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D. Ferraris / Rating: 56

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / ch / g / 5 yrs / GB
Owner: Nicola Chu Ming-nga
Last win: 25-11-18
Health: Castration. (05/06/2017)
Sire: Kyllachy
Dam: Amitola

Past Performances
Total Starts: 29: (3-3-4)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 9 (1-1-1)
ST 1600m: 9 (2-0-3)
ST 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 7 (0-2-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
23-11-19192ST tf g/f C160043D. Ferraris132Z. Purton5BVILLA FIONNJOY MASTERAMAZING SATCHMO1:34:5323.4248.39 23.00 23.558-8-6-32.51259576.57.3
23-10-19117HV tf g/f C+3165045D. Ferraris133K. Teetan2BRIGHT HONOURABLEENJOY LIFESPEEDY WALLY1:40:8323.4253.87 24.26 23.087-8-9-52.251251583.93.8
01-10-1962ST tf g/f A+3140046D. Ferraris130H. N. Wong9BEZRADESTINBIG FORTUNE1:21:5222.6037.06 22.62 22.6013-11-9-64.751264602026
11-09-1927HV tf g B165039D. Ferraris115M. Chadwick3BLAST KINGDOMCHEFANOPERFECT TO PLAY1:40:4423.7553.91 23.90 23.3211-11-12-94.251259611720
23-06-19759ST tf g/f A1600310D. Ferraris118A. Sanna11BEARTH TRILOGYRED ELYSEESBEAUTY DAY1:34:0823.1448.72 23.10 22.8211-13-14-103.51256641636
08-06-19730ST tf g/f C140034D. Ferraris120A. Domeyer5BBEAUTY ENERGYCIRCUIT HASSLERHAPPY FORCE1:21:3422.3737.04 22.81 22.039-9-9-43.251271662019
18-05-19674ST tf g/f C+3160036D. Ferraris121K. Teetan5BUNCLE STEVECORDYCEPSBEAUTY DAY1:34:1422.4648.67 23.69 22.5210-10-9-64.751276681917
01-05-19628HV tf g/f C+31650310D. Ferraris122M. Harley6BARCADAVIGOR FAMEJOLLY HONOUR1:40:2323.4352.66 24.54 23.586-6-4-103.51276691722
17-04-19592HV tf g B165038D. Ferraris122C. Schofield6BRICKFIELDCINQUANTE CINQKINGS SHIELD1:39:8223.3353.37 23.88 23.568-8-9-86.25128269137.1
20-03-19514HV tf g/f C165032D. Ferraris120C. Schofield10B/TT-PENANG HALLAMAZING SATCHMOLAST KINGDOM1:39:6723.6352.50 23.98 23.256-6-5-2N 1281672313
07-02-19404ST tf g C+3160039D. Ferraris123U. Rispoli8B/TTCORDYCEPSNOT USUAL TALENTFAMOUS WARRIOR1:34:6523.2848.77 23.52 23.0014-13-14-941302683950
01-01-19310ST tf g C160036D. Ferraris121K. Teetan6B/TTNICCONI EXPRESSVINCYPAKISTAN FRIEND1:34:1723.0748.43 23.51 22.9810-11-11-64.751300681414
09-12-18238ST tf g A1800311D. Ferraris123S. De Sousa12B/TT1HO HO KHANHO HO FEELBIGWOOD1:47:6523.9060.07 23.84 24.845-2-2-2-117129768159.6
25-11-18207ST tf y C160031D. Ferraris116S. De Sousa10BAMAZING SATCHMOPAKISTAN FRIENDRAZOR QUEST1:37:1025.0448.05 24.37 24.687-8-3-1N127963109.4
18-10-18107HV tf g C165036D. Ferraris118K. Teetan3BRED WARRIORTOP LAURELSLET'S TAKE IT EASY1:39:6523.6952.39 24.37 23.528-8-8-641290633.83.6
26-09-1851HV tf g C+3165032D. Ferraris115K. Teetan9BRED WARRIORAMAZING SATCHMONITRO EXPRESS1:39:6723.4352.72 23.96 23.256-5-5-21.51277626.24.9
24-06-18747ST tf g/f A160033D. Ferraris116K. Teetan1BMARZOUQRACING LUCKAMAZING SATCHMO1:33:9522.5248.69 22.98 22.573-4-3-31.751280618.62.5
03-06-18699ST tf g/f B160041D. Ferraris130K. Teetan4BAMAZING SATCHMOENJOY LIFESTRATHSPEY1:35:1923.0649.03 23.58 22.5812-13-9-10.751269554.53.1
12-05-18643ST tf g C140042D. Ferraris128K. Teetan13BEXPERTO CREDEAMAZING SATCHMOHINYUEN SWIFTNESS1:22:4122.6236.88 23.19 22.406-6-6-2N 127653166.4
21-04-18590ST tf g C+3140045D. Ferraris126J. Moreira10BVIVA COUNCILYEE CHEONG PEGASUSENDEARING1:22:2323.8436.23 23.20 23.1110-12-13-521274535.12.9
02-04-18543ST tf g B+2160043D. Ferraris130J. Moreira6BRED ELYSEESPRESIDENTPARAMOUNTAMAZING SATCHMO1:35:1423.2349.36 23.63 22.3310-12-12-3112815343.6
11-03-18487ST tf g C+3140041D. Ferraris125K. Teetan13BAMAZING SATCHMONOBLE DE LOVETHE FULL BLOOM1:22:3223.3736.22 22.97 23.1311-11-5-1N1279489.15.6
18-02-18428ST tf g A140043D. Ferraris122K. Teetan2BVITAL SPRINGBEAUTY DAYAMAZING SATCHMO1:22:3823.7735.48 23.53 23.547-6-6-311287476.23.6
04-02-18396ST tf g C140045D. Ferraris121A. Badel6BSONIC FIGHTERNOBLE STEEDSICHUAN BOSS1:21:9023.5935.94 22.93 23.376-7-6-521312482341
13-01-18341ST tf g C+3120049D. Ferraris124P-C Boudot7BLEAN PERFECTIONSUPERIOR BOYDR PROACTIVE1:09:7722.3924.83 22.83 22.83 8-5-94.51300503028
23-12-17292ST tf g A+31400R7D. Ferraris120N. Callan8B1WIN BEAUTY WINALCARISPARKLING DRAGON1:22:5522.3237.78 23.17 22.846-7-8-77.751285521635
03-12-17237ST tf g C+3140044D. Ferraris127N. Callan7 SPARKLING DRAGONWIN BEAUTY WINGALLANT RETURN1:22:6123.4435.86 23.83 23.436-5-6-43.251283542536
05-11-17163ST tf g/f C+3120045D. Ferraris127N. Callan2 AMAZING STARALCARILUCKY STRYKER1:08:9022.3224.47 22.83 22.81 9-8-57.51284573732
08-10-1791ST tf g B+2100045D. Ferraris125N. Callan3 ALCARILUCKY LUCKYAMAZING STAR0:56:6822.6213.69 20.81 22.99 9-7-551283572243

HKJC Comment

Enjoyed good run in midfield away from rail. Moved three wide passing 700m when improving before cornering five-wide. Made solid headway to share the lead near the 200m before being easily passed by first two. Held third.