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BLESS US ALL (K086) 你好我好 (Retired)

T. W. Leung / Rating:

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / br / g / 15 yrs / AUS
Owner: Matthew Law Ka-ming
Last win: 20-06-12
Health: After being boxed became fractious and kicked out behind, sustained cuts and abrasions to both hind legs, withdrawn from race. (20/12/2008) Bled from both nostrils after racing. (22/11/2009) Bled from both nostrisl after finishing barrier trial. (20/03/2010) Lame left hind: swollen suspensory branches. (26/06/2010) Substantial blood in the trachea after racing. (01/05/2011) Lame right front leg. (28/10/2011) Right front medial sesamoid bone non-dislpaced basilar fracture. (03/11/2011)
Sire: Way Of Light
Dam: Date With Destiny

Past Performances
Total Starts: 36: (3-2-5)
ST 1000m: 9 (0-0-2)
ST 1200m: 12 (1-0-1)
ST 1400m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 8 (1-2-1)
HV 1200m: 6 (1-0-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
21-11-12180HV tf g C1200411T. W. Leung118K. C. Leung9B CAPITAL KBENEFACTORGOLDEN HARVEST1:10.423.5 24.77 23.28 24.8112-11-1115.251153479.712
07-11-12143HV tf g A100042T. W. Leung116K. C. Leung2B SEASONS STARBLESS US ALLNOBODY BUT YOU0:57.823.4 13.32 21.81 22.7710-9-2N11584578.1
24-10-12114HV tf g/f C120043T. W. Leung116K. C. Leung12B HAPPY ERAOYSTERBLESS US ALL1:10.323.2 24.97 22.93 22.8612-11-32.51163451833
06-10-1269ST tf g A1200412T. W. Leung116K. C. Leung8B ALWAYS WELLSUDDEN THUNDERSILVER DRAGON1:10.522.8 24.79 23.05 23.796-5-1271154451515
26-09-1250HV tf g C120044T. W. Leung117K. C. Leung10B HINYUEN PALADINOYSTERIMPECCABLE1:10.523.5 24.62 23.28 22.7611-11-40.51158442219
16-09-1219ST tf g/f B120047T. W. Leung115K. C. Leung10B HAPPY CERAMIBOMERIDIAN TREASURETWIN TURBO1:09.423.2 24.54 22.24 23.209-9-73.251147442029
01-07-12723ST tf g B100046T. W. Leung115K. C. Leung9B DANE PATROLREGENCY CHAMPIONJADE CHRISTY0:57.223.2 13.40 21.04 23.438-9-64.251145447.314
20-06-12703HV tf g C100051T. W. Leung130K. C. Leung1B BLESS US ALLASMODAIGOOD SMILE0:57.323.0 13.03 21.63 22.714-3-111127386.86.5
13-06-12684HV tf g/y B120051T. W. Leung124K. C. Leung7B BLESS US ALLSEIZE THE DAYFASCINATING SMILE1:10.924.4 24.71 22.98 23.2410-10-11.251149316.59.7
03-06-12656ST tf g B120053T. W. Leung122K. C. Leung5B HOT PEPPERFASTPLUS MASTERBLESS US ALL1:11.023.6 24.84 23.03 23.397-6-311157314.45.4
07-03-12453HV tf g B1200511T. W. Leung122H. W. Lai11B HEY HA MASTERFLYING KEEPERMY BEST CHOICE1:10.824.1 24.86 23.23 23.609-11-1151136312847
11-09-111ST tf g A120055T. W. Leung121K. C. Leung7B PLANETREAL DRAGONGENERAL DANROAD1:10.923.9 25.23 22.38 23.8214-14-53.251116311211
05-06-11673ST tf g/f B+2120051T. W. Leung118K. C. Leung5B BLESS US ALLVALUE CHOICEBUMBLE BEE1:10.123.2 25.20 22.30 22.679-7-10.51149263123
01-05-11580ST tf g A+31200510T. W. Leung121B. Doyle8B TOUT VA BIENPLANETNAMJONG FIGHTERS1:10.822.5 25.40 23.09 23.207-5-105114128109.8
16-03-11469HV tf g B100054T. W. Leung120Y. T. Cheng3B THINK BIGMAGIC KINGMETRO RIDER0:58.223.4 13.56 21.98 22.9712-9-41.751135287.34.9
09-02-11379HV tf g A100052T. W. Leung114T. H. So9B METRO RIDERBLESS US ALLNICE KING0:57.923.3 13.49 22.00 22.7212-12-21.7511422889.1
05-01-11296HV tf g A100057T. W. Leung124B. Doyle10B VALUE CHOICEINFALLIBLE CHOICEMETRO RIDER0:58.123.1 13.53 22.04 22.957-7-72.51126318.615
01-01-11285ST tf g B+2120059T. W. Leung124B. Doyle12B GRANDFIELDTOP SPEEDGOOD JOB1:11.023.8 24.25 22.91 24.961-1-971136319.813
24-11-10195HV tf g C+3100056T. W. Leung126N. Callan8B LINKED WININFALLIBLE CHOICEPLANET0:58.723.3 13.31 22.49 23.377-5-62.75112433710
14-11-10167ST tf g/f A120056T. W. Leung129O. Doleuze4SW-/XEPEE DE HUASUNSHINE BOYSAMMY'S FORTUNE1:10.624.1 24.90 22.30 23.907-6-62.751134354.96.4
17-10-10103ST tf g/f A+3120054T. W. Leung128O. Doleuze2SW/XBHOT PEPPERMUSTANGEXCELLENT ELITE1:10.423.6 24.30 22.66 23.825-4-4211563577.2
23-09-1047HV tf g C100053T. W. Leung127O. Doleuze4SW/XBMOUNT SURPLUSBLUE MAGICBLESS US ALL0:57.722.8 13.20 22.18 22.467-7-3N1134346.55.5
12-09-1019ST tf g C+3100054T. W. Leung127O. Doleuze6SW/XBORIENTAL COURSERFAIRY DRAGONLEAD THE PROSPECTS0:57.322.4 13.74 21.31 22.654-5-421141346.67.3
22-11-09178ST tf g B+21200514T. W. Leung133B. Doyle12SW/XBEPEE DE HUAHAPPY SUNDAYMAXIMUM CHARM1:11.423.9 25.83 23.18 24.5514-14-1413.251145391416
17-10-0993ST tf g/f A+31000410T. W. Leung115M. W. Leung3B-/XBTOPPING LIGHTMANDARINMIGHTY WINNER0:57.622.7 13.90 21.63 22.7711-14-104.251142411833
01-10-0948ST tf g C100046T. W. Leung104T. H. So7B/XB WASABISABIFAIR NAVIGATORGOLDEN BAUHINIA0:57.622.7 13.92 21.41 22.8713-8-63.751165412924
21-06-09696ST tf g/f A1000411T. W. Leung114M. W. Leung13B/XB SAPELLIFAIR NAVIGATORCHEERFUL CITY0:56.522.2 13.75 21.10 22.739-9-116.51118442429
07-06-09666ST tf g/f C100043T. W. Leung117M. W. Leung2B/XB GOLDEN BAUHINIAWASABISABIBLESS US ALL0:57.823.1 13.90 21.02 23.2912-4-32.251131441413
17-05-09613ST tf g/f C+3100045T. W. Leung115M. W. Leung8B/XB NAPA IIWASABISABIWHATAFANTASY0:56.522.1 14.02 20.77 22.5211-9-54.51108461758
03-05-09580ST tf g B+21000413T. W. Leung121B. Doyle1XB/B1SMART CURRENCYEXTRA SPECIALSEIZE THE DAY0:57.822.8 13.98 21.43 23.7011-9-137.751109481433
08-04-09519HV tf g C+3100048T. W. Leung122H. W. Lai7XB BONDI LADWITHALLMYHEARTPAR EXCELLENCE0:58.023.1 13.81 21.70 22.847-7-821103491215
28-03-09490ST tf g/y B+2120044T. W. Leung124B. Doyle9XB MY MEMORYHUSSLERHAPPY ELITE1:11.023.5 24.84 23.17 23.4210-8-42.251109505.97.3
15-03-09461ST tf g A120049T. W. Leung123B. Doyle13XB FOREST STARTOUCH LUCKYAASHIQ1:10.223.3 25.00 22.94 23.4712-13-971112502215
07-03-09444ST tf g/y C+3100043T. W. Leung123B. Doyle10SR-/XGRAND DRAGONGANBARIABLESS US ALL0:58.022.8 14.24 21.49 22.6411-9-321110503729
22-02-09410ST tf g A+31400411T. W. Leung125B. Doyle10SR1 APPRECIATIONALL TIME HIGHAMNESTY1:23.323.3 36.36 24.07 24.183-3-4-117.751105522743
20-12-08244ST tf g C+310004WDT. W. Leung124B. DoyleSR1 HAPPY ZEROBELONG TO CASAWASABISABI0:56.622.0  112252400
03-12-08201HV tf g C+3120046T. W. Leung125B. Doyle8 K-JACKMARVELLOUSOCEAN PRINCE1:10.523.5 24.64 23.16 23.459-9-64.51121521815

HKJC Comment

No early pace and in last pair along rails. Dropped to last entering straight and gradually slipped further back. Bled from both nostrils.