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SECRET OF WINNING (K205) 勝在分秒 (Retired)

C. H. Yip / Rating: 48

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 14 yrs / AUS
Owner: David Lai Hin-kiu
Last win: 21-10-12
Health: Lame right fore: stress fracture of third carpal bone. (03/06/2010) Substantial mucopus in the trachea after racing. (15/09/2010) Sore and lame right fore capped elbow. (19/10/2010) Fever. (19/03/2011) Substantial mucopus in the trachea after racing. (15/06/2011) Lame left front foot. (25/06/2013)
Sire: Invincible Spirit
Dam: Lady Mantice

Past Performances
Total Starts: 45: (5-6-0)
ST 1000m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 38 (5-6-0)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
29-05-13648HV tf g/f C+3100047C. H. Yip113K. C. Ng12 EASTERN PROMISED DAY SUPERPO CHING KING0:56.922.9 12.75 21.81 23.103-5-74.251106504252
08-05-13596HV tf g A1000410C. H. Yip124Z. Purton3 PO CHING KINGGREAT ALEXANDERRED LUCKY STAR0:58.423.7 13.16 22.10 24.004-5-104.7511045166.3
24-04-13554HV tf g C100046C. H. Yip126Z. Purton12 PO CHING KINGCALL ME ACHIEVERGREAT ALEXANDER0:57.423.0 12.74 21.81 23.392-2-631096518.76.3
14-04-13526HV tf g A100042C. H. Yip124Z. Purton2 D DAY SUPERSECRET OF WINNINGHIGHLAND DRAGON0:57.523.3 13.01 21.52 23.054-5-2SH1100496.63.5
20-02-13402HV tf g B100047C. H. Yip117K. C. Ng7 FLASHING GUYCROESUSNOBODY BUT YOU0:57.723.1 12.95 21.63 23.592-1-72.751106514048
30-01-13354HV tf g C+3100048C. H. Yip119K. C. Ng1 TRUE COURAGED DAY SUPERCROESUS0:57.923.2 12.80 21.89 23.722-1-82.751118537.27.8
09-01-13299HV tf g A100046C. H. Yip120K. C. Ng10 NOBODY BUT YOUTRUE COURAGEGOLDEN BAUHINIA0:58.023.4 12.94 21.61 23.964-1-631115544249
19-12-12256HV tf g C100048C. H. Yip122K. C. Ng12 D DAY SUPERCALL ME ACHIEVERCHINA GOOD0:58.323.5 12.97 22.07 24.173-5-85.751100542737
28-11-12195HV tf g C+3100045C. H. Yip121K. C. Ng6 VINTAGE HUSSLERFLASHING GUYHANNIBAL BARCA0:58.023.0 13.31 22.28 22.678-8-51.51089544.75.5
21-10-12102HV tf g/f B100041C. H. Yip116K. C. Ng4 SECRET OF WINNINGGOLDEN BAUHINIAFLASHING GUY0:56.922.6 12.72 21.59 22.681-1-11.25109647128.6
10-10-1276HV tf g A100041C. H. Yip110K. C. Ng3 SECRET OF WINNINGCALL ME ACHIEVERSPICY SHRIMP0:57.423.1 12.85 21.43 23.142-2-10.751088429.48.4
26-09-1249HV tf g C100045C. H. Yip110K. C. Ng2 CHINA GOODFLASHING GUYGOLDEN BAUHINIA0:57.523.2 12.76 21.77 23.412-2-52.5109044149.1
12-09-1212HV tf g A100044C. H. Yip110K. C. Ng4B-/H-SUPER FRESHGOLDEN BAUHINIAFLASHING GUY0:57.522.7 13.07 22.11 22.944-5-43.51075441312
11-07-12752HV tf g/f B1000411C. H. Yip119K. C. Ng12B/H/TCALL ME ACHIEVERINVINCIBLE HEARTASSURE0:57.223.1 13.02 21.86 23.287-6-115.51073501815
20-06-12704HV tf g C100047C. H. Yip127T. Angland5H/B1/TOUR DE FORCECALL ME ACHIEVERD DAY SUPER0:57.322.7 12.89 22.01 22.963-4-73.51064525.45.8
30-05-12648HV tf g C100044C. H. Yip125D. Whyte4H/TT RIDE ON THE FIREASSURECHINA GOOD0:57.722.7 12.86 22.43 22.693-3-41.51071523.82.3
02-05-12583HV tf g A1000410C. H. Yip127D. Whyte11H/TT EVER BEAUTYVICTORY GENERALHANNIBAL BARCA0:57.523.1 13.35 21.99 23.319-10-106.751068525.66.8
15-04-12536HV tf g/f B100042C. H. Yip123W. C. Marwing9H/TT LUCKY REDSECRET OF WINNINGFORTUNE TOGETHER0:57.122.8 12.98 21.55 22.713-2-2N1062503.83.8
14-03-12471HV tf g C100042C. H. Yip121D. Whyte11H/TT RIDE ON THE FIRESECRET OF WINNINGGOLD EDITION0:57.423.1 13.07 21.74 22.657-6-2Nose1086481313
01-02-12364HV tf g A100047C. H. Yip110K. C. Ng11H2/TTRIDE ON THE FIREMI SAVVYDEPOSER0:57.423.1 13.04 21.69 23.425-4-74.251093502019
21-01-12334ST tf g C+3100047C. H. Yip116K. C. Ng9TT DANCE FOR GOLDKING OF THE DAYO'HALO0:57.223.1 13.34 21.00 23.254-5-721096512036
21-12-11259HV tf g C1000411C. H. Yip119C. Y. Ho9TT GREEN EAGLEWISERSUPREME DE UNION0:57.623.2 12.81 21.70 24.281-3-117.251094517.14.8
30-11-11204HV tf g C+3100042C. H. Yip115K. C. Ng8TT LUCKY TURBOSECRET OF WINNINGASSURE0:57.622.9 12.73 21.95 23.272-1-22.251092519.54.3
16-11-11170HV tf g B120049C. H. Yip127Y. T. Cheng5TT CHATER POWERGOLD WINNERFORTUNE TOGETHER1:10.523.7 23.84 23.15 24.572-2-961097531113
23-10-11112HV tf g B100048C. H. Yip114K. C. Ng9TT PROSPEROUSTRUE VALOURSPICY SHRIMP0:57.623.3 12.86 21.49 24.141-2-85.51088531912
10-07-11758ST tf g/f B+21200411C. H. Yip121K. C. Ng3TT DANEWIN TIGERDIVINITY POWEREN MASSE1:09.623.4 24.74 22.37 23.6311-11-116.51049581226
15-06-11701HV tf g B100049C. H. Yip133B. Prebble9TT SPEARHEADOYSTERAMAZING SKY0:57.523.2 12.80 21.78 23.711-5-94.751061583.35.3
01-06-11667HV tf g C+3100042C. H. Yip131D. Whyte4TT CHINA GOODSECRET OF WINNINGNOBLE DE BEST0:57.723.1 13.24 21.61 23.135-5-21.51064588.89
07-05-11602ST tf g/f B+2120035C. H. Yip110C. W. Wong5TT GIFT IS GIFTADORATIONKYARA1:09.222.0 24.34 22.91 23.111-1-56.751076607699
20-03-11483ST tf g A12003WDC. H. Yip112C. W. WongTT SHAHJEEADORATIONBET ON ME1:10.223.0  106260  
02-03-11439HV tf g C+31000310C. H. Yip110T. H. So8TT GOOD BOY BOYJUN DAOCHARITY SPIRIT0:56.822.7 13.20 21.84 22.947-8-106.751059624799
09-02-11384HV tf g A100036C. H. Yip119O. Doleuze4TT AMEDEOEVER BEAUTYGOLDEN BAUHINIA0:57.323.6 12.97 21.40 23.7911-6-64.751055644743
30-01-11364ST tf g A+31200312C. H. Yip118Y. T. Cheng9TT GOOD LUCK WINAFFLUENCE OF RAINSHAHJEE1:10.423.5 24.24 22.71 24.812-2-128.51061665499
19-01-11336HV tf g C100039C. H. Yip120B. Prebble1TT EVER BEAUTYSUPREME TAIJISOLAR UP0:57.723.0 13.20 21.96 23.089-9-93.251072667.318
05-01-11300HV tf g A1000311C. H. Yip122N. Callan1TT AMEDEOFREE AND EASYEURO POWER0:56.922.6 12.99 21.53 23.633-3-117.751066681326
15-12-10254HV tf g/y C1000311C. H. Yip115Y. T. Cheng9TT CALIFORNIA MOONEVER BEAUTYSUPREME TAIJI0:57.523.0 12.90 21.86 23.783-5-116.251095691733
15-09-1033HV tf g/f B100039C. H. Yip116M. L. Yeung2TT AT MOMENT IN TIMEOUR PEGASUSGRAND DRAGON0:57.122.9 13.20 21.66 23.168-9-95.751101698.85.8
21-04-10548HV tf g B100034C. H. Yip111K. W. Leung2TT CHEVALIER KINGAT MOMENT IN TIMEFLY HIGH0:56.722.9 12.81 20.99 23.232-1-41.751087689.94
31-03-10501HV tf g/f C100031C. H. Yip108M. L. Yeung4TT SECRET OF WINNINGEL ZONDAHAPPEE GIFT0:57.022.7 12.75 21.61 22.711-1-1SH108762133.7
10-03-10443HV tf g A100042C. H. Yip126M. L. Yeung9TT FLY HIGHSECRET OF WINNINGHAPPEE GIFT0:57.223.1 12.83 21.36 23.201-2-20.751090608.310
06-01-10287HV tf g A100041C. H. Yip127B. Prebble4TT SECRET OF WINNINGTHUNDER FLASHFLY HIGH0:57.522.7 13.10 21.84 22.582-2-1SH1092543.43.9
02-12-09205HV tf g/f A100041C. H. Yip120B. Prebble6XB-/TSECRET OF WINNINGFAST GOWIN A DOZEN0:57.422.7 12.95 21.75 22.781-1-10.751092479.97.2
07-10-0971HV tf g/f A100047C. H. Yip121B. Prebble8H-/XBCHEERFUL CITYPAR EXCELLENCENOT QUITE PERFECT0:57.322.8 13.47 21.76 22.5911-8-72.75107547109.4
21-06-09696ST tf g/f A1000412C. H. Yip124W. C. Marwing6XB1/HSAPELLIFAIR NAVIGATORCHEERFUL CITY0:56.522.2 13.71 21.18 22.748-10-1271086511417
27-05-09640HV tf g/y B100045C. H. Yip127W. C. Marwing1H/TT TOUT VA BIENMAGIC KINGMEGABUCKS0:58.023.3 12.85 22.17 23.592-3-53.751081524.53
17-05-09613ST tf g/f C+3100044C. H. Yip124W. C. Marwing2H1/TTNAPA IIWASABISABIWHATAFANTASY0:56.522.1 13.62 20.77 22.671-1-431104524.22.3

HKJC Comment

Eventually settled behind the speed, 3 wide had some cover on the circle. Lost touch with the leaders after the 500m, stayed on at the same speed in the home stretch.