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SUCCESSFUL ERA (K276) 成功年代 (Retired)

K. W. Lui / Rating:

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 14 yrs / NZ
Owner: Fung Kok-po & Raymond Liu Wai-fung
Last win: 10-07-11
Health: Became fractious after being boxed, reared over backwards and broke out the back gates of its stall, withdrawn from race. (07/06/2009) Unacceptable performance. (06/10/2010) Unacceptable performance. (04/03/2012) Lame right front leg: right front fetlock degenerative changes. (20/09/2012)
Sire: Elusive City
Dam: Street Star

Past Performances
Total Starts: 31: (2-0-1)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 11 (1-0-1)
ST 1600m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 8 (1-0-0)
HV 1650m: 9 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
04-11-12131ST tf g/f C+31600513K. W. Lui114T. H. So7B/H FLYING KEEPERWATCH FIRSTFULL VALUE1:36.924.2 48.78 24.82 24.7913-13-14-139.251043245299
29-04-12572ST tf y A1400513K. W. Lui125T. Clark6B/H EPEE DE HUASPARKLINGNEWSWIRE TOO1:23.523.9 36.89 24.07 24.498-10-14-1312.251047322244
04-03-12443ST tf g B+21400514K. W. Lui129B. Prebble5B/H SUPER PEPPERGLITTERINGGRANDFIELD1:24.423.8 37.39 23.72 25.846-4-7-1415.751066351018
15-02-12400HV tf g C1650510K. W. Lui131C. K. Tong2B/H LUCKY ARMYRAY'S FAVOURITECLASSA1:40.524.0 52.68 24.69 24.499-9-9-108.51055382335
18-01-12326HV tf g C1200411K. W. Lui111M. L. Yeung10B/H LONGWAH KIDTEAM WORKDANEWIN TIGER1:10.223.6 25.08 22.68 24.0012-12-119.51058403548
21-12-11262HV tf g C165049K. W. Lui113H. W. Lai6B/H SUPREME GENKINEW LEADERSURE FORWARD1:40.624.6 52.85 24.34 25.3012-12-12-911.751048413399
01-10-1158ST tf g C1400412K. W. Lui112H. W. Lai14B/H CHANCELLORJOHN DORYMOCHI1:24.623.4 38.55 23.79 23.2012-13-13-125.751054414884
11-09-116ST tf g A1400410K. W. Lui114T. Clark2B/H MASTER KEYLUCKY NISTELROOYMOCHI1:23.124.1 36.81 23.34 24.3610-11-13-108.51060413252
10-07-11759ST tf g/f B+2140051K. W. Lui129B. Prebble8B/H SUCCESSFUL ERASUPER PEPPERGLITTERING1:23.824.0 36.37 24.15 23.2810-10-10-1SH103137127.7
15-06-11702HV tf g B1650512K. W. Lui130Z. Purton12B/H GOLDEN BOYSONOFTHEWESTPLANET1:40.823.9 53.21 24.83 24.2511-11-12-129.251029372216
15-05-11621ST tf g C+3140053K. W. Lui129Z. Purton10B/H MUSTANGHEY HA MASTERSUCCESSFUL ERA1:24.423.8 37.43 24.01 23.0911-11-11-3N1026361119
17-04-11553HV tf g B165057K. W. Lui127K. C. Leung3B/H WINNING PALEPEE DE HUAHUMONGUS1:40.624.7 52.02 24.77 24.628-8-7-74.51036385.97.8
03-04-11514ST tf g C140057K. W. Lui128K. C. Leung12B1/H1GRANDFIELDHEY HA MASTERGOOD JOB1:23.624.5 36.46 23.36 24.2114-14-12-72.51035391619
27-02-11424ST tf g A+31400412K. W. Lui113W. M. Lai2 LUCKY FOLLOW MELUCKY CHEVALIERNEW LEADER1:22.924.2 35.91 23.57 24.969-11-12-129.251052412226
05-02-11368ST tf g B+2140044K. W. Lui117H. W. Lai9 DREAMS MAKERFORTUNE TOGETHERMOCHI1:22.924.2 35.18 23.98 24.557-6-10-44.751050431620
12-01-11318HV tf g B1650412K. W. Lui120G. Mosse6 HO HO LIFECLASSIC BOYLOTUS LOVE1:40.723.9 53.47 24.10 24.2210-10-8-126.51054458.910
23-12-10270HV tf g C+3165047K. W. Lui120G. Mosse10 HAPPY MASTERPERFECT TENHIGH LUCK1:41.324.0 53.84 24.76 23.0912-12-12-72.251056471520
01-12-10216HV tf g A165047K. W. Lui121M. W. Leung12 VILASOLUNIQUE SPEEDHIGH LUCK1:41.624.1 53.88 24.84 23.3912-12-12-72.751051491649
06-11-10150ST tf g/y C+3140048K. W. Lui121M. W. Leung1 SPICY SHRIMPDOUBLE DRAGONCHAMPAGNE DAYS1:23.923.7 37.20 23.99 23.3711-11-10-83.751054512131
06-10-1078HV tf g A1200412K. W. Lui124D. Whyte9SW- STEEL NERVESRARE TREASURENOT QUITE PERFECT1:10.224.1 24.12 22.90 26.909-9-1222.751066518.311
20-06-10702HV tf g/f B1200412K. W. Lui127D. Whyte9SW1 MY TIMESUPER GENERALASIAN CITRUS1:09.222.8 24.59 23.15 24.148-11-1216.51043546.210
19-05-10620HV tf y B120045K. W. Lui129D. Whyte10 DAILY DOUBLEPAPASWITHALLMYHEART1:12.424.4 24.65 23.71 24.667-5-541040559.57.5
28-04-10563HV tf g/f C120044K. W. Lui128B. Prebble2 SOLAR UPWITHALLMYHEARTASIAN CITRUS1:10.923.4 24.71 23.45 23.018-7-411043552.91.9
17-03-10462HV tf g B165049K. W. Lui127A. Suborics7 GIVE WELLCARRY GOOD NEWSHARRY HARRY1:41.423.4 53.02 25.42 23.487-6-6-92.751040558.38.9
10-02-10379HV tf g B165046K. W. Lui128A. Suborics9 IMPLIED VOLATILITYMAGNANIMOUSHAPPY CHA CHA1:41.423.5 53.36 25.30 23.298-8-9-62.751030551718
16-01-10316ST tf g C+3140049K. W. Lui122T. H. So14 EJIMERIC TE SPECSOFIONN'S DRAGONPRIVATE ROAD1:23.123.5 36.55 23.82 23.499-9-11-94.751047552615
23-12-09257HV tf g/f C+3120041K. W. Lui124D. Whyte4 SUCCESSFUL ERAHIGH RETURNABSOLUTE HEDGE1:09.823.4 24.30 22.58 22.967-6-1N1041503.13
25-11-09185HV tf g/f C+3120045K. W. Lui124G. Mosse2 TAI SING YEHDANABAASOHNA1:10.023.0 24.33 23.39 22.759-9-531051513.74.1
01-11-09123HV tf g A120044K. W. Lui114T. H. So10 WHATAFANTASYLUCKY WINNERA WALK IN THE PARK1:10.323.8 24.96 22.74 22.8612-10-41.751039511941
26-09-0939ST tf g B+2120047K. W. Lui122M. Chadwick5 AMBITIOUS TREASUREHIGH RETURNA WALK IN THE PARK1:10.123.0 24.16 22.89 23.661-1-73.51069511812
21-06-09696ST tf g/f A100048K. W. Lui125Z. Purton12 SAPELLIFAIR NAVIGATORCHEERFUL CITY0:56.522.2 13.75 21.06 22.5010-7-851043526.87.2
07-06-09666ST tf g/f C10004WDK. W. Lui121K. C. Leung GOLDEN BAUHINIAWASABISABIBLESS US ALL0:57.823.1  1048524.9 

HKJC Comment

Settled in 2nd last position, close to the running rail. Failed to close off and was stopping a long way from home.