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FAIR TRADE (K345) 君子一言 (Retired)

C. Fownes / Rating: 103

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 14 yrs / AUS
Owner: Tony Stradmoor
Last win: 08-09-13
Health: Swollen right fore fetlock on race day and was withdrawn from race. (20/09/2009) Right fore tendon sheath strain and right fore lateral sesamoidean ligament injury. (30/10/2009) Lame right fore after racing. (25/04/2010) Both fore laminitis. (08/09/2010) Right front sesamoidean ligament injury on the morning after racing. (13/12/2010) Inflamed right fore tendon sheath. (05/03/2011) Lame right front leg. (09/12/2011) Right front tendon injury with associated tenosynovitis. (12/12/2011) Unacceptable performance. (19/05/2012) Multiple lesions in right front deep digital flexor tendon and lateral sesamoidean ligament. (01/08/2012) Lame right front leg. (07/01/2013) Lame right front leg. (27/02/2013) Supsect right front cortical stress fracture of palmar cannon bone. (06/03/2013) Lame right front leg after racing. (16/06/2013)
Sire: Danewin
Dam: Villa Igea

Past Performances
Total Starts: 22: (3-1-1)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 12 (3-1-1)
ST 1600m: 7 (0-0-0)
ST 2000m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
12-10-1381ST tf g/f A+31600113C. Fownes126Z. Purton4 BLAZING SPEEDMIZANIWILLIE CAZALS1:34.222.8 48.08 23.65 23.994-5-5-13911621032212
08-09-1310ST tf g A140021C. Fownes133Z. Purton1 FAIR TRADEVITAL GOLDMR MEDICI1:22.622.5 36.61 23.60 22.414-3-3-11.251149963.63.8
07-07-13760ST tf y B+2140023C. Fownes133Z. Purton12 ALL YOU WISHSOLAR GREATFAIR TRADE1:22.923.2 36.78 23.24 23.2314-12-8-3211491004939
16-06-13703ST tf g C+31400210C. Fownes133W. M. Lai6 ALL YOU WISHDESIGNS ON ROMEDEEP THINKER1:22.022.6 36.51 23.12 22.976-7-5-103.7511431001825
12-02-13386ST tf g C+3140015C. Fownes127Z. Purton9 PENGLAI XIANZITALLEY CLOSEKEEN MARIE1:21.723.3 35.53 23.31 23.199-8-8-51.7511701012218
09-12-12230ST tf g A140019C. Fownes122U. Rispoli12 REAL SPECIALISTHELENE SPIRITBEAUTY FLASH1:22.222.9 37.08 23.10 22.4411-12-13-92.2511501031932
18-11-12173ST tf g B+21600G27C. Fownes123T. Angland10 GLORIOUS DAYSAMBITIOUS DRAGONPURE CHAMPION1:34.122.5 48.27 23.36 23.061-1-1-73.511351033799
10-11-12155ST tf g/f A140016C. Fownes129Z. Purton2 REAL SPECIALISTNEW VISIONKEEN MARIE1:21.623.3 35.66 22.93 23.198-6-6-6111401047.19.2
01-10-1261ST tf g/f C+31400G39C. Fownes116W. C. Marwing9 PACKING OKAASHIQHELENE SPIRIT1:20.723.0 35.67 22.89 22.926-10-11-94.7511461061716
16-09-1225ST tf g/f B140016C. Fownes127Z. Purton2 CHATER WAYFULFIL A WISHBEAUTY FLASH1:21.723.1 35.78 23.33 23.047-6-7-62.511541068.19.6
17-06-12700ST tf g/y C+31400G37C. Fownes120T. Angland1 AASHIQSWEET ORANGEFLYING BLUE1:21.724.0 35.52 22.58 24.216-5-4-73.511441131822
19-05-12634ST tf y C+31600113C. Fownes129O. Doleuze12 FAMILISTSOUTDOOR PEGASUSLET ME HANDLE IT1:36.323.5 49.96 24.07 23.6114-14-14-138.2511441151015
06-05-12598ST tf g A+31600G113C. Fownes126O. Doleuze13 XTENSIONGLORIOUS DAYSLUCKY NINE1:35.222.2 50.08 23.28 22.9512-10-7-136.7511381113146
29-04-12574ST tf y A1200G24C. Fownes123O. Doleuze4 LITTLE BRIDGELEADING CITYCAPTAIN SWEET1:09.122.6 24.89 22.44 22.245-6-42.511571172613
20-11-11182ST tf g B+21600G24C. Fownes123B. Prebble6 DESTINED FOR GLORYAMBITIOUS DRAGONFLYING BLUE1:34.822.6 49.15 23.48 22.389-9-8-40.7511631123045
30-10-11136ST tf g B+21200G29C. Fownes120B. Prebble2 RICH UNICORNLITTLE BRIDGEENTRAPMENT1:08.823.0 24.29 22.39 22.6713-13-93.2511651125128
06-03-11448ST tf g B+21400G1WDC. Fownes126W. C. Marwing BEAUTY FLASHSUNNY KINGLUCKY NINE1:21.722.9  1143114  
12-12-10241ST tf g A140012C. Fownes130G. Mosse2 MULTIGLORYFAIR TRADESUNNY KING1:21.823.1 36.31 22.84 22.796-7-7-20.7511431125.15.3
25-04-10556ST tf g A1600G111C. Fownes126B. Prebble11 ABLE ONEFELLOWSHIPBEAUTY FLASH1:33.623.1 48.32 23.07 23.2012-11-12-115.7511011117.49.7
04-04-10511ST tf g C1600G24C. Fownes123B. Prebble11 ABLE ONEMR MEDICIVIVA PATACA1:34.522.9 49.43 22.96 22.578-8-8-42.511061075.84.2
14-03-10457ST tf g A2000G16C. Fownes126R. S. Dye14 SUPER SATINSUPER PISTACHIOBRAVE KID2:03.522.6 77.01 24.36 22.7514-14-9-63.2511151071210
16-02-10391ST tf g A140011C. Fownes122B. Prebble4 FAIR TRADEEXPRESS WINPRESTO1:22.323.2 36.41 23.29 22.699-7-7-1N11151013.64
20-09-0927ST tf g A+314001WDC. Fownes120W. C. Marwing FLEET COMMANDMR MEDICIDREAM TEAM1:21.522.7  11231012.20
21-06-09703ST tf g/f A140021C. Fownes127W. C. Marwing1 FAIR TRADEFLEET COMMANDSTREET CAT1:21.923.8 35.15 23.17 23.677-5-3-10.51114944.23.6

HKJC Comment

Ridden forward to sit behind leaders but rider reported did not stretch out comfortably when put under pressure. Shifted twice in straight, faded. (See Racing Incidents).