCKETEER (A214) 火箭駒 (Retired)

F. C. Lor / Rating: 68

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 6 yrs / AUS
Owner: Kevin Hung Dingteng
Last win: 04-06-17
Health: Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (28/03/2018) Lame right front and right hind legs. (14/05/2019)
Sire: Smart Missile
Dam: Some Girls Do

Past Performances
Total Starts: 26: (1-2-1)
ST 1600m: 4 (0-0-0)
ST 1800m: 5 (0-0-1)
ST 2000m: 9 (1-2-0)
HV 1800m: 6 (0-0-0)
HV 2200m: 2 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
01-07-19777ST tf g/f B2000314F. C. Lor114H. N. Wong14 CLASSIC BEAUTYI DOGLORIOUS DRAGON2:02:0023.1476.10 23.16 24.904-4-4-5-1413.51205681745
05-06-19714HV tf g A220034F. C. Lor123N. Callan3 SALTO OLIMPICOTASHIDELEKGOD OF DRAGON2:16:2724.1288.36 24.03 24.574-4-4-4-3-44.251193701012
15-05-19660HV tf g A16503WDF. C. Lor127C. Y. Ho LUCKY GIRLXIANG BAI QILADY FIRST1:40:2224.52 119070  
24-04-19609HV tf g C180035F. C. Lor122N. Callan12 TRAVEL FIRSTGLORIOUS DRAGONHAPPY DRAGON1:48:3723.9460.64 24.19 24.065-5-4-4-53.25118572820
27-03-19534HV tf g/f C+3220035F. C. Lor124N. Callan5V-/TT-HELENE CHARISMATASHIDELEKHAPPY DRAGON2:14:8823.9787.73 24.10 23.706-7-8-9-10-541196742243
24-02-19449ST tf g B+22000314F. C. Lor130N. Callan10V1/TTTIANCHI MONSTERCLASSIC BEAUTYVINCY2:02:4024.0274.25 24.25 26.024-3-1-2-1413.251208771243
23-01-19364HV tf g C180038F. C. Lor132G. van Niekerk3TTNAMJONG PLUSVIGOR FAMEHELENE CHARISMA1:49:4724.4160.46 25.00 24.605-5-5-5-83.751220791320
23-12-18279ST tf g A+3200027F. C. Lor113M. Chadwick3TTDARK DREAMGIANT TURTLEINSAYSHABLE2:02:1823.6675.18 23.66 24.685-5-5-4-78.251220811847
05-12-18235HV tf g B1800210F. C. Lor118A. Badel10B-/TTSUPER CHICRED WARRIORGLORIOUS ARTIST1:49:3823.9562.29 23.66 24.619-10-10-7-107.51197831422
13-10-1898ST tf g C160029F. C. Lor122K. C. Leung2B/TTVICTORY BOYSWORLD RECORDCIRCUIT NUMBER TWO1:33:9322.9247.99 23.46 23.236-7-7-94.751201859.314
22-09-1843ST tf g/f A180034F. C. Lor133Z. Purton4B/TT1GORGEOUS KINGCLOUD NINESANGRIA1:47:2624.1159.34 23.85 24.756-7-6-2-44.251190854.93.2
08-07-18781ST tf g/f C200027F. C. Lor127K. Teetan4B1GLORIOUS FOREVERINSAYSHABLEGENERAL SHERMAN1:59:5323.1073.55 23.52 23.944-5-4-7-79.251207898.415
10-06-18716ST tf g/f C180024F. C. Lor125Z. Purton5 PIKACHUSTIMULATIONIMPERIAL GALLANTRY1:46:3624.3059.04 23.26 24.433-2-4-3-42.251204902.51.7
20-05-18667ST tf g/f C+316002WDJ. Moore128D. Whyte RISE HIGHDOCTOR GEOFFCITRON SPIRIT1:33:9122.81 --90  
28-03-18535HV tf g/f C+31800110J. Moore113W. M. Lai1 GOLD MOUNTEAGLE WAYDINOZZO1:47:8023.6260.68 24.10 23.839-7-7-7-105119191129.4
18-03-18509ST tf g A20004YO13J. Moore126T. Berry7 PING HAI STARSINGAPORE SLINGEXULTANT2:01:1822.7175.00 23.67 25.333-2-2-3-1317.751198912424
18-02-18433ST tf g A200022J. Moore126Z. Purton9 HAPPILABABYROCKETEERCONSORT2:02:5323.0375.55 24.07 22.944-2-2-2-2H1221893.14.2
28-01-18381ST tf g B180023J. Moore124T. Berry10 SERGEANT TITANIUMRATTANROCKETEER1:47:9323.8861.44 23.17 23.846-8-9-6-33.251209895.39
23-12-17298ST tf g A+3200027J. Moore121D. Whyte7 EXULTANTCONSORTVICTORY BOYS2:01:9923.0575.77 23.69 23.415-7-9-11-75.51207906.77.3
06-12-17253HV tf g B180028J. Moore125T. Berry9 THE GOLDEN AGEDINOZZOMARVEL HERO1:49:2523.6562.87 23.41 23.5611-11-9-9-83.751207921625
19-11-17203ST tf g B180027J. Moore130T. Berry3 DINOZZOSACRED ELIXIRCIRCUIT HASSLER1.47.6722.7661.93 23.62 22.769-9-9-8-741212938.211
05-11-17169ST tf g/f C+31800G311J. Moore113K. Teetan10 NASSATIME WARPROMANTIC TOUCH1:45:4123.6859.13 23.36 24.728-6-6-7-1111.251218939.311
14-10-17114ST tf g C160028J. Moore126T. Berry2 CITRON SPIRITKEEN VENTUREBABA MAMA1:34:3223.3748.22 23.17 23.2510-10-9-8212199344.5
09-07-17787ST tf g B+2200022J. Moore123D. Whyte3 GENERAL SHERMANROCKETEERHELENE CHARISMA2:00.423.1 74.44 23.10 22.915-5-4-2N1188913.63.3
04-06-17701ST tf g/f B200021J. Moore118D. Whyte1 ROCKETEERANTICIPATIONSUPREME PROFIT2:02.722.3 77.11 23.44 22.153-3-3-12.511818397.1
10-05-17641HV tf g/f A180026J. Moore121S. Clipperton1 PACKING DRAGONBIG BANG BONGFRIENDS OF KA YING1:49.723.4 62.57 24.58 23.017-8-9-62.51188841825
30-04-17616ST tf g/f A1600211J. Moore120T. Berry6 EASTERN EXPRESSBOOMING DELIGHTDOYENI1:33.722.8 48.55 22.99 22.999-9-9-115.251190861737
26-03-17524ST tf g A+31600211J. Moore123D. Whyte3 WHAT ELSE BUT YOUWINNER'S WAYCALIFORNIA DISEGNO1:34.923.3 48.83 23.26 23.577-7-7-114.51183862022

HKJC Comment

Jumped well from the widest draw, raced 2 wide better than midfield, 2 to 3 lengths back, similar position on turn, weakened early in straight.