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FIRST IN COMMAND (L085) 活力至寶 (Retired)

J. Moore / Rating:

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / br / g / 13 yrs / AUS
Owner: Mr & Mrs Chow Kay-yui
Last win: 08-07-12
Health: Reared after being boxed, got front legs over front gates and hit head on overhead bar, then broke through and galloped riderless for a considerable distance, sustained abrasions to both front legs and was withdrawn from race. (19/12/2009) Lame right fore on the morning after racing. (09/12/2010) Substantial mucus in the trachea after finishing track work, withdrawn from race. (24/12/2011) After being mounted prior to leaving the Parade Ring, took charge and dislodged rider, completed a circuit riderless and was withdrawn from race. (25/04/2012) Stiff and restricted action all four legs on the morning after racing. (14/06/2012)
Sire: Commands
Dam: Glenbawn

Past Performances
Total Starts: 31: (5-4-3)
ST 1000m: 9 (2-1-0)
ST 1200m: 8 (0-2-1)
ST aw 1200m: 3 (1-0-1)
HV 1000m: 1 (1-0-0)
HV 1200m: 10 (1-1-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
09-12-12222ST tf g A1200312J. Moore121C. Y. Lui8TT SOLAR GREATLITTLE COWHELENE FUN STAR1:09.222.8 24.14 22.77 23.776-8-129.251129783635
17-10-1297ST aw g -120033J. Moore133T. Clark8TT BOULD MOVERTURIN CHAMPIONFIRST IN COMMAND1:09.523.5 23.73 22.61 23.753-3-33.751134795.73.9
16-09-1226ST aw g -120034J. Moore133T. Clark1TT BUNDLE OF LOVEALPHA GRANDGREEN ZONE1:08.923.4 23.24 22.34 23.722-1-421105796.33.5
15-07-12766ST tf g A120032J. Moore132T. Clark13TT BE-FABULOUSFIRST IN COMMANDALL VICTORY1:09.722.5 24.66 22.76 22.413-4-20.51111771729
08-07-12747ST aw g -120031J. Moore126T. Clark10H-/TTFIRST IN COMMANDPALEPALESUPREME GENKI1:08.522.9 23.05 22.62 22.911-1-121136692120
13-06-12689HV tf g B1200310J. Moore126K. C. Leung3H/TT DREAM BUILDERSHAHJEEGLENEALY STAR1:10.323.3 24.50 23.19 23.846-8-107.251123721012
27-05-12645ST tf g A1200310J. Moore127W. Pike14B-/H/FINN MACCOOLGIFT IS GIFTHIGHLAND DRAGON1:10.223.8 24.79 22.96 23.9014-10-108.751119733699
09-05-12606HV tf g B120039J. Moore132W. Pike10H/B1/BOULD MOVERRED LUCKY STARMASTER RIO1:10.423.7 24.41 23.05 23.779-9-951107769.514
25-04-12570HV tf g C+312003WDJ. Moore129B. PrebbleH/B1/MY GOALGLENEALY STARIMPERIAL ROME1:10.323.5  1112768.8 
09-04-12532ST tf g C100038J. Moore132J. Lloyd1H/TT MI SAVVYBULLISH KINGLUCKY RECORD0:56.122.6 13.65 20.95 22.4511-12-85.51116781731
28-03-12511HV tf g A120038J. Moore130Y. T. Cheng3H/TT FRESH AIRGLENEALY STARMY GOAL1:10.123.9 24.40 22.85 23.239-10-821111801237
18-03-12488ST tf g A1200212J. Moore118J. Lloyd1H/TT ARRIVED AHEADSTRAIGHT GOLDTALLEY CLOSE1:09.322.0 24.19 23.35 23.193-4-128.51102822959
04-03-12448ST tf g B+21000211J. Moore115W. M. Lai12H/TT GO BABY GOSIR EAGLESCALIFORNIA CHOICE0:56.522.7 13.51 20.74 23.409-9-116.751109845693
19-02-12415ST tf g A1200214J. Moore120O. Doleuze6H/TT BEST ELEVENARRIVED AHEADSTRAIGHT GOLD1:09.622.9 24.52 23.01 24.358-12-1413.751121863759
27-11-11202ST tf g C100029J. Moore121D. Beadman2H/TT EAGLE REGIMENTBLAZE KINGKING MOSSMAN0:56.222.3 14.09 20.48 22.5514-14-95.751147881419
09-10-1182ST tf g A1200210J. Moore122T. Clark7H/TT LONGWAH SUPREMEKING MOSSMANCAPTAIN SWEET1:09.722.9 23.99 23.19 23.483-4-105.51133894741
11-09-118ST tf g A100024J. Moore125D. Beadman1H/TT EAGLE REGIMENTETERNAL BEAUTYVITAL FLYER0:56.722.7 13.61 20.83 22.628-10-42.251118891023
06-07-11755HV tf g/f A120025J. Moore127D. Beadman9H/TT EASY WINNERBEST FITHORSE GALORE1:10.123.2 24.53 22.81 23.227-6-52.51136897.27.2
08-06-11688HV tf g A100031J. Moore130D. Beadman3H/TT FIRST IN COMMANDHORSE GALOREGOLDEN BAUHINIA0:57.223.3 12.75 21.61 22.882-4-10.511338263.7
15-05-11626ST tf g C+31000110J. Moore113M. Du Plessis2H/TT BLAZE KINGAMEDEOCALIFORNIA CHOICE0:56.022.4 13.45 20.70 22.909-6-1061137821412
06-04-11530HV tf g A120033J. Moore130D. Beadman10H/TT FLYING COLOURSABLE SPEEDFIRST IN COMMAND1:09.623.4 24.00 22.52 23.654-4-331119826.24.4
12-03-11464ST tf g C+3100032J. Moore133D. Beadman14H/TT DANE PATROLFIRST IN COMMANDETERNAL BEAUTY0:56.422.4 13.67 20.85 21.966-6-2Nose1104799.26.5
08-12-10235HV tf g B120039J. Moore132D. Beadman9H/TT BOLEROTURBO KINGFREE AND EASY1:10.123.3 24.38 23.14 23.388-9-94.51107798.59.2
24-11-10201HV tf g C+3120034J. Moore133D. Beadman6H/TT ROMANTIC CITYGLENEALY STARSUPREME FAY FAY1:10.223.9 24.09 22.87 23.785-4-431106795.54.9
14-11-10172ST tf g/f A100031J. Moore122D. Beadman12H/TT FIRST IN COMMANDTRUE VALOURHAPPY REUNION0:57.823.1 13.74 21.14 22.924-5-1SH1127747.35.1
11-07-10757ST tf g A120033J. Moore126D. Beadman9H/TT FLYING SUPREMECHINA WINFIRST IN COMMAND1:10.022.8 24.56 22.80 22.762-2-3N1120721513
20-06-10706HV tf g/f B1200311J. Moore126J. Lloyd11H/TT JUMBO GOLDSHIFACHI TRADITIONSOLAR UP1:09.923.8 23.77 23.07 24.494-7-118.51100724.76.4
02-06-10658HV tf g/y C+3120032J. Moore122D. Beadman4H/TT MR VIGOROUSFIRST IN COMMANDSUPER PLUS1:10.423.3 24.17 23.24 23.152-3-20.51093693.92.7
19-05-10618HV tf y B120031J. Moore116J. Lloyd10H/TT FIRST IN COMMANDMASTER RIOTURF MAGIC1:10.123.2 23.95 23.00 23.211-1-1N1108633.83.7
25-04-10552ST tf g A120042J. Moore133D. Beadman6H/TT PRAISINGFIRST IN COMMANDCONQUEROR1:10.724.0 24.22 23.00 23.585-6-2N1116605.62.4
04-04-10504ST tf g C100041J. Moore125D. Beadman3H/TT FIRST IN COMMANDCHINA WINPERPETUAL KINGDOM0:57.022.7 13.68 20.76 22.6211-5-10.751119527.86.7
21-03-10468ST tf g A+3100048J. Moore124W. C. Marwing8H1/TTRUGBY HEAVENFAIR NAVIGATORFISHKING GLORY0:57.222.8 13.56 21.14 23.284-5-84.251138528.38.5
19-12-09249ST tf g C+310004WDJ. Moore127D. BeadmanTT1 WIND DAMPERPOWER RETURNSUPREME TAIJI0:58.023.3  1122525.90

HKJC Comment

Began fairly, settled 3-wide in forward of midfield, soon faded in straight.