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TAKING AIM (B244) 標準猴王

D. Whyte / Rating: 73

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / ch / g / 6 yrs / AUS
Owner: Edwin Cheung Hon-kit
Last win: 17-04-21
Health: Right front proximal suspensory ligament injury. (28/01/2019) Castration. (23/07/2018) Surgery to left hock. (22/02/2019) Left front suspensory ligament injury. (20/04/2021) Left hind tibia injury. (06/02/2019)
Sire: Choisir
Dam: Girl Hussler

Past Performances
Total Starts: 33: (3-1-4)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 25 (3-1-3)
ST aw 1200m: 2 (0-0-1)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
17-04-21603ST tf g C+3140031D. Whyte116C. L. Chau11SRTAKING AIMPERFECT TO GREATMOERAKI1:22:2924.4834.63 23.18 24.481-1-1-13122065117.7
05-04-21559ST tf g B+2120039D. Whyte122C. Y. Ho7SRREGENCY BO BOKILLER BEEDECISIVE TWELVE1:09:3822.8124.38 22.55 23.12 5-5-94.251208671020
13-03-21503ST tf g C+3100036D. Whyte122C. Y. Ho5H-/SR1VALIANT DREAMBRILLIANT FORTUNEWHEN YOU BELIEVE0:55:9722.6013.69 20.32 22.46 12-10-631224698.212
06-02-21411ST tf g C140037D. Whyte121C. L. Chau3H2MY SUGARSILVER EXPRESSROMANTIC COMBO1:21:6522.8236.47 22.88 23.154-5-6-75.251211711416
23-12-20293HV tf g/f C+31200311D. Whyte119C. L. Chau8 KINDA COOLSHOUSONWIND N GRASS1:09:2823.2323.98 22.63 23.39 5-6-114.51224738.419
22-11-20211ST tf g/f B+21400311D. Whyte126K. Teetan11 HEZA BEAUTYBEAUTY SMILELUCKY PATCH1:21:1123.3834.94 22.99 24.454-3-3-1181212731012
18-10-20120ST tf g/f B+2140033D. Whyte128C. Schofield11 HEZA BEAUTYTHE HULKTAKING AIM1:22:0423.4835.89 22.67 23.603-2-1-30.751210721528
20-09-2044ST tf g/f B+2140039D. Whyte128A. Badel4CP-THE ROCKGREAT TREASUREWIN WIN1:21:4823.5335.66 22.89 23.475-4-5-93.51220741012
21-06-20758ST tf g/f A140039D. Whyte120C. L. Chau11CP1AMAZING CHOCOLATEKA YING EXCELLENTMARVEL DRAGON1:21:3323.1035.09 23.14 24.041-1-1-95.75120677139.5
17-05-20668ST tf g/f C+3140039D. Whyte132Z. Purton1 PICKENHIGH RISE SOLDIERLOBO'S LEGEND1:21:0323.0635.26 22.95 23.585-4-3-94.751210796.43.3
22-03-20518ST tf g/f A140027J. Moore116M. Chadwick6 SEATTLE CHOICEBUDDIESASSIMILATE1:21:0922.2336.25 22.81 22.665-2-3-741232811513
01-03-20463ST tf g B+2140026J. Moore120L. Hewitson10 SUPER WEALTHYDECRYPTLOBO'S LEGEND1:21:1223.5235.22 22.42 23.813-2-2-621223822034
27-01-20369ST tf g B+2140036J. Moore131J. Moreira3 ASSIMILATESEATTLE CHOICELOOKING GOOD1:22:0922.7535.99 23.35 23.041-1-1-61.751199834.25.1
05-01-20313ST tf g C+3140024J. Moore120S. De Sousa3 BEAUTY LEGACYHAPPY FUNDECRYPT1:21:3622.9435.24 23.42 23.075-4-4-42.251213839.810
15-12-19253ST tf g C+3140027J. Moore115L. Hewitson8XB-PERFECT MATCHJOYFUL TRINITYDECRYPT1:20:7923.3234.77 22.70 24.054-1-1-74.51203851325
23-11-19198ST tf g/f C1400212J. Moore126R. Bayliss13XBGOLDEN SIXTYLUCKY HEROBEAUTY RUSH1:21:0122.4836.24 22.73 23.576-8-7-129.51219873443
09-11-19166ST tf g/f A140017J. Moore115G. van Niekerk8XBENCOURAGINGGOOD STANDINGFAST MOST FURIOUS1:19:9223.0635.58 22.28 22.718-6-6-741225881518
20-10-19113ST tf g/f A140027J. Moore118K. Teetan10XB2GOLDEN SIXTYENCOURAGINGTHE HULK1:20:2922.1735.49 22.79 22.952-2-2-761225881113
20-01-19357ST tf g/f A+3140022J. Moore124Z. Purton3 WAIKUKUTAKING AIMHINCHINLOVE1:21:2423.2935.26 23.13 23.256-5-5-22.51216874.93.2
01-01-19309ST tf g C1400G37J. Moore113M. Chadwick9 CONTEMORETHANLUCKYRATTAN1:20:8522.6135.35 22.89 23.191-1-1-73.751200871417
16-12-18264ST tf g C+3140031J. Moore133Z. Purton3 TAKING AIMFOLLOW MEULTIMATE GLORY1:22:3222.7935.98 23.71 22.636-4-2-11.251200805.83.8
02-12-18226ST tf g C+3140033J. Moore132N. Callan10 MR SO AND SODIAMOND RHYMETAKING AIM1:21:9323.4936.10 22.74 23.164-6-5-30.51187795.94.4
10-11-18169ST tf g A140031J. Moore126N. Callan12 TAKING AIMHIGH VOLATILITYLADY FIRST1:21:6523.7335.12 22.96 23.572-2-2-11.751194728.85.7
18-10-18107HV tf g C165039J. Moore127G. van Niekerk11 RED WARRIORTOP LAURELSLET'S TAKE IT EASY1:39:6523.6950.75 25.21 24.541-1-1-95.251205721414
01-10-1863ST tf g A+3120038J. Moore127A. Sanna4B-SUPERICHHANDSOME BO BOPRANCE DRAGON1:09:3223.0824.33 22.47 23.01 6-6-831199736.212
08-07-18788ST tf g/f C140035J. Moore127B. Prebble4BWINSTON'S LADBOMBAY BLITZULTIMATE GLORY1:21:3123.5634.65 23.10 23.873-1-2-521224745.16.2
16-06-18737ST aw g -120033J. Moore129B. Prebble4B1JOYFUL MOMENTSCALIFORNIA ARCHERTAKING AIM1:08:6622.6324.08 22.39 22.40 7-8-31.2512247455.5
03-06-18703ST tf g/f B140033J. Moore131B. Prebble8 COMFORT LIFELASTING FRIENDSHIPTAKING AIM1:21:1622.8635.61 22.69 23.182-2-1-321225748.711
20-05-18665ST tf g/f C+3140036J. Moore131Z. Purton10 BOLD STITCHINTREPICBABA MAMA1:21:7622.4236.39 23.35 22.377-5-6-62.251225766.14.9
06-05-18631ST tf g B140035J. Moore133N. Callan8 HEZTHEWONFORUSWIN BEAUTY WINROUNDABOUT1:22:3222.9536.82 23.11 22.918-8-7-53.251233781820
21-04-18593ST aw g -120036J. Moore123C. Wong10 UGLY WARRIORELITE BOYGENEROUS HEART1:07:8122.3523.52 22.38 22.65 6-7-64.51232801229
02-04-18544ST tf g B+2140026J. Moore115K. C. Leung6H-/XB-WHAT ELSE BUT YOUCALCULATIONKINGSFIELD1:21:1422.6036.35 22.71 22.991-3-3-65.751240821031
18-03-18510ST tf g A1200212J. Moore115K. Teetan11H1/XB1SUPER FLUKECALIFORNIA FORTUNEDRAGON GENERAL1:09:4622.6024.57 22.69 23.29 7-8-126.75123882127.6

HKJC Comment

Commenced well, sent forward to take the lead, led by a length on turn, kept on very well to the line, easily scored.