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GOLDEN FOUR (B225) 金碧科

C. W. Chang / Rating: 48

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 5 yrs / AUS
Owner: Lau Chi-kit, Tony Lee, Kevin Law Hau-wai & John Lo Wah-shing
Last win: 06-01-19
Health: -
Sire: Denman
Dam: Gingerbread

Past Performances
Total Starts: 21: (1-3-1)
ST 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 16 (1-3-1)
ST 1600m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
09-11-19162ST tf g/f A140045C. W. Chang121U. Rispoli7 UNICORNBABYFALCON TURBOTELECOM ROCKET1:21:5023.1935.77 23.02 23.157-8-8-52.751024484.36.5
12-10-1991ST tf g/f C140042C. W. Chang118U. Rispoli3B-RELENTLESS MEGOLDEN FOURABOVE1:21:1223.0935.94 22.69 22.506-7-5-2SH 1024457.917
21-09-1941ST tf g/f A140047C. W. Chang122U. Rispoli3BFUN TIMESRELENTLESS MEMR MAGELLAN1:21:5423.4035.57 23.17 23.438-7-7-741012467.817
07-07-19793ST tf g C140045C. W. Chang121K. C. Leung10BMAGIC SUCCESSMR MAGELLANGIFT OF LIFELINE1:22:0122.8836.50 23.03 23.4212-11-8-55.751019481020
12-06-19733ST aw w/s -165047C. W. Chang119C. Schofield5BLASTING FRIENDSHIPTOUCH OF LUCKENFOLDING1:40:2923.5553.65 23.69 24.056-9-9-771014501324
26-05-19688ST tf g/y A140046C. W. Chang125U. Rispoli6BMONICABEAUTY LOYALFUN TIMES1:23:1024.0035.95 23.91 23.659-9-10-62.51017527.613
05-05-19637ST tf g/y B1600412C. W. Chang126U. Rispoli7BSMART ROCKETSHANGHAI DRAGONSUNNY POWER1:36:8923.8050.14 23.79 24.4510-12-11-129.251017538.115
07-04-19560ST tf g/f B+2140045C. W. Chang126U. Rispoli3BCARE FREE PRINCEGUY DRAGONFORTUNATE RUNNER1:22:0923.0336.14 23.40 22.889-9-6-521024537.28
10-03-19480ST tf g C+3140044C. W. Chang127U. Rispoli4BSKY TREASURECHAIRMAN LOSMART ROCKET1:23:0324.0536.21 23.81 23.508-8-8-431024533.43.9
17-02-19426ST tf g A+3140042C. W. Chang124U. Rispoli5BGREEN CARDGOLDEN FOURSAM'S LOVE1:22:2323.5836.25 23.04 23.038-10-9-20.51025517.87.6
06-01-19317ST tf g C+3140041C. W. Chang120U. Rispoli14BGOLDEN FOURROYAL RACERALPHA HEDGE1:22:4224.1736.28 22.69 23.4514-14-10-1H1018468.812
16-12-18257ST tf g C+3160045C. W. Chang123K. Teetan9BPO CHING TREASURESMILING PRIDELE PANACHE1:35:4223.6448.27 23.71 24.054-4-2-53.751013464.46.1
25-11-18203ST tf g C140042C. W. Chang120C. Schofield12H-/B1FOLLOW MEGOLDEN FOURFLAME LILY1:22:4822.9436.15 23.79 23.109-9-7-23.510224678.6
21-10-18110ST tf g/f A160044C. W. Chang121C. Schofield8HCHEERFUL BOYYOUNG GLORYSPEEDY WALLY1:34:8923.5848.49 23.34 23.464-4-4-42.51020474.17.4
01-10-1858ST tf g A+3140045C. W. Chang123U. Rispoli11HFRESH POWERCITY LEGENDCARE FREE PRINCE1:22:3323.5436.37 23.06 23.2813-11-10-52.251018475.97.6
02-09-186ST tf g B140043C. W. Chang118U. Rispoli7HWINNING CONTROLLERBEAUTY DAYGOLDEN FOUR1:22:2823.6836.20 22.96 23.198-7-7-30.51004469.28.8
15-07-18801ST tf y A140045C. W. Chang122U. Rispoli14HELUSIVE STATEINVESTOR BOOMBEAUTY DAY1:24:2225.3236.28 23.66 24.6711-12-12-52.51008498.68.3
08-07-18786ST tf g/f C140046C. W. Chang123J. Moreira1HPAKISTAN FRIENDENJOY LIFEENDEARING1:22:4323.4435.65 23.58 23.635-4-4-62.751018503.43.5
10-06-18722ST tf g/f C140045C. W. Chang124O. Doleuze13HSTARSHIPSAM'S LOVECARE FREE PRINCE1:22:4322.9437.34 22.95 22.3912-12-10-51.51021519.110
12-05-18643ST tf g C140046C. W. Chang127O. Doleuze7HEXPERTO CREDEAMAZING SATCHMOHINYUEN SWIFTNESS1:22:4122.6237.32 23.03 22.5913-10-10-63.251013521019
18-03-18506ST tf g A120045C. W. Chang123O. Doleuze1H1HANDSOME BO BOEXHILARATING TIMEWINNER ST PAUL'S1:09:8522.4425.43 22.78 22.41 9-9-54.751012523359

HKJC Comment

Settled midfield, placed pressure near 400M, made up some nice late ground.