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MIGHTY SUN (K058) 萬能駒 (Retired)

D. Cruz / Rating:

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 15 yrs / NZ
Owner: Crystal Choi Ka-yee
Last win: 23-03-11
Health: Heart irregularity after racing. (07/02/2010) Both front fetlocks advanced arthritic changes. (20/01/2012) Lame left hind leg after falling when being led. (31/05/2012) Pelvic fracture. (04/06/2012)
Sire: Zabeel
Dam: Artless

Past Performances
Total Starts: 40: (5-6-2)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 6 (0-0-0)
ST 1600m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 6 (0-2-0)
ST aw 1650m: 16 (4-4-1)
ST aw 1800m: 1 (1-0-0)
HV 1650m: 5 (0-0-1)
HV 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
17-12-11257ST tf g/f C1400214Y. S. Tsui131Y. T. Cheng10B GLORIOUS DAYSNEW VISIONTIME AFTER TIME1:22.022.6 35.85 23.74 24.636-4-5-1413.751156984899
04-12-11220ST aw g -1650110Y. S. Tsui128Y. T. Cheng12B MILITARY MOVEHELENE SPIRITFLASHING AURA1:39.323.8 51.78 24.01 24.506-4-5-10611591001930
05-11-11148ST aw g -165019Y. S. Tsui130Y. T. Cheng11B KING OF REASONMILITARY MOVEJUST FANTASTIC1:39.223.5 51.98 24.48 24.219-7-11-9911481001014
09-10-1181ST aw g -165013Y. S. Tsui125Y. T. Cheng12B MILITARY MOVEFORTUNE RED PEPPERMIGHTY SUN1:39.123.7 51.98 23.83 23.495-4-3-31.251149982022
01-07-11748ST aw w/s -1650112Y. S. Tsui125Y. T. Cheng7B JUST FANTASTICSTRAIGHT FORWARDST DIDAR1;38.924.2 51.41 24.72 25.798-10-10-1218.251156986.78.9
10-05-11616ST aw g -165012Y. S. Tsui128Y. T. Cheng11B FORTUNE RED PEPPERMIGHTY SUNKING AL AKBAR1:38.522.7 52.68 23.43 22.772-3-3-22.51132971213
23-03-11492ST aw g -165011Y. S. Tsui124Y. T. Cheng4B MIGHTY SUNKING AL AKBARPENGLAI XIANZI1:38.523.1 51.91 23.89 22.788-7-6-1N11359156
05-02-11378ST tf g B+21600211Y. S. Tsui126M. W. Leung6B FREE JUDGEMENTFAT CHOY OOHLALASEMOS1:35.423.1 47.88 24.44 24.796-2-3-1110.51162924299
09-01-11313ST tf g C1400213Y. S. Tsui125C. K. Tong1B PAGANINI'S SOULMILITARY MOVEDANZULU1:22.723.2 36.11 23.62 24.144-6-6-1371146925699
04-12-10227ST aw g -165016Y. S. Tsui120F. Coetzee4B WHITE JADETRUE INTELLIGENCENO MORE GREEN1:38.323.6 51.21 23.87 23.825-5-6-63.51122925.54.6
03-11-10148ST aw g -165011Y. S. Tsui115Y. T. Cheng2B MIGHTY SUNUNION'S STAROLE OLE1:39.325.2 50.93 23.92 24.543-3-3-1SH1118866.63.5
10-10-1090ST aw w/s -165032Y. S. Tsui131H. W. Lai5B OLE OLEMIGHTY SUNCENTURY SUPER STAR1:40.323.9 53.30 24.21 23.0011-12-13-211127851010
01-10-1074ST tf g/f C160019Y. S. Tsui117M. W. Leung1B APPRECIATIONOUTDOOR PEGASUSSAPELLI1:34.423.5 47.20 23.78 24.521-1-2-96.751138875199
12-09-1028ST tf y C+31400211Y. S. Tsui121M. W. Leung7B SOARING DRAGONVAUGIRARDEASY WINNER1:23.223.6 37.06 23.48 24.2614-14-11-119.751131888099
05-09-107ST tf g A100028Y. S. Tsui118M. W. Leung8B WINE WINMULTIGLORYBLAZE KING0:56.022.0 13.78 21.33 22.298-8-88.751132885299
04-07-10736ST aw f/t -165024Y. S. Tsui121M. W. Leung10B MOONWALKDEPOSERBULLISH CASH1:38.323.3 51.52 23.62 23.364-2-2-41.251136881628
06-06-10669ST tf g C1400214Y. S. Tsui119M. W. Leung9B CERISE CHERRYLET ME FIGHTEASY WINNER1:22.222.4 37.30 23.60 24.1714-14-14-14181139894999
19-05-10623HV tf y B1800211Y. S. Tsui119M. W. Leung7B SOVIET PEARLDUMBARTON ROCKLITTLE DREAMS1:50.724.4 61.24 25.45 26.374-3-3-1114.51131895560
05-05-10585ST aw g -1200210Y. S. Tsui123Y. T. Cheng7B CHEQUE BOOKABLE SPEEDTRUE INTELLIGENCE1:08.523.7 24.15 22.58 23.0112-12-107.751132899.412
24-03-10485ST aw g -165012Y. S. Tsui113Y. T. Cheng7B VIGOR DELIGHTMIGHTY SUNCALIFORNIA MOON1:38.523.1 51.43 24.36 22.8110-8-6-2N1131861212
07-02-10374ST aw w/s -1650214Y. S. Tsui109K. W. Leung14B OLE OLEIRISH JIGOSVALDO1:39.324.9 52.08 24.44 28.056-8-13-1433113586177.8
10-01-10299ST aw f/t -180031Y. S. Tsui122K. W. Leung2B MIGHTY SUNSILVER BLAZETOP HONOR1:47.823.7 60.53 23.80 23.526-3-4-10.751135798.45.2
06-12-09220ST aw f/t -165031Y. S. Tsui112K. W. Leung9B MIGHTY SUNNEEDLES AND THREADGOLDEN TREASURE1:39.224.1 51.49 24.02 23.758-7-6-1N1139731310
25-11-09191HV tf g/f C+31650311Y. S. Tsui128Z. Purton12B SUPER SATINGILDED FLIGHTARION OF CHIU TON1:41.823.0 53.76 26.08 22.739-9-10-114.751135733320
07-11-09144ST tf g C+31800310Y. S. Tsui115K. W. Leung10B THE ONLY KIDHORACE'S LEGENDSLEEP WELL1:49.324.6 59.71 24.91 25.743-2-2-106.5112970177.3
04-11-09138ST aw f/t -165032Y. S. Tsui118M. L. Yeung4B NEEDLES AND THREADMIGHTY SUNAMAZING CHOICE1:38.923.1 52.07 23.80 23.084-3-2-2SH1137706.84.6
17-10-0997ST aw f/t -165041Y. S. Tsui123M. L. Yeung1B MIGHTY SUNSPICY FRUITYICE FIRE1:39.223.3 52.08 23.94 23.214-4-2-14.51117604.42.5
14-10-0989HV tf g/f B165044Y. S. Tsui133D. Whyte10B HOLIDAY SUNO'REILLY MAGICTREMENDOUS PLUS1:40.823.4 52.23 25.22 23.592-2-2-41.5113160139.6
26-09-0945ST tf g B+2140038Y. S. Tsui113Y. T. Cheng13B HAPPY MASTERENDLESS LUCKAMAZING JOURNEY1:22.423.6 35.61 23.30 24.256-2-3-84.751131612420
16-09-0917HV tf g A165036Y. S. Tsui112Y. T. Cheng4B HAPPY AMBASSADORLOCAL POWERMELLIFLUOUS1:39.424.2 51.42 24.07 24.522-2-3-63.51137618.55.6
21-06-09699ST aw g -165035Y. S. Tsui111K. C. Leung5B AMPLE GAINSAMAZING CHOICEGREAT HEART1:39.223.6 50.97 24.88 23.741-2-3-52.51127637.54.6
10-06-09680HV tf g/f C+3165043Y. S. Tsui120M. L. Yeung7B FLORAL PICASSOLEGENDMIGHTY SUN1:40.523.8 52.08 24.65 24.041-1-2-31.251127621722
17-05-09616ST aw g -120042Y. S. Tsui133D. Whyte5B MUTUAL FRIENDSHIPMIGHTY SUNKINGSTON MARBLE1:09.323.3 23.87 22.56 22.956-5-2N11276053.2
13-04-09530ST aw g -120046Y. S. Tsui133E. St-Martin12B TRUE INTELLIGENCEMASSIVE STARMAGIC TEMPLE1:10.022.5 24.78 23.68 22.486-12-65.751120604.74.5
28-03-09492ST aw g -120042Y. S. Tsui131H. W. Lai12B1 THE REAL MCCOYMIGHTY SUNSPEED FIGHTER1:10.624.2 23.96 22.73 24.082-2-20.751119581112
25-02-09418HV tf g C165046Y. S. Tsui125P. H. Lo6 THUNDER VALLEYKAISER'S CHOIXDR WELL1:41.124.5 51.85 25.10 24.563-4-4-621115593289
15-02-09393ST tf g A1400412Y. S. Tsui123P. H. Lo9 DANZULUFIRST BABYSILVER BLAZE1:23.423.835.83 24.20 24.803-5-7-128.51127614799
28-01-09343ST tf g B+2120037Y. S. Tsui118M. W. Leung4 HEARTLINEBULLISH GOLDLUCKY RED1:09.423.2 24.23 22.50 23.674-4-761133635899
04-01-09280ST aw f/t -1200312Y. S. Tsui113Y. T. Cheng2 SOLAR MIGHTYTOP TOP LIGHTSPECIAL K1:08.923.5 23.55 22.60 24.696-8-1211.751146652021
06-12-08214ST aw g -120038Y. S. Tsui116H. W. Lai11 SOLAR MIGHTYMACHO EXPRESSOGREAT HERO1:09.523.1 24.14 22.57 23.293-4-82.751133653494

HKJC Comment

Pressed on from an outer draw, posted 3 wide without cover, did too much work to bend, faded and didn't fire on less than preferred surface.