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DIAMOND RAINBOW (L079) 鑽飾彩虹 (Retired)

K. L. Man / Rating: 29

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / ch / g / 14 yrs / AUS
Owner: Ng Kwok-kay
Last win: 24-11-10
Health: After being boxed, became very fractious, reared and struck its head on the barrier structure, injured left eye and was withdrawn from race. (31/01/2010) Unacceptable performance. (09/06/2010) After arriving at the barriers was noted to have a thick nasal discharge at the right nostril, withdrawn from race. (10/11/2010) Cut and swollen left fore fetlock. (05/04/2011)
Sire: Hold That Tiger
Dam: Unspoken Courage

Past Performances
Total Starts: 31: (1-5-1)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 5 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 18 (1-5-1)
HV 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
20-04-13545ST aw w/s -120057K. L. Man126B. Prebble1B HURRY HURRY UPGOOD SMILETAKE THE RAP1:10.623.5 24.18 23.20 23.943-4-74.51148321820
27-03-13489HV tf g C1200511K. L. Man130B. Prebble8SW-/BFORTUNE TERRITORYYOUNG SUPREMEGOOD LOOKING WATCH1:10.823.5 24.86 23.15 24.1110-9-1181133351312
21-11-12177HV tf g C1000512K. L. Man133B. Prebble12SW ASMODAIFASCINATING SMILEMEGABUCKS0:57.822.9 13.69 22.65 23.2910-11-1210.751152381634
24-10-12113HV tf g/f C120047K. L. Man114W. M. Lai7SW SILVER DRAGONPURE FORCEMAKE IT1:10.722.9 24.60 23.56 23.195-5-741144403958
06-10-1269ST tf g A1200413K. L. Man114H. W. Lai2SW ALWAYS WELLSUDDEN THUNDERSILVER DRAGON1:10.522.8 25.03 23.13 23.7310-11-138.51153436799
23-09-1238ST tf g/f C1200411K. L. Man118W. M. Lai8SW OWNERS' PRIDETHE PRINCEMAELSTROM1:10.222.2 25.20 23.34 23.418-7-11111143444871
15-07-12763ST tf g A1400412K. L. Man122W. M. Lai12SW PERI PERI SAFFRONLUCKY CHEVALIERTRIUMPHANT WAY1:23.323.5 36.39 23.96 24.328-9-7-128.251145501374
30-05-12650HV tf g C1200411K. L. Man125D. Whyte11SW WELL DONESURFER BOYBRILLIANT ONE1:10.623.5 24.92 23.27 23.339-9-115.51143521626
28-03-12508HV tf g A120048K. L. Man127G. Mosse5B-/SWURBAN DANCERBRILLIANT ONETEAM WORK1:10.923.7 24.38 23.15 23.885-5-82.751148541021
29-02-12437HV tf g A1200411K. L. Man129T. Clark4B SERENDIPITYSUNSHINE KIDCOMMON GOAL1:10.823.4 24.30 23.58 23.865-5-115.751158562229
05-02-12375ST tf g B+21200413K. L. Man133B. Prebble13B COSMIC BOOMROCKET PROUDCOOL BEAN1:10.023.2 24.89 22.81 24.5714-13-1314.251155573048
18-01-12325HV tf g C1200411K. L. Man130O. Doleuze9B BRILLIANT ONECHARMGOLDSTAR SON1:10.323.6 23.78 22.90 24.392-1-114.51156576.78.7
14-12-11243HV tf g B120042K. L. Man129O. Doleuze10B MAKE ITDIAMOND RAINBOWCROESUS1:11.223.3 24.33 23.66 23.302-2-2Nose1164553441
23-11-11188HV tf g C1200411K. L. Man128O. Doleuze8B GAMEKEEPERSGOOD HONG KONGWIND DAMPER1:10.923.1 24.66 23.30 23.536-3-113.51153551321
26-10-11124HV tf g C120042K. L. Man128O. Doleuze9B FORTUNE TOGETHERDIAMOND RAINBOWLONGWAH KID1:10.623.7 24.02 23.13 23.654-4-21.251155558.49.6
09-10-1176ST tf g A120044K. L. Man129O. Doleuze4B B CHOICESUPREME GENKIALL THE WINNERS1:10.123.2 24.35 22.83 23.665-4-44.51151561624
21-09-1134HV tf g B120043K. L. Man124C. Y. Ho1B BENEFACTORSNITZEL KIDDIAMOND RAINBOW1:10.923.6 24.54 23.22 23.804-4-33.751145569.88
25-05-11649HV tf g C120049K. L. Man130O. Doleuze9B SUPERIOR WARRIORSOU MA TAMCOUNTRY MAGIC1:10.924.0 24.44 23.17 23.764-4-92.51158578.59.9
04-05-11592HV tf g A120044K. L. Man130D. Beadman2B MANY GAINSCHATER POWERSPICY SHRIMP1:10.623.5 24.47 23.09 23.405-5-42.251151579.84.6
02-03-11434HV tf g C+3120042K. L. Man128O. Doleuze10B DANEWIN TIGERDIAMOND RAINBOWSNITZEL KID1:10.323.4 23.99 22.97 23.352-2-2SH1147551614
09-02-11380HV tf g A120047K. L. Man128O. Doleuze11B SNITZEL KIDMAKE ITSUPERIOR WARRIOR1:10.124.1 23.78 22.50 24.401-3-731167551513
12-01-11316HV tf g B120042K. L. Man126O. Doleuze6V-/B1YOUNG TURBODIAMOND RAINBOWHOME WITH GLORY1:10.523.8 23.81 22.95 23.772-2-2SH1164535.18.1
24-11-10198HV tf g C+3120041K. L. Man122O. Doleuze1V1 DIAMOND RAINBOWSKY MASCOTCHINA GOOD1:11.223.4 24.37 23.59 23.243-3-1Nose1148484.13.5
10-11-10162HV tf g B12004WDK. L. Man122O. DoleuzeV1 BRILLIANT ONEJOYFUL JOYFULFIONN'S DRAGON1:11.223.9  1153484 
20-10-10114HV tf g/f C120042K. L. Man120O. Doleuze6 HOME WITH GLORYDIAMOND RAINBOWSUGAR ON TOP1:10.323.5 24.32 22.98 23.063-3-2SH114644911
01-10-1070ST tf g/f C1400410K. L. Man116C. K. Tong14 CHARMGOLDHANDSOME BATCHELORPOLYGOLD1:22.523.9 35.93 23.05 24.325-3-3-104.751151463650
15-09-1030HV tf g/f B120045K. L. Man117H. W. Lai4 PAR EXCELLENCEFISHKING GLORYCHINA HERO1:10.123.9 24.39 22.94 23.206-6-52.251146463359
09-06-10671HV tf g A1650412K. L. Man127M. W. Leung7 FLORAL PICASSOMASTER DREAMERLOTUS LOVE1:41.224.3 51.99 25.44 27.722-2-8-1224.251120574999
02-06-10652HV tf g/y C+31000411K. L. Man130C. K. Tong2 EVER BEAUTYMILLION DARLINGCLASSIC NAVIGATOR0:57.322.8 13.27 22.66 23.509-10-1113.251136606199
31-01-10352ST tf g B14004WDK. L. Man128G. Cheyne BRAVE HEARTSOLDIERBLESSING1:22.723.1  11376050 
10-01-10296ST tf g C1200310K. L. Man117K. L. Chui4 CAT STORMHUSSLERLUNAR REFLECTIONS1:10.223.1 24.33 23.30 23.813-5-107.251141637399
19-12-09253ST tf g C+31000314K. L. Man114K. L. Chui9 HUSSLERSWEET SANETTEHAPPY REUNION0:56.922.5 13.67 21.48 24.689-14-14181130666856
25-11-09189HV tf g/f C+31000312K. L. Man118C. K. Tong11 NORMAN INVADERYOUNG LABELENGINEERING WONDER0:56.722.6 13.38 21.99 23.9512-12-1215.751128663269

HKJC Comment

Had every possible chance, box seating. Was a beaten horse near the furlong.