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SACRED KINGDOM (G268) 蓮華生輝 (Retired)

P. F. Yiu / Rating:

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 16 yrs / AUS
Owner: Sin Kang-yuk
Last win: 16-01-11
Health: Lame left hind foot. (30/06/2008) Failed OVE, lame left fore. (02/09/2008) Lame left fore. (19/09/2009) Colic surgery. (18/03/2010)
Sire: Encosta De Lago
Dam: Courtroom Sweetie

Past Performances
Total Starts: 33: (16-7-2)
ST 1000m: 14 (8-3-0)
ST 1200m: 17 (8-3-2)
ST 1400m: 2 (0-1-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
01-04-12522ST tf g B+21000G310P. F. Yiu133G. Mosse5TT LITTLE BRIDGECAPTAIN SWEETNEW VISION0:55.921.7 14.13 20.30 22.8110-5-107.75119912277.8
05-02-12378ST tf g B+21200G111P. F. Yiu126G. Mosse12TT JOY AND FUNLUCKY NINESUNNY KING1:08.923.2 24.10 22.30 23.899-10-118.2512181251418
15-01-12321ST tf g C1000G15P. F. Yiu126Z. Purton9TT EAGLE REGIMENTJOY AND FUNLET ME FIGHT0:57.022.7 13.71 20.85 22.587-7-50.511971276.26.2
11-12-11234ST tf g/f A1200G110P. F. Yiu126Z. Purton14TT LUCKY NINEENTRAPMENTJOY AND FUN1:08.923.0 24.73 21.93 23.0713-14-104.7511901211311
01-10-1161ST tf g C1000G32P. F. Yiu133Z. Purton7B-/TTENTRAPMENTSACRED KINGDOMLET ME FIGHT0:56.622.6 13.67 20.67 22.3810-9-20.5120312786.1
01-05-11581ST tf g A+31200G22P. F. Yiu128B. Prebble3B1/TTMULTIGLORYSACRED KINGDOMFINAL ANSWER1:08.922.3 25.06 22.07 21.927-7-20.512071301.51.4
09-04-11538ST tf g C+31000G32P. F. Yiu132B. Prebble3TT SWEET SANETTESACRED KINGDOMONE WORLD0:55.921.8 13.64 21.11 21.2210-10-2N12051292.52.1
05-02-11375ST tf g B+21200G12P. F. Yiu126B. Prebble9TT DIM SUMSACRED KINGDOMLET ME FIGHT1:08.722.9 24.42 21.97 22.4211-9-2N12181301.71.6
16-01-11328ST tf g C+31000G11P. F. Yiu126B. Prebble6TT SACRED KINGDOMDIM SUMSWEET SANETTE0:56.522.3 13.83 20.75 21.947-4-10.7512261301.91.6
12-12-10243ST tf g A1200G13P. F. Yiu126B. Prebble2TT J J THE JET PLANEROCKET MANSACRED KINGDOM1:08.822.8 24.44 22.10 22.426-5-30.7512041222.72.4
21-11-10192ST tf g/f B+21200G25P. F. Yiu128B. Prebble6TT ROCKET MANONE WORLDLITTLE BRIDGE1:08.822.9 24.21 22.38 22.378-8-50.7511991311.61.5
01-10-1073ST tf g/f C1000G31P. F. Yiu133B. Prebble9TT SACRED KINGDOMSWEET SANETTEVITAL FLYER0:55.922.2 13.58 20.41 21.969-3-11.25121012943.2
21-02-10402ST tf g A+31200G11P. F. Yiu126B. Prebble4TT SACRED KINGDOMSUNNY KINGHAPPY ZERO1:09.222.8 24.54 22.55 22.146-6-11.2512061292.81.9
31-01-10354ST tf g B1000G11P. F. Yiu126B. Prebble9TT SACRED KINGDOMULTRA FANTASYONE WORLD0:55.321.2 13.69 20.68 21.003-3-10.75120812921.4
13-12-09233ST tf g A1200G11P. F. Yiu126B. Prebble7TT SACRED KINGDOMONE WORLDJOY AND FUN1:09.122.7 24.97 22.06 22.135-6-10.5120512932.5
22-11-09182ST tf g B+21200G22P. F. Yiu128B. Prebble6TT HAPPY ZEROSACRED KINGDOMJOY AND FUN1:09.122.9 24.43 22.32 22.7611-9-2212091294.73.7
01-05-09573ST tf g/f A+31200G21P. F. Yiu123B. Prebble2TT SACRED KINGDOMREGENCY DRAGONONE WORLD1:08.422.2 24.34 22.28 21.866-7-1Nose11811252.92.4
15-03-09468ST tf g A1400G16P. F. Yiu126O. Doleuze13TT EGYPTIAN RAGOOD BA BAFELLOWSHIP1:21.022.9 37.07 22.29 22.3312-12-12-64.2511751285.95.2
22-02-09413ST tf g A+31200G13P. F. Yiu126O. Doleuze1TT DIM SUMENTHUSEDSACRED KINGDOM1:09.422.1 24.86 22.95 21.746-7-3N11751301.91.7
01-02-09357ST tf g C1000G14P. F. Yiu126Y. T. Cheng2TT INSPIRATIONYELLOW DIAMONDENTHUSED0:56.921.7 13.95 21.52 21.687-9-41.511611303.72
01-05-08565ST tf g A+31200G21P. F. Yiu128Y. T. Cheng1TT SACRED KINGDOMSCINTILLATIONSANZIRO1:08.522.1 24.3 22.4 21.84-5-5-10.7511701301.11.1
16-03-08470ST tf g A1400G12P. F. Yiu126G. Mosse4TT GOOD BA BASACRED KINGDOMJOYFUL WINNER1:21.323.0 35.1 23.5 22.88-8-7-20.5117013021.6
17-02-08397ST tf g A+31200G11P. F. Yiu126G. Mosse2TT SACRED KINGDOMABSOLUTE CHAMPIONSCINTILLATION1:08.621.9 25.0 22.1 21.55-5-5-11.511881301.21.2
27-01-08350ST tf g C1000G12P. F. Yiu126G. Mosse4TT ABSOLUTE CHAMPIONSACRED KINGDOMABLE PRINCE0:56.522.2 13.9 20.4 22.25-3-2SH119113011.1
09-12-07226ST tf g A1200G11P. F. Yiu126G. Mosse6TT SACRED KINGDOMABSOLUTE CHAMPIONROYAL DELIGHT1:08.422.5 24.3 22.1 22.09-9-8-12.2511841201.31.4
17-11-07175ST tf g/f A+31200G21P. F. Yiu123G. Mosse5TT SACRED KINGDOMABSOLUTE CHAMPIONSCINTILLATION1:07.522.1 23.9 21.9 21.72-6-5-12.7511881202.41.8
01-10-0764ST tf g/f C+31000G31P. F. Yiu119G. Mosse9TT SACRED KINGDOMFRIENDLY GAINSPLANET RULER0:55.922.2 13.4 20.3 22.25-1-11.511611102.41.5
24-05-07627ST tf g/f A1200G34P. F. Yiu123D. Nikolic2TT MEDIC POWERGREEN BIRDIEMY CHOICE1:07.722.0 24.0 21.9 22.25-3-3-42.511521101.41.6
01-05-07570ST tf g/f B120011P. F. Yiu114D. Nikolic9TT SACRED KINGDOMREGENCY HORSENATURAL BLITZ1:07.822.5 24.7 21.7 21.46-8-7-121146951.81.7
31-03-07494ST tf g/f C+3100011P. F. Yiu116D. Nikolic8TT SACRED KINGDOMFRIENDLY GAINSBLUE GENES0:54.721.5 13.2 20.2 21.34-2-111149851.41.3
20-01-07327ST tf g C+3100031P. F. Yiu131D. Nikolic12TT SACRED KINGDOMKINGIFLYPACIFIC ADVANTAGE0:57.323.3 13.5 20.7 23.12-2-111148771.31.3
26-12-06270ST tf g/f C+3100031P. F. Yiu117D. Nikolic12TT SACRED KINGDOMKINGIFLYTAIJI SPIRIT0:56.322.4 13.2 20.7 22.42-1-12.251145641.71.5
02-12-06204ST tf g/f C+3100041P. F. Yiu125D. Nikolic2TT1 SACRED KINGDOMAMAZING WINHONG KONG LAD0:57.623.2 13.9 20.5 23.28-3-12.751156526.95.9

HKJC Comment

Fractious in the barriers and missed the start, gradually made up lost ground to be 2Ls off the pace halfway, soon came under pressure, weakened badly inside 150M.