AMBITIOUS DRAGON (K399) 雄心威龍 (Retired)

A. T. Millard / Rating: 123

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 13 yrs / NZ
Owner: Johnson Lam Pui-hung & Anderson Lam Hin-yue
Last win: 17-03-13
Health: Substantial mucopus in the trachea after racing. (28/03/2010) Ultrasound examination revealed changes to right front suspensory ligament and left front tendon. (02/05/2013) Left front superficial digital flexor tendon core lesion. (25/09/2013) Unraced for twelve months. (29/04/2014) Lame right front foot. (14/12/2014) Lame right front leg after racing. (15/03/2015)
Sire: Pins
Dam: Golden Gamble

Past Performances
Total Starts: 29: (13-5-2)
ST 1400m: 7 (3-2-0)
ST 1600m: 12 (5-2-2)
ST 1800m: 1 (1-0-0)
ST 2000m: 5 (3-0-0)
ST 2400m: 1 (0-1-0)
HV 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 2 (1-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
15-03-15465ST tf g A1400G15A. T. Millard126Z. Purton8B ABLE FRIENDBEAUTY FLAMEGOLD-FUN1:21.122.5 36.24 23.18 22.4510-10-11-54.7511891232425
25-01-15344ST tf g/f B+21600G15A. T. Millard126M. Guyon3B ABLE FRIENDBEAUTY FLAMEREWARDING HERO1:33.522.3 48.84 22.95 22.247-7-8-53.2511831252115
14-12-14239ST tf g/f A1600G1WDA. T. Millard126R. MooreB ABLE FRIENDGOLD-FUNGRAND PRIX BOSS1:33.422.3  120811711 
23-11-14183ST tf g/f B+21600G23A. T. Millard123G. Mosse3B ABLE FRIENDGOLD-FUNAMBITIOUS DRAGON1:33.421.9 48.92 23.17 21.796-6-6-32.7512181254.34.3
26-10-14119ST tf g/f B+21600G23A. T. Millard129G. Mosse13B MILITARY ATTACKGOLD-FUNAMBITIOUS DRAGON1:34.322.4 49.59 22.86 22.0510-8-7-30.7512121259.914
28-04-13569ST tf g A2000G16A. T. Millard126Z. Purton6B MILITARY ATTACKCALIFORNIA MEMORYEISHIN FLASH2:02.122.5 76.34 23.69 22.648-10-10-63.2511971243.63
17-03-13467ST tf g/f A1400G11A. T. Millard126Z. Purton8B AMBITIOUS DRAGONTIME AFTER TIMEGLORIOUS DAYS1:20.622.2 36.53 22.19 21.917-7-5-12.511901344.23.1
20-01-13331ST tf g A1600G14A. T. Millard126Z. Purton7B GLORIOUS DAYSDAN EXCELCALIFORNIA MEMORY1:33.722.9 48.45 22.87 22.749-9-8-4212011342.31.9
09-12-12228ST tf g A1600G11A. T. Millard126Z. Purton11B AMBITIOUS DRAGONGLORIOUS DAYSPACKING OK1:34.123.0 48.95 22.78 22.3910-10-11-10.7511761242.34.1
18-11-12173ST tf g B+21600G22A. T. Millard128Z. Purton3B GLORIOUS DAYSAMBITIOUS DRAGONPURE CHAMPION1:34.122.5 48.87 23.20 22.336-5-5-21.512041341.41.7
28-10-12127ST tf g/f B+21600G21A. T. Millard133Z. Purton1B AMBITIOUS DRAGONGLORIOUS DAYSHELENE SPIRIT1:33.523.1 47.63 23.21 22.756-7-6-10.511971293.44.5
27-05-12644ST tf g A2400G12A. T. Millard126U. Rispoli6B LIBERATORAMBITIOUS DRAGONDOMINANT2:30.823.0 106.24 22.09 22.736-6-6-21.512011301.62.5
06-05-12598ST tf g A+31600G14A. T. Millard126D. Whyte4B XTENSIONGLORIOUS DAYSLUCKY NINE1:35.222.2 50.20 23.32 21.909-11-11-41.2512061224.74.7
26-02-12431ST tf g A+32000G11A. T. Millard126D. Whyte6B AMBITIOUS DRAGONXTENSIONCALIFORNIA MEMORY2:02.823.0 77.10 23.09 22.696-6-6-11.2512001322.12
29-01-12360ST tf g A+31600G11A. T. Millard126D. Whyte7B AMBITIOUS DRAGONXTENSIONCALIFORNIA MEMORY1:34.922.4 49.49 23.28 22.169-7-6-11.2512081322.52.4
11-12-11237ST tf g/f A2000G14A. T. Millard126D. Whyte5B CALIFORNIA MEMORYIRIANZAZOU2:04.521.9 79.19 23.73 21.858-8-8-41.2511941221.82.1
20-11-11182ST tf g B+21600G22A. T. Millard128M. Guyon9B DESTINED FOR GLORYAMBITIOUS DRAGONFLYING BLUE1:34.822.6 48.59 23.72 22.565-4-4-2SH11991321.11.4
01-10-1162ST tf g C1400G31A. T. Millard133D. Whyte10B AMBITIOUS DRAGONDESTINED FOR GLORYBEAUTY FLASH1:21.523.2 36.05 23.16 22.2910-10-10-12.511891254.44.2
01-05-11586ST tf g A+32000G11A. T. Millard126D. Whyte12B AMBITIOUS DRAGONCALIFORNIA MEMORYMIGHTY HIGH2:02.222.2 77.52 22.96 21.759-10-10-10.7511861152.62.3
20-03-11484ST tf g A2000G11A. T. Millard126M. Guyon14B AMBITIOUS DRAGONXTENSIONLET ME HANDLE IT2:01.523.0 75.15 23.70 22.6511-11-11-10.7511981132.52.3
20-02-11413ST tf g A1800G11A. T. Millard126M. Guyon7B AMBITIOUS DRAGONLUCKY NINELET ME HANDLE IT1:48.023.8 60.48 24.14 23.419-10-9-11.751177936.710
30-01-11363ST tf g A+3160031A. T. Millard133M. Guyon10B AMBITIOUS DRAGONHAPPY GUYSNICE FOLKS1:35.223.2 48.58 24.02 22.6610-10-9-12.751192793.32
09-01-11312ST tf g C160031A. T. Millard124M. Guyon12B AMBITIOUS DRAGONSADDLERS LODGEHAPPY GUYS1:35.822.8 49.78 23.78 22.2412-11-10-11.251174715.63.5
24-11-10202HV tf g C+3165036A. T. Millard124W. C. Marwing8B HOLIDAY SUNCHEERMOON CHASER1:40.424.6 51.23 24.64 25.105-3-2-631194714.23.1
31-10-10136HV tf g A165041A. T. Millard133W. C. Marwing12B AMBITIOUS DRAGONNOBLE DE BESTNEW IDEA1:41.124.4 52.12 24.64 24.424-3-2-1N118565164.3
17-10-10107ST tf g/f A+3140041A. T. Millard130W. C. Marwing7B AMBITIOUS DRAGONJUST FANTASTICGOOD FORTUNE1:22.723.1 36.23 23.56 22.932-3-3-10.751185574.13.2
16-05-10611ST tf g C+3140042K. W. Lui129D. Whyte8B FUN HEROESAMBITIOUS DRAGONJIMSON THE BEST1:22.823.5 36.35 23.76 22.796-12-12-2N115554115.5
28-03-10490ST tf g B+2140049K. W. Lui125C. K. Tong13B NEW LEADERSUPER GENERALLUCKY PHOTO FRAME1:23.124.2 35.76 23.62 24.726-4-4-96.2511655444
06-03-10434ST tf g C+3140042K. W. Lui122C. K. Tong8B TREMENDOUS ADDAMBITIOUS DRAGONNEW IDEA1:22.723.1 35.99 23.68 23.201-2-2-20.751172524430
03-02-10360HV tf g/f A120048K. W. Lui122C. K. Tong10B1 JUST CHILLPAR EXCELLENCESOLAR UP1:10.323.7 24.26 22.95 23.937-7-85.251168522796

HKJC Comment

Began fairly, got close to heels and checked 1100m dropping to last. Got close to heels again entering turn, taken wide in straight, ran on steadily. Lame right front leg.