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C. W. Chang / Rating: 38

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 5 yrs / IRE
Owner: The Joy of Giving Syndicate
Last win: 23-01-19
Health: Unacceptable performance. (27/06/2018) Inappetance. (22/06/2017) Castration. (21/07/2017) Restricted action, swollen both front fetlocks on the day after racing. (13/06/2019)
Sire: Thewayyouare
Dam: Vera Mont

Past Performances
Total Starts: 27: (2-4-2)
ST 1400m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 2000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1800m: 2 (0-0-1)
HV 1650m: 6 (0-0-1)
HV 1800m: 10 (1-3-0)
HV 2200m: 4 (1-1-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
12-06-19734ST aw w/s -1800511C. W. Chang123K. H. Chan1BLUCKY WIN WINMI BLANCOWHAMPOA STAR1:49:6125.2360.86 24.68 26.639-9-10-12-11161001409.512
29-05-19697HV tf g C220047C. W. Chang116J. Moreira8BCLEMENT LEGENDCROWN AVENUEFAMILY LEADER2:17:1523.7789.57 24.29 23.908-7-7-5-7-73.751008415.34.4
15-05-19663HV tf g A1650410C. W. Chang112T. H. So4BTRUE GRITUNIVERSAL GO GOFLAME LILY1:41:4023.9853.47 24.79 24.287-9-9-107.251005411724
23-03-19519CH tf g A220042C. W. Chang111T. H. So5BHAPPY ROCKYTHE JOY OF GIVINGISHVARA2:19:1624.2291.91 23.71 23.848-9-9-9-10-21.7596740  
10-03-19479ST aw w/s -180043C. W. Chang108C. Wong11BHAY RUNKING'S MANTHE JOY OF GIVING1:50:5925.6261.31 24.50 25.249-11-11-11-33993401314
20-02-19435HV tf g C180052C. W. Chang126C. Wong1BCOME ON WONGCHOYTHE JOY OF GIVINGWEALTHY FORTUNE1:50:2023.4862.67 24.29 23.464-3-3-4-21.25986395.35.9
23-01-19358HV tf g C220051C. W. Chang129J. Moreira5BTHE JOY OF GIVINGSWEET BEANFORTUNE PATROL2:17:4024.8588.32 24.99 24.098-9-9-10-7-11977333.73.6
26-12-18285HV tf g C+3180051C. W. Chang121J. Moreira7BTHE JOY OF GIVINGCOME ON WONGCHOYLUCKY SHINY DAY1:50:7724.2362.47 24.51 23.798-8-8-5-10.51000282.93.8
05-12-18227HV tf g B165053C. W. Chang122C. Schofield11BTHE SYLPHWONDERFUL TIGERTHE JOY OF GIVING1:40:9325.5051.95 24.60 24.6210-11-12-31.5988281010
21-11-18191HV tf g C+3180057C. W. Chang122S. De Sousa2BSMART BABYTRAVEL AMBASSADORAMAZING GOLD1:50:6723.6762.16 25.12 24.006-4-4-4-73.759942833
28-10-18127HV tf g A220052C. W. Chang121C. Murray5BCLEMENT LEGENDTHE JOY OF GIVINGSMART BABY2:18:1325.1289.34 24.47 24.808-6-5-6-6-239872898.1
18-10-18104HV tf g C180052C. W. Chang119C. Schofield4BHOLY UNICORNTHE JOY OF GIVINGTOP ACE1:50:5824.0362.49 24.66 23.466-7-7-5-2H9872698.9
26-09-1848HV tf g C+3180056C. W. Chang122S. Clipperton12BAMAZING GOLDCHIU CHOW KIDWONDERFUL CHASER1:51:0023.7064.35 23.91 23.4411-12-9-9-64.5988261511
12-09-1829HV tf g C180052C. W. Chang125C. Murray4BHOLY UNICORNTHE JOY OF GIVINGWONDERFUL CHASER1:50:6423.5263.54 24.06 23.714-3-3-4-24.25977261212
27-06-18752HV tf g/f C2200511C. W. Chang125O. Doleuze7H-/BPENZANCEJOY PLUS FUNROCK THE TREE2:16:0625.2386.70 26.09 28.073-2-2-5-12-1130985308.56.7
03-06-18696ST tf g/f B200057C. W. Chang125O. Doleuze2B/HLE PANACHESWEET BEANROCK THE TREE2:02:1023.9776.18 23.19 24.3410-11-11-10-71098432108.7
23-05-18668HV tf g/f C180054C. W. Chang127O. Doleuze6B/HJOLLY AMBERAEROLUMINANCEPENZANCE1:49:9223.3562.55 24.82 23.089-7-8-8-43.25983348.110
18-04-18578HV tf g B180055C. W. Chang127O. Doleuze5B/HSAVANNAH WINDMY BLESSINGGOLDEN KID1:51:1123.2363.94 24.70 22.808-7-7-7-52979343534
07-03-18476HV tf g A1800511C. W. Chang132O. Doleuze9H/B1MEGATRONCELEBRATIONLOADED1:49:7523.9162.83 24.57 23.8010-10-11-12-119986394281
14-02-18423HV tf g B1650411C. W. Chang115K. C. Ng9HHAR HAR HEARTDON'T MISSCHARITY WINGS1:40:6623.5953.90 24.21 24.8310-10-12-1114.25994457699
13-01-18344ST tf g C+31600412C. W. Chang120K. C. Ng6HAGREETRIUMPHANT LIGHTPOLYMER LUCK1:35:3823.6448.74 23.76 24.7714-13-12-1211.75994509999
13-12-17267HV tf g C1800411C. W. Chang125K. C. Ng5P-/H2CROWN AVENUEHIGH VOLATILITYAEROLUMINANCE1:50:7824.0163.89 24.52 23.9211-12-12-11-119.75992556499
01-11-17159ST aw f/t -1650413C. W. Chang130K. C. Ng2H-/P1IMPERIAL CONCORDEFIVE STARS AGENTBEST EFFORT1:39:7023.6853.12 23.82 24.378-8-10-1310995608699
22-10-17130ST tf g/f A1600313C. W. Chang118W. M. Lai11HBEAUTY WAYRAZOR QUESTSERGEANT TITANIUM1:34:7822.9449.10 23.50 23.2913-13-13-137999659999
05-10-1788HV tf g A1650310C. W. Chang123W. M. Lai1HSTAR MAJESTICTHE SYLPHRAZOR QUEST1:39:7124.6452.27 24.32 25.269-9-11-1013.51005684299
16-07-17805ST tf g/y C1400312C. W. Chang122W. M. Lai9XB-/HCALCULATIONCHUNG WAH SPIRITFANTASTIC KAKA1:23.023.4 37.38 23.61 24.2713-13-13-1213.51026735499
21-06-17750HV tf g C1650312C. W. Chang123W. M. Lai4H/XB1KIRAMBULLISH SMARTSPICY SURE1:39.324.0 52.21 24.93 25.0911-11-12-12181025751499
24-05-17675HV tf g C1650310C. W. Chang124W. M. Lai7H1/TTMAGNETISMLAND GRANTAPACHE SPIRIT1:39.624.2 52.36 24.46 24.9910-10-10-1013.51015752464

HKJC Comment

Made contact with a runner and became badly unbalanced passing winning post on first occasion, raced behind midfield on rail, faded out passing 200M, restricted action with swollen both front fetlocks next day.