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WINNING FAITH (A253) 威信 (Retired)

C. S. Shum / Rating: 84

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / ch / g / 6 yrs / AUS
Owner: Chao Kuang-piu
Last win: 07-03-18
Health: Lame left front leg. Update: Localised to left front fetlock on nerve block. (30/01/2019) Head injury. (28/01/2018) Lame right front leg after racing. Update: Medial distal sesamoidean ligament injury. (17/04/2019) Lame left front leg on the day after racing. (12/04/2018) Castration. (10/07/2017)
Sire: Star Witness
Dam: My Central

Past Performances
Total Starts: 24: (3-2-4)
ST 1000m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 6 (0-1-2)
ST 1400m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 2 (0-0-1)
HV 1650m: 8 (3-0-1)
HV 1800m: 2 (0-1-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
17-04-19591HV tf g B165026C. S. Shum119G. van Niekerk1CP/H/TTTURIN REDSTARRIVETRUTHVEN1:39:3224.6350.77 24.88 24.316-7-9-641245844.53.5
24-03-19526ST tf g C+3160025C. S. Shum117G. van Niekerk9CP/H/TTRIGHT CHOICETIME TO CELEBRATESICHUAN DAR1:35:2522.9849.46 23.41 22.517-8-8-50.751246841639
10-03-19486ST aw w/s -165026C. S. Shum123G. van Niekerk3CP/H/TTKING GENKIRAGING BLITZKRIEGGLORIOUS ARTIST1:38:8023.9052.42 23.48 24.267-7-7-68.51251851017
30-01-19381HV tf g A18002WDC. S. Shum120A. BadelCP/H/TTRED WARRIORCIRCUIT GLORYGLORIOUS ARTIST1:50:6822.94 1252857 
26-12-18290HV tf g C+3165023C. S. Shum121A. Badel6CP/H/TTLITTERATEURRED WARRIORWINNING FAITH1:39:9523.6652.49 24.76 22.8811-11-10-311247857.48.6
31-10-18139ST aw g -165023C. S. Shum120C. Y. Ho6CP/H/TTCALCULATIONGLORIOUS ARTISTWINNING FAITH1:37:8824.6950.72 23.27 24.517-5-4-341252859.17.5
07-10-1882ST tf g B+2140024C. S. Shum115H. T. Mo10CP/H/TTMORETHANLUCKYCOBY BOYWAH MAY FRIEND1:22:0122.5737.00 22.92 22.3014-11-8-41.251261852547
12-09-1836HV tf g C165027C. S. Shum117H. T. Mo1CP/H/TTCIRCUIT GLORYTURIN REDSTARKINGSFIELD1:40:1824.1752.28 24.57 23.9310-10-9-73.751253857.34
04-07-18777HV tf g C+3165026C. S. Shum124A. Sanna12CP/H/TTLIMITLESSTURIN REDSTARSHARP SAILOR1:39:1224.2851.94 23.30 24.5311-11-4-6412458676.3
27-06-18756HV tf g/f C180024C. S. Shum123A. Sanna7CP/H/TTDOCTOR GEOFFINSAYSHABLELITTERATEUR1:48:0723.1560.63 24.33 23.991-2-2-2-45.512528656.2
23-05-18672HV tf g/f C180022C. S. Shum116A. Sanna7CP/H/TTPRAWN BABAWINNING FAITHLITTERATEUR1:48:3823.7461.39 23.49 23.571-2-3-4-20.51257837.75.7
11-04-18564HV tf g A165028C. S. Shum115M. F. Poon3CP/H/TTSTAR MAJESTICCIRCUIT GLORYLITTERATEUR1:40:4722.8854.96 23.75 22.637-7-7-85.51277832.12.8
07-03-18483HV tf g A165031C. S. Shum123H. T. Mo1CP/H/TTWINNING FAITHPRETTY BAUHINIAGLORIOUS ARTIST1:39:6423.8651.91 24.31 23.429-7-7-12.751264744.33.4
10-01-18335HV tf g B165031C. S. Shum120A. Badel8CP/H/TTWINNING FAITHLITTERATEURMISTER MONTE1:40:3323.4853.58 24.19 22.5610-9-10-11.51270671311
13-12-17269HV tf g C165031C. S. Shum114A. Badel3CP/H1/TTWINNING FAITHPRETTY BAUHINIARIGHT CALL1:40:2623.7252.85 24.45 22.965-4-5-11.251278619.29.7
26-11-17226ST tf g C140039C. S. Shum118A. Badel14CP/TTCONTEULTIMATE GLORYROYAL MOJITO1:21:8722.4036.96 23.23 22.5613-13-14-95.51264631220
11-11-17188ST tf g/f A120033C. S. Shum116A. Badel2CP/TTGOLDEN SUNBRAVO WATCHMANWINNING FAITH1:09:3723.4424.25 22.36 22.98 11-10-31.25126063133.6
22-10-17135ST tf g/f A120037C. S. Shum118C. Schofield9CP/TTSUPER FLUKELUCKY DOLLARTOP BEAUTIFUL1:08:9722.9424.63 22.36 22.56 13-13-73.751265652027
08-10-1798ST tf g B+2120033C. S. Shum119J. Moreira3CP/TTMYTHICAL EMPERORFANTASTIC EIGHTWINNING FAITH1:09:2622.5324.51 22.74 22.41 6-5-32.51267658.36.7
24-09-1761ST tf g A120032C. S. Shum121T. Berry7CP/TTSUPER FLUKEWINNING FAITHALL YOU NEED1:09:4223.0124.40 22.53 22.86 8-9-22.251259652130
16-09-1745ST tf g/f C+3100035C. S. Shum123N. Rawiller4CP/TTTOP BEAUTIFULBEAUTY MASTERXINJIANG YARN0:56:6522.5314.05 20.71 22.41 12-11-53.251259662459
03-09-1710ST tf g B1400310C. S. Shum120S. Clipperton1B-/XB-/CP1/TTRATTANREGENCY BO BOGORGEOUS KING1:22:0724.1335.24 23.18 25.166-6-7-109.51273672488
01-07-17778ST tf g/f A+31200310C. S. Shum126C. Schofield4B/XB/FANTASTIC EIGHTFIONESAYBIG FLASH1:09.522.7 24.88 23.26 22.4211-14-106.51325717099
18-06-17740ST tf g/y C+3120039C. S. Shum123C. Schofield9B/XB/JUMBO LUCKTRAVEL DATUKNUCLEAR POWER1:09.322.6 24.85 22.73 23.4811-11-9111322733999
04-06-17705ST tf g/f B1000313C. S. Shum127C. Schofield3B1/XBDRAGON MASTERMONEY BOYFORTUNE BO BO0:56.122.5 13.23 20.67 23.557-9-138.251323733045

HKJC Comment

Moderate start, settled better than midfield within 4L of pace on the rail, shuffled backward a few times in back straight dropping towards the rear, tight between runners early in home straight, finished off the race well. (Lame)