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VOLPINO (B161) 和平路

T. P. Yung / Rating: 49

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / br / g / 7 yrs / AUS
Owner: Richard Hui Chung-yee
Last win: -
Health: Left front medial condyle bone injury. (31/10/2017) Substantial blood in trachea, sustained a wound to the outside of left front cannon after racing. (24/02/2019) Substantial blood in trachea after racing. (15/09/2019)
Sire: Foxwedge
Dam: Bright Heart

Past Performances
Total Starts: 29: (0-3-2)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 2 (0-1-0)
ST 1600m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 14 (0-2-1)
ST aw 1800m: 4 (0-0-1)
HV 1650m: 3 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
06-12-20239ST aw g -180049T. P. Yung129B. Shinn7XB2/TTCROWN AVENUEEZRADOUBLE TAKE1:48:9824.1762.14 23.67 24.8510-10-10-10-910.51123531130
11-11-20179HV tf g B1650411T. P. Yung130H. T. Mo4H-/XB-/TTBEST FOR YOUZHAN JIANG ROCKSLADY FIRST1:40:4723.9953.43 24.25 23.9010-10-10-1171119572855
24-10-20133ST tf g C1800412T. P. Yung133B. Shinn6H/XB/TTBEAUTY ANGELCHEERFUL STARJIMMU1:47:6223.3061.38 23.74 23.7712-12-11-12-1281115602352
04-10-2080ST aw g -165038T. P. Yung115M. Chadwick7H/XB/TTENFOLDINGCLEAR CHOICETHE HULK1:39:9323.9552.93 23.89 24.0013-13-10-85.51101629.813
27-05-20698ST aw g -165038T. P. Yung117H. N. Wong10H/XB/TTENFOLDINGTOUCH OF LUCKCALIFORNIA ARGENT1:37:8323.4552.20 23.22 23.3812-11-12-861129671631
26-04-20605ST tf g A160036T. P. Yung122V. Borges14H/XB/TTLAKESHORE EAGLECHEERFUL LEADEREVER LAUGH1:34:4223.1748.28 23.41 23.2614-13-11-63.251141692892
01-04-20543ST aw w/s -1800310T. P. Yung125B. Shinn13H/XB/TTRIGHTEOUS DOCTRINEOWNERS' STARCLASSIC BEAUTY1:47:5423.6761.19 23.44 24.3213-13-12-11-108.751144714135
14-03-20497ST aw g -1650313T. P. Yung116H. N. Wong13H/XB/TTRAGING BLITZKRIEGMONGOLIAN KINGCALIFORNIA ARGENT1:38:3023.3152.90 23.33 22.8814-14-13-1351140711450
19-02-20433ST aw g -180033T. P. Yung127K. Teetan1H/XB/TTRIGHTEOUS DOCTRINERED ELYSEESVOLPINO1:48:0323.8761.04 23.48 23.6510-7-7-5-30.751146707.817
02-02-20387ST aw g -165033T. P. Yung127Z. Purton1H/XB/TTCLEAR CHOICEHOLY HEARTVOLPINO1:39:4623.3552.34 24.33 22.925-5-5-30.751144705.67.5
11-01-20330ST aw g -165035T. P. Yung128B. Shinn12H/XB/TTBEAR SLAMRIGHTEOUS DOCTRINEHOLY HEART1:38:5523.8952.25 23.41 23.4414-14-12-53.51133721226
29-12-19293ST aw w/s -165034T. P. Yung127Z. Purton3H/XB/TTLAST KINGDOMTRAVEL FIRSTRIGHTEOUS DOCTRINE1:40:0924.1153.56 23.50 23.247-7-7-41.251131728.810
01-12-19216ST aw g -165038T. P. Yung129B. Shinn6H/XB/TTENFOLDINGHOLY HEARTLAST KINGDOM1:38:7423.9151.97 23.66 23.4210-10-10-821136737.915
09-11-19165ST aw g -165035T. P. Yung128B. Shinn2H/XB/TTMONGOLIAN LEGENDDEAL MAKERGENERAL DINO1:39:4123.8652.75 23.36 23.6212-14-9-521125731011
27-10-19131ST aw g -165032T. P. Yung128B. Shinn14H/XB/TTBEAR SLAMVOLPINOWARM THE VOICE1:39:0024.2052.76 22.84 23.6413-11-7-21.51132721442
15-09-1936ST aw g -165035T. P. Yung127J. Moreira3H/XB/TTBUDDIESBEAR SLAMHAPPY SEBRING1:38:5922.3752.54 24.24 22.456-6-6-541116738.47.9
23-06-19759ST tf g/f A1600312T. P. Yung126M. L. Yeung14H/XB/TTEARTH TRILOGYRED ELYSEESBEAUTY DAY1:34:0823.1448.64 23.06 23.1313-12-13-124.751103752739
02-06-19712ST tf g/f B140032T. P. Yung129Z. Purton10H/XB/TTHAPPY FUNVOLPINOCHARIZARD1:21:6023.2436.62 22.66 22.5813-13-11-21.75110174108.7
08-05-19647ST aw w/s -165036T. P. Yung129U. Rispoli1H/XB/TTPING HAI TREASURETANG FLEMINGWILLIE WAY1:39:2724.6451.52 23.79 24.476-6-6-63.25109476108.6
03-04-19555ST aw g -180037T. P. Yung132U. Rispoli3H/XB/TTPING HAI TREASUREGRAND CHANCELLORBEAR SLAM1:47:4623.3561.55 23.76 23.749-8-7-8-7101098781010
24-03-19528ST aw g -165034T. P. Yung132U. Rispoli2H/XB/TTCHUNG WAH SPIRITGAMEPLAYER EMPERORULTIMATE GLORY1:39:3422.4954.11 23.42 22.5110-8-6-44.5110779107.4
24-02-19451ST aw g -165039T. P. Yung127U. Rispoli3H/XB/TTKING GENKIGLORIOUS ARTISTCHEERFUL GIGGLES1:37:7623.7552.01 23.28 24.369-10-7-911.751109797.57
02-02-19391ST aw g -165032T. P. Yung132U. Rispoli2H/XB/TTIMPERIAL CONCORDEVOLPINOKIRAM1:39:2624.4951.68 23.77 23.848-8-10-2SH 1101771610
12-01-19339ST tf g A120039T. P. Yung127H. T. Mo4H/XB/TTTORNADO TWISTLOVING A BOOMTOP SCORE1:08:8022.8925.12 22.03 22.60 12-12-961103791620
26-12-18290HV tf g C+3165028T. P. Yung117S. De Sousa7H/XB/TTLITTERATEURRED WARRIORWINNING FAITH1:39:9523.6652.13 25.00 23.507-8-9-84.251106811116
09-12-18244ST tf g A120025T. P. Yung116S. De Sousa8H/XB/TTRAGING STORMHINCHINLOVEFAST MOST FURIOUS1:09:7322.7625.20 22.49 22.28 11-11-51.51108812017
14-11-18180HV tf g C165026T. P. Yung111H. T. Mo9H/XB/TTSUPER CHICTURIN REDSTARRED WARRIOR1:39:6623.5452.90 24.22 23.2411-11-11-64.51111832759
13-10-1898ST tf g C160026T. P. Yung122M. Chadwick12H/XB/TTVICTORY BOYSWORLD RECORDCIRCUIT NUMBER TWO1:33:9322.9247.99 23.58 23.017-6-8-641114852536
22-09-1846ST tf g/f A140026T. P. Yung118M. Chadwick4H1/XB1/TT1REGENCY BO BOMORETHANLUCKYFAST MOST FURIOUS1:21:1923.4435.37 23.02 23.3711-8-7-63.51092852789

HKJC Comment

Began only fairly, raced at rear throughout, never a factor.