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FLASH FAMOUS (B162) 一舖成名

F. C. Lor / Rating: 56

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 5 yrs / AUS
Owner: Prime Shop Syndicate
Last win: 30-10-19
Health: -
Bloodline Relations: nil
Sire: Ilovethiscity
Dam: Ruparani

Past Performances
Total Starts: 26: (3-1-1)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 4 (1-0-0)
ST 1600m: 6 (0-1-0)
ST 1800m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 3 (0-0-1)
HV 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 6 (2-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
04-12-19222HV tf g B1650410F. C. Lor132C. Keane7B/TTDREAM WARRIORSMURRAY'S PARTNERSTHUNDER STOMP1:40:5923.5553.08 24.20 23.844-3-4-103.251138561313
30-10-19136HV tf g A165041F. C. Lor124C. Schofield3B/TTFLASH FAMOUSTANGMEREELECTRIC LIGHTNING1:41:0523.7153.91 23.79 23.355-4-4-1SH113951106.7
09-10-1982HV tf g B165041F. C. Lor118C. Schofield1B/TTFLASH FAMOUSSHINING ONMAGNETISM1:40:7224.1752.62 24.21 23.894-5-5-11112745126
07-07-19792ST tf g C160045F. C. Lor122A. Domeyer7PC-/B2/TTLUCKY TIMEDOR DORLITTLE GENERAL1:34:1923.0748.39 23.65 22.939-9-9-551119497.610
12-06-19732ST aw w/s -165044F. C. Lor124K. Teetan7B-/PC2/TTREMARKABLECROWN AVENUEHAY RUN1:39:4524.3351.60 24.04 24.736-6-6-45.751129516.27.7
26-05-19692ST tf g/y A160049F. C. Lor117K. H. Chan9PC-/B2/TTTOUCH OF LUCKSHANGHAI DRAGONSUNNY POWER1:35:8323.2248.79 24.38 23.2911-9-8-941136531523
08-05-19640ST aw w/s -165043F. C. Lor117K. H. Chan3B-/PC1/TTBUDDIESASSOCIATION FANSFLASH FAMOUS1:39:4724.1751.66 24.16 24.286-6-5-341125546.13.7
22-04-19598ST tf g/f C+3180046F. C. Lor129Z. Purton4B/TTLONDON HALLKING'S MANCLEMENT LEGEND1:48:6022.8661.69 24.13 23.223-3-4-2-62.751127567.54.8
31-03-19542ST tf g A+3180044F. C. Lor132Z. Purton11B/TTCHAMPION SUPREMECIRCUIT THREELONDON HALL1:47:3723.5259.64 24.53 23.999-8-7-7-451133571214
17-03-19500ST tf g A160048F. C. Lor130S. De Sousa11B/TTSPLENDOUR AND GOLDDASHING DARTWINNING CONTROLLER1:34:8224.0948.31 23.10 24.319-6-7-85.51134579.26.6
10-02-19409ST tf g A160042F. C. Lor129A. Badel3B/TTCHIU CHOW KIDFLASH FAMOUSROMANTIC CHEF1:35:8923.4448.87 23.82 23.329-8-6-20.751124569.88.8
16-01-19343HV tf g B165049F. C. Lor130K. Teetan1B/TTC P POWERGOOD FOR YOULETSGOFREE1:40:4124.0752.18 24.52 24.656-6-5-95.751122577.97.5
06-01-19317ST tf g C+3140048F. C. Lor132A. Badel3B/TTGOLDEN FOURROYAL RACERALPHA HEDGE1:22:4224.1736.16 22.73 23.9513-13-9-82.51126581212
16-12-18260ST tf g C+3140047F. C. Lor131A. Badel5B/TTMONICACORDYCEPSTOUCH OF LUCK1:23:3722.8137.19 23.89 22.8711-9-8-73.751115607.57.8
28-11-18216HV tf g A120037F. C. Lor114H. N. Wong10B/TTFANTASTIC FEELINGBLITZINGGOOD BEAUTY1:10:0824.0225.03 22.39 23.23 12-12-73.51119612178
14-11-18178HV tf g C120038F. C. Lor121U. Rispoli8B/TTAMBITIOUS HEARTCOUNTRY STARHAPPY TIME1:10:1623.6224.94 23.08 22.93 12-12-851109633638
31-10-18143ST aw g -1650310F. C. Lor117K. Teetan1B/TTELUSIVE STATEHANG'S DECISIONBLOCKER DEE1:38:3424.6451.40 23.18 25.098-11-8-108.25110764118.8
01-10-1860ST tf g A+31600310F. C. Lor119K. C. Leung5B/TTLAND GRANTFAMOUS WARRIORBIGWOOD1:34:3223.1549.49 22.96 23.268-8-9-108.751105649.314
02-09-188ST tf g B140034F. C. Lor117K. Teetan5B/TTHANG'S DECISIONGENERAL SHERMANGREEN CARD1:21:8623.4735.88 23.03 23.376-6-5-42.51098645.49.5
01-07-18765ST tf g B140041F. C. Lor132K. C. Leung2CP-/B1/TTFLASH FAMOUSFRESH POWERPICKEN1:23:1923.8936.41 23.41 23.379-9-7-1H1101592128
06-06-18712HV tf g A1650312F. C. Lor115T. H. So12CP/TTPRETTY BAUHINIAFRIENDS OF KA YINGMULTI FACETS1:40:1623.6353.60 23.97 23.8112-11-11-127.751102621899
27-05-18682ST tf g/f A1800314F. C. Lor118K. C. Leung9CP/TT1CONSORTGLORIOUS FOREVERACCLAIMED LIGHT1:47:5123.2960.83 24.15 24.804-2-2-2-1414.251105652068
09-05-18637HV tf g A165037F. C. Lor121J. Moreira6CPACCLAIMED LIGHTDON'T MISSFRIENDS OF KA YING1:40:8123.8653.66 24.25 23.899-9-9-76.251118671537
15-04-18568ST tf g/y C+3160037F. C. Lor124M. L. Yeung6CPFIAMAUNICRON JEWELLERYRADIANT BUNNY1:35:9724.2848.38 23.99 24.798-7-6-77.51116692951
18-03-18508ST tf g A1200310F. C. Lor123K. C. Leung7CP1ALWAYS WINLUCKY HEROIRON BOY1:09:5122.7724.78 22.56 22.92 11-12-104.751106713099
18-02-18436ST tf g A1200313F. C. Lor125J. Moreira2 WISHFUL THINKERINFINITY ENDEAVOURLUCKY HERO1:09:4923.4024.31 22.46 23.82 7-7-1371104716.28.3

HKJC Comment

Jumped with them, raced 3 wide without cover, 1-1/2L back, same position on turn, kept on evenly early in straight, weakened final 100M.