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JIMSON THE BEST (L016) 漸信良駒 (Retired)

C. H. Yip / Rating: 72

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 14 yrs / NZ
Owner: Raymond Leung Yim-san
Last win: 13-06-12
Health: Lame left hind. (02/10/2009) Lame left front leg. (05/02/2013) Failed vet exam, lame left front leg. (18/02/2013) Left front suspensory avulsion injury. (19/02/2013)
Sire: Align
Dam: Happy Features

Past Performances
Total Starts: 47: (4-12-5)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 1 (0-1-0)
ST 1400m: 6 (0-2-2)
ST 1600m: 14 (2-3-1)
ST aw 1650m: 4 (0-2-0)
HV 1650m: 21 (2-4-2)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
12-06-13692ST tf g C160037C. H. Yip128T. Angland6B1 DR GOOD HABITCHANCELLORWINNING INSTINCT1:34.423.4 47.82 23.65 24.066-6-6-771246721320
02-06-13662ST tf g/f A+31600311C. H. Yip122K. C. Ng13 KING'S PACTKING'S FOLKSHECO RIDER1:35.123.3 49.10 23.54 23.2712-12-12-1151255742846
11-05-13610ST tf g/f B+2140038C. H. Yip131C. W. Wong9 GALLANT TRIUMPHFLYING CHAPARRALREWARDING HERO1:22.423.1 36.46 23.36 23.3512-13-13-84.51263761836
23-01-13341HV tf g C165037C. H. Yip123K. C. Ng12 CIRCUIT STARSTEP FASTERGALAXY PRANCER1:40.724.5 52.02 24.89 24.439-9-9-73.51308774651
09-01-13305HV tf g A1650310C. H. Yip130T. Angland6 ABSOLUTE FANTASYGOOD LUCK WINBEAUTY MISSION1:41.324.3 53.22 24.40 24.465-5-5-104.751296771112
22-12-12261ST tf g A+3160032C. H. Yip129T. Angland5 CHANCELLORJIMSON THE BESTUWILLBEGLORIOUS1:36.523.3 49.68 23.61 23.302-2-2-2Nose1321768.89.7
12-12-12238HV tf g B165037C. H. Yip124K. C. Ng12 PEPPERMINTENTHUSINGGALAXY PRANCER1:41.223.5 51.97 25.72 24.001-1-1-731315781420
05-12-12219HV tf g A165037C. H. Yip133J. McDonald10 THE UNTOUCHABLELADXILAI XIANZIMING HOI TREASURE1:41.524.0 52.98 24.55 24.503-1-1-72.751307808.78.7
07-11-12147HV tf g A165027C. H. Yip108K. C. Ng2 WITHINMYHEARTENABLINGBANKSTERS BONUS1:40.923.4 52.99 24.53 23.891-1-1-72.751320821114
10-10-1282HV tf g A165024C. H. Yip109K. C. Ng5 BANKSTERS BONUSFINEZZAMR BOND1:40.023.8 51.05 25.22 24.121-1-1-421314831212
19-09-1236HV tf g B165024C. H. Yip114C. W. Wong3 FUN RIDERLITTLE DREAMSELEGANCE KLAMMER1:39.524.0 51.57 24.20 24.403-3-3-441306831625
08-07-12750ST tf g C160022C. H. Yip115K. C. Ng6 SCARLET CAMELLIAJIMSON THE BESTSUPER CITY1:35.224.0 48.18 23.38 23.914-4-4-21.251306822831
13-06-12690HV tf g B165031C. H. Yip130T. Angland10 JIMSON THE BESTAGIAALYUE LU TREASURE1:40.824.1 52.50 24.46 23.913-4-3-1N1298771112
03-06-12663ST tf g B160034C. H. Yip126K. C. Ng13 GIGGLES FOREVERJOLLY FINEKING'S PACT1:35.823.7 48.53 23.97 24.077-9-8-44.751295771919
27-05-12646ST tf g A160034C. H. Yip125K. C. Ng10 SCARLET CAMELLIADANZULUXILAI XIANZI1:36.123.7 48.38 24.02 24.212-1-1-42.751292792032
02-05-12587HV tf g A165036C. H. Yip126K. C. Ng3 ELEGANCE KLAMMERWITHINMYHEARTHAPPY SEVEN1:41.024.2 52.16 24.74 24.685-4-3-63.51299801817
18-04-12552HV tf g C1650310C. H. Yip123K. C. Ng9 STRAIGHT FORWARDZACHARYHORSE APLENTY1:40.324.4 50.87 25.00 25.623-2-1-107.251289801211
01-04-12523ST tf g B+2160034C. H. Yip123K. C. Ng3 ELEGANCE KLAMMERWINNING APEXLOMBARDI1:35.723.0 49.06 23.68 23.162-2-2-41.251286801712
10-03-12466ST tf g C+3160031C. H. Yip121K. C. Ng3 JIMSON THE BESTCLASSIC JEWELLERYDANZULU1:36.622.9 49.38 24.47 22.774-4-4-10.751288752014
29-02-12440HV tf g A165032C. H. Yip120C. W. Wong10 WINNING EDGEJIMSON THE BESTWITHINMYHEART1:40.923.5 52.68 24.79 23.702-2-2-21.51294743068
19-02-12416ST tf g A1600311C. H. Yip126C. W. Wong9 SHINY DAYREAL SPECIALISTMEDALLIST1:36.623.2 49.13 24.34 23.814-2-2-1141293744399
05-02-12379ST tf g B+2160036C. H. Yip120K. C. Ng11 FLYING UNICORNLOVING STARPEPPERMINT1:36.323.1 48.71 24.74 23.123-3-4-61.251290743156
15-01-12315ST tf g C160031C. H. Yip115K. C. Ng1 JIMSON THE BESTBLESSINGSUPER BOBO1:37.423.0 49.92 24.41 23.091-1-1-1Nose1285694042
01-01-12285ST tf g A+31600314C. H. Yip122C. W. Wong8 FINEZZAAOMENSHINY DAY1:35.723.5 48.49 24.04 25.055-5-5-1411.751285713163
21-12-11266HV tf g C1650311C. H. Yip119Y. T. Cheng12SW- MR BONDVERY WELLMY HOME TOWN1:41.023.3 51.95 25.70 24.354-1-1-1161285732343
07-12-11228HV tf g A1650310C. H. Yip129A. Starke9SW REGENCY WINNERNORDIC STARDR WIN1:41.723.8 53.90 24.50 24.348-7-7-106.51276751315
13-11-11161ST aw g -1650311C. H. Yip128Z. Purton8SW1 OLE OLEFLYING CHINAENHANCED1:39.823.4 52.70 23.88 24.045-5-4-1151274756.27.9
19-10-11107ST aw g -165032C. H. Yip127Z. Purton4 EURO SWIFTLYJIMSON THE BESTBEAUTY SUCCESS1:40.723.0 54.25 23.85 22.715-6-6-2SH12667389.3
06-10-1172HV tf g C+3165035C. H. Yip127Z. Purton1 MR BONDMING HOI TREASUREFLORA DANICA1:41.324.0 52.40 25.24 24.014-4-5-51.751269743.85.8
21-09-1135HV tf g B165038C. H. Yip117K. C. Ng5 THE UNTOUCHABLELADMOON CHASERINTERCHINA STAR1:41.224.2 52.62 24.79 24.599-7-6-851289744.83.2
22-06-11727HV tf y C165033C. H. Yip125Y. T. Cheng6 EURO SWIFTLYEXCEPTIONAL ARTJIMSON THE BEST1:41.324.6 51.83 24.90 24.822-3-2-31.25127274118
05-06-11678ST aw g -165038C. H. Yip122T. Angland13 JUST FANTASTICVIGOR DELIGHTENDLESS LUCK1:39.323.2 52.14 24.83 23.3911-12-12-86.51279748.97.8
15-05-11627ST aw w/s -165032C. H. Yip126T. Angland6 FLYING CHINAJIMSON THE BESTMY WHISKY1:39.124.6 51.60 23.85 23.767-7-5-2N1263722110
04-05-11595HV tf g A165032C. H. Yip125D. Whyte1 BUSINESS AS USUALJIMSON THE BESTFLORA DANICA1:40.923.8 52.86 24.47 23.634-4-4-2N1268704.63.1
06-04-11531HV tf g A165032C. H. Yip123D. Whyte3 MY GOALJIMSON THE BESTFLUKE1:40.224.0 52.48 24.12 23.935-5-3-21.751272703.43.8
16-03-11474HV tf g B165031C. H. Yip116D. Whyte2 JIMSON THE BESTROYAL KNIGHTAMITYSHIP1:40.223.1 53.12 24.26 22.893-3-3-11.51254632.72.3
09-03-11453HV tf g A165033C. H. Yip116D. Whyte5 BUTTERFIELDROYAL PUMPKINJIMSON THE BEST1:40.523.8 52.34 24.77 23.605-4-4-3112646232.4
16-02-11399HV tf g B165042C. H. Yip133M. Guyon7 COMPACT YARNJIMSON THE BESTHAPPY CHA CHA1:40.724.5 52.08 24.57 24.178-6-5-20.512486063.5
05-02-11373ST tf g B+2160042C. H. Yip130M. Guyon13 NEW VISIONJIMSON THE BESTSUPER GENTLEMAN1:35.323.9 47.93 23.72 23.764-3-2-2N1240586.36.5
16-01-11327ST tf g C+3140043C. H. Yip132M. Guyon14 SMART GIANTDREAMS MAKERJIMSON THE BEST1:22.623.4 36.66 23.72 22.9712-10-10-34.251245581311
27-12-10279ST tf g A+3140042C. H. Yip130N. Callan7 SAMMY'S FALCONJIMSON THE BESTTOM'S EIGHTH1:23.424.3 36.49 23.10 23.886-7-5-2H1238565.75.3
04-12-10225ST tf g C+3140044C. H. Yip130G. Mosse6 CROWN WITNESSYOUNG TURBOLIONS' FORTUNE1:22.823.6 36.31 23.32 23.393-5-4-41.251244567.19.1
11-07-10754ST tf g A160043C. H. Yip131D. Whyte4 SOUNDS EXCELLENTZEPHYRUSJIMSON THE BEST1:36.023.4 48.35 24.40 23.906-5-4-341255565.74.4
27-06-10715ST tf y/s B140042C. H. Yip126Y. T. Cheng7 SPARKLING FEELINGJIMSON THE BESTMANY GAINS1:24.424.4 35.83 24.68 23.976-7-8-2SH1254543.44
16-05-10611ST tf g C+3140043C. H. Yip129B. Prebble12 FUN HEROESAMBITIOUS DRAGONJIMSON THE BEST1:22.823.5 36.27 23.44 23.4312-10-7-321245544.63.8
01-05-10572ST tf g A+3120042C. H. Yip125B. Prebble11 TELECOM SUPER STARJIMSON THE BESTRAINBOW SEEKER1:11.023.3 24.83 23.55 22.7011-8-2SH1236524.22.3
21-03-10468ST tf g A+3100045C. H. Yip121C. W. Wong9 RUGBY HEAVENFAIR NAVIGATORFISHKING GLORY0:57.222.8 13.80 20.98 22.8510-7-52.25122652104.4

HKJC Comment

Slotted into midfield 4-5ls away in running line, no excuses in run, came wider turning, run ended at 300m and just battled thereafter.