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C. S. Shum / Rating: 53

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 5 yrs / AUS
Owner: Mason Wu Shang-tun, Chan Man-hon & Matthew Chan Man-fung
Last win: 30-01-19
Health: -
Sire: Bel Esprit
Dam: Viva Dubai

Past Performances
Total Starts: 28: (3-3-3)
ST 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 23 (3-3-3)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
10-07-19801HV tf g A165044C. S. Shum129A. Domeyer5BPLAY WISESTARLIT KNIGHTTOUCH OF LUCK1:40:7624.3852.68 24.46 24.016-6-7-42.51103559.78.4
26-06-19763HV tf g/f B165044C. S. Shum129A. Domeyer9BTHE JUDGEHIGH REVDREAM WARRIORS1:40:1223.2951.90 25.09 23.435-2-4-421105561320
05-06-19718HV tf g A165044C. S. Shum128M. F. Poon4BSMART PATCHFLAME LILYHAPPY WARRIOR1:40:7524.2052.09 24.94 24.095-5-6-42.251097571713
15-05-19661HV tf g A165045C. S. Shum128C. Wong7BENJOY LIFERIGHTEOUS MATESHINING ON1:40:2424.8651.02 24.36 25.421-2-1-53.51100591327
10-04-19568HV tf g A1650411C. S. Shum128C. Wong9BTRUE GRITALPHA HEDGEROYAL RACER1:40:1623.4754.06 23.55 24.059-12-12-119.51106602247
06-03-19473HV tf g A165049C. S. Shum126C. Wong10BRULETHEROOSTHAPPY WARRIORNABOO STAR1:41:0323.6754.04 24.12 23.7211-12-12-95.251111601724
20-02-19439HV tf g/f C165047C. S. Shum121C. Wong8BMERRYGOWINNABOO STARUNIVERSAL GO GO1:39:5724.1352.37 23.95 23.758-8-9-731108609.89.5
30-01-19378HV tf g A165041C. S. Shum121C. Wong7BCHARITY WINGSALL YOU KNOWPLAY WISE1:41:8124.0153.74 24.42 23.653-4-6-1N11015566.2
26-12-18283HV tf g C+3165042C. S. Shum122C. Wong4BSTARLIT KNIGHTCHARITY WINGSTHE SYLPH1:40:0923.9852.21 24.02 24.283-3-2-22.51102556.27.2
04-11-18148ST tf g C+3160048C. S. Shum131A. Badel3BLET US WINEVER LAUGHMY WINNER1:35:7023.3148.88 23.83 23.636-6-5-841107562223
10-10-1885HV tf g B165046C. S. Shum128H. T. Mo7BULTIMATE DREAMALL YOU KNOWUNIVERSAL GO GO1:41:5723.1954.33 25.09 22.8610-10-10-64.51104561212
26-09-1852HV tf g C+3165042C. S. Shum124H. T. Mo6BSPARKLING SWORDCHARITY WINGSFINE WITH ME1:41:2222.9154.10 24.37 23.043-2-2-21.751109551824
05-09-1815HV tf g/f B165048C. S. Shum129G. van Niekerk3BASSOCIATION FANSSPEEDY WALLYPOLYMER LUCK1:41:6024.3753.11 24.84 24.256-6-5-83.751104558.110
11-07-18792HV tf g/f A165041C. S. Shum122Z. Purton1BCHARITY WINGSSTARLIT KNIGHTNEVER BETTER1:40:4424.5651.82 24.54 24.087-5-5-111096498.34.6
27-06-18755HV tf g/f C165045C. S. Shum123K. C. Leung5BMEGATRONSICHUAN BOSSWIN FOR CHARITY1:40:0923.7153.40 23.94 23.448-8-8-54.251100508.27.6
23-05-18671HV tf g/f C165047C. S. Shum121M. L. Yeung6BALL YOU KNOWULTIMATE DREAMWIN FOR CHARITY1:39:8023.5451.97 24.65 23.754-4-4-73.51102501511
25-04-18601HV tf g C165043C. S. Shum121M. L. Yeung8BTHE JUDGEENJOY LIFECHARITY WINGS1:41:7422.9554.13 25.02 22.882-4-6-31.751100501210
28-03-18531HV tf g/f C+3165041C. S. Shum115M. L. Yeung6BCHARITY WINGSMONEY WINNERSICHUAN BOSS1:39:6423.9352.05 24.22 23.377-8-7-11.25110144116.6
18-03-18502ST tf g A160047C. S. Shum119J. Moreira3BSMART CHARADEDASHING DARTELECTRIC LIGHTNING1:36:4422.9849.94 23.96 22.975-7-8-72.751107466.86.5
07-03-18480HV tf g A165048C. S. Shum114M. F. Poon8BHAR HAR HEARTTHE JUDGEASSOCIATION FANS1:40:7923.2454.06 24.09 23.159-11-8-83.251109481810
14-02-18423HV tf g B165043C. S. Shum121Z. Purton3B1HAR HAR HEARTDON'T MISSCHARITY WINGS1:40:6623.5954.06 23.97 23.159-11-11-33.251113485.73.3
17-01-18350HV tf g C165043C. S. Shum121K. Teetan3 DON'T MISSTHE JUDGECHARITY WINGS1:40:9523.0454.24 24.31 23.046-6-7-341103499.58.1
27-12-17302HV tf g A1650410C. S. Shum123A. Badel10 DON'T MISSDESTINPOLYMER LUCK1:41:0523.3153.65 24.41 24.235-4-4-107.751106501115
13-12-17268HV tf g C165044C. S. Shum125Z. Purton12 ENORMOUS HONOURPLAY ITMASTER BERNINI1:40:2223.4852.65 24.13 23.702-2-2-41.51103501511
22-11-17213HV tf g C+3165042C. S. Shum121A. Badel2 MULTIGOGOCHARITY WINGSDUTCH WINDMILL1:41:4523.9052.89 25.22 23.406-6-6-2N 1088482442
01-11-17156ST aw f/t -120047C. S. Shum124A. Badel2 GIDDY GIDDYDEJA VUKIROV1:09:9024.0424.19 22.63 24.03 7-7-761079501143
18-10-17123HV tf g/f C120047C. S. Shum126N. Rawiller1 GENEROUS HEARTLANG TAI SINGKWAICHUNG BROTHERS1:10:8022.6124.72 24.03 22.69 5-5-741079522448
01-10-1773ST tf g A+31200410C. S. Shum126Z. Purton3 GRADE ONEFLYING NOBLETOURBILLON KING1:09:3123.1624.33 22.34 24.88 7-7-10141092522439

HKJC Comment

Shifted across to the rail after the start, racing in midfield. Moved away from the rail when taken out passing the 500m before straightening 5L from the lead. Made up some ground in the final 250m without threatening.