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HAWTHORNE (L136) 江山如畫 (Retired)

T. P. Yung / Rating: 67

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / ch / g / 13 yrs / GB
Owner: Alan Wong Wai-kai & Amanda Wong Wai-ying
Last win: 05-06-14
Health: Castration. (22/07/2010) Had a bleeding nail puncture to the sole of the right front foot after arriving at the saddling stalls, withdrawn from race. (12/09/2010) After being loaded reared and sat down in the gates, lame right fore and was withdrawn from race. (09/02/2011) Lame right front leg with inflamed fetlock and evidence of displaced bone fragment. (20/06/2014) Failed vet exam, lame right front leg. (30/06/2014) Medical therapy for chronic orthopedic condition. (17/07/2014)
Sire: Footstepsinthesand
Dam: Western Bowl

Past Performances
Total Starts: 65: (6-8-6)
ST 1000m: 10 (0-3-1)
ST 1200m: 4 (0-0-1)
ST aw 1200m: 4 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 26 (3-5-2)
HV 1200m: 21 (3-0-2)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
17-06-15705HV tf g/f C120036T. P. Yung113H. N. Wong1B CAGA FORCEDA VINCISUPREME FLIGHT1:09.822.6 24.33 23.34 22.976-7-65.251088698.213
03-06-15666HV tf g/f A120038T. P. Yung125D. Lane9B RAINBOW FIGHTERCAGA FORCEYO-YO DA1:10.223.2 24.22 23.21 23.512-4-84.51081711856
13-05-15614HV tf g/f B1000311T. P. Yung129Y. T. Cheng8B SMART DECLARATIONGREAT RUNGENERAL IRON0:57.023.3 12.83 21.96 23.356-9-116.751085731148
29-04-15577HV tf g/f C+3120037T. P. Yung128D. Lane7B DASHING CERAMIBOCLEVER BEAVERHELLA HEDGE1:10.622.7 24.18 23.95 22.992-2-72.751096751236
15-04-15539HV tf g/f B120039T. P. Yung133D. Lane5B PEACE N PROSPERITYDASHING CERAMIBODILLY1:09.623.2 23.59 22.78 23.891-1-941091771754
01-04-15512HV tf g/f A120039T. P. Yung131D. Lane1B ALL THE BESTHELLA HEDGERAINBOW FIGHTER1:09.723.6 23.62 22.92 23.855-5-941091781546
04-03-15437HV tf g A120039T. P. Yung126K. C. Ng9B CLEVER BEAVERGENTILISRAINBOW FIGHTER1:10.123.9 23.64 22.71 24.952-2-97.51114781426
05-06-14680HV tf g/f B120031T. P. Yung123H. Bowman7B1 HAWTHORNEHONG KONG DANCERYOU READ MY MIND1:09.422.9 23.70 22.77 22.931-1-121113703051
14-05-14628HV tf g C120039T. P. Yung118C. Y. Lui4 SEASONS STARMR GINGERYOU READ MY MIND1:10.123.2 24.42 23.36 23.487-8-96.751115721522
30-04-14590HV tf g A1200310T. P. Yung129M. Chadwick9 COUR VALANTALL WIN BOYSUNNY FAY1:10.523.6 23.81 23.37 24.081-3-104.251105742799
02-04-14525HV tf g/y A120038T. P. Yung122C. Y. Lui6 ALL WIN BOYCALLING WITH LOVESUNNY FAY1:10.523.5 23.88 23.16 24.221-2-84.51115762023
12-03-14469HV tf g B120038T. P. Yung133N. Callan9 SPEEDYGONZALEZSTRONG FOUNDATIONBRILLIANT SHINE1:09.523.4 23.93 22.77 23.853-4-86.251113772645
22-01-14348HV tf g C+3120038T. P. Yung124C. Y. Lui9 LONDON WALKOVETTCOUR VALANT1:10.122.7 24.05 23.44 22.982-2-82.251114772746
08-01-14313HV tf g B120036T. P. Yung126K. C. Ng5 RAINBOW FIGHTERALL WIN BOYHAPPY YEAH YEAH1:10.222.9 24.14 23.14 23.141-1-611119779.77.6
18-12-13254HV tf g C120031T. P. Yung125T. Angland8 HAWTHORNESWIFT SHADOWCHOICE TREASURE1:09.623.6 23.45 22.52 23.641-1-1SH1108728.715
27-11-13198HV tf g/f C+3120031T. P. Yung111C. Y. Lui8 HAWTHORNEMY NAME IS BONDCOUR VALANT1:10.322.7 23.86 23.80 22.701-1-11.75109265107.4
06-11-13144HV tf g A100035T. P. Yung118M. L. Yeung3 CHARITY JOYBRAVENESSEASTERN PROMISE0:57.123.4 12.70 21.38 23.672-5-53.51078675.66.1
09-10-1370HV tf g/f A120034T. P. Yung115K. C. Ng12 SICHUAN CHARMSNITZEL KIDPRETTY ONE1:10.623.3 23.66 23.61 23.621-1-41.751057671225
25-09-1342HV tf g/f C120033T. P. Yung113C. Y. Lui10 MI SAVVYGOLDEN HARVESTHAWTHORNE1:09.922.9 23.78 23.27 23.062-2-30.751041672750
26-06-13728HV tf g/f C100032A. Schutz125T. Berry2 THE PRINCEHAWTHORNEEASTERN PROMISE0:56.822.8 12.61 21.46 22.931-3-211066683.54.1
05-06-13669HV tf g A100039A. Schutz124R. Fourie7 BEAUTY SPARKLEBUNDLE OF JOYMR GINGER0:56.922.9 12.78 21.98 23.535-8-98.751063701627
22-05-13633HV tf y C100036A. Schutz125R. Fourie10 SUPER FRESHCROESUSB CHOICE0:57.223.0 12.78 21.95 23.172-7-641072721118
20-04-13551ST tf g C+3100038A. Schutz129T. Angland11 RADGLORIOUS SUNDAYDREAM BUILDER0:56.722.7 13.37 21.09 23.357-12-86.751062741447
10-04-13520HV tf g/y C+3100039A. Schutz124Z. Purton8 GOLD EDITIONTOUCH GOPRECISION KING0:58.023.9 12.94 21.91 23.844-4-941057764.24.7
10-03-13451ST tf g C+3100035A. Schutz131U. Rispoli11 GRIMMYDANE PATROLORIENTAL PROSPER0:55.521.9 13.48 20.62 22.063-6-53.751058761528
24-02-13411ST tf g B100032A. Schutz131T. Angland2 GOLD EDITIONHAWTHORNESIR EAGLES0:57.022.5 13.63 21.14 22.513-3-21.251059761018
27-01-13344ST tf g B100036A. Schutz129T. Angland7 BIG FOURORIENTAL PROSPERJUN DAO0:56.922.8 13.28 20.91 23.001-4-61.251065769.312
12-01-13312ST tf g C+3100032A. Schutz128T. Angland2 WINDICATOR STARHAWTHORNEDYNAMIC VOYAGE0:57.022.6 13.30 21.20 22.722-2-21.251076751225
28-12-12273HV tf g C+3100037A. Schutz128C. W. Wong10 WINDICATOR STARSUPER FRESHGOLD RACER0:57.222.9 12.80 21.60 23.621-2-751069777.818
12-12-12239HV tf g B100034A. Schutz124C. W. Wong10 ROMANTIC CITYBUNDLE OF LOVECHARITY SPIRIT0:57.423.5 12.88 21.81 23.224-4-42.751063781032
28-11-12200HV tf g C+3100036A. Schutz130C. W. Wong10 GOLD RACERROMANTIC CITYSEASONS STAR0:57.723.7 12.68 22.01 23.385-7-621068781424
07-11-12142HV tf g A100032A. Schutz129C. W. Wong2 ROMANTIC CITYHAWTHORNEWINDICATOR STAR0:57.123.0 13.05 21.39 23.085-3-22.5105278810
21-10-12109HV tf g/f B100039A. Schutz126C. W. Wong10 FREDERICK ENGELSSIMPLEGLORY HORSIE0:57.223.1 12.85 21.67 23.442-4-94.751055801219
19-09-1233HV tf g B100034A. Schutz131C. W. Wong4SR- SILVER OSMANTHUSGOLD RACERRED LUCKY STAR0:57.323.5 12.79 21.67 23.074-4-41.251050809.614
24-06-12718ST tf g A120027P. F. Yiu116C. W. Wong3SR EL ZONDAFAT CHOY HONG KONGADORATION1:09.422.5 24.02 22.81 23.111-1-73.251064811826
09-06-12681ST tf g C100019P. F. Yiu111C. W. Wong14SR BLAZE KINGLONDON CHINA TOWNBEAR HERO0:55.722.1 13.27 20.60 22.702-4-951062811323
19-05-12632ST tf y C+3100033P. F. Yiu131K. C. Leung13SR LIFELINE ELITEWINNING LEADERHAWTHORNE0:57.223.3 13.25 20.84 23.283-3-311059801712
09-05-12605HV tf g B100033P. F. Yiu131K. C. Leung12SR GOLD EDITIONLOADS OF JOYHAWTHORNE0:57.323.2 12.82 21.86 22.835-5-311059791725
15-04-12541HV tf g/f B100032P. F. Yiu129C. W. Wong4SR MERRY ANNIVERSARYHAWTHORNEEASTERN PROMISE0:57.223.2 12.52 21.53 23.372-2-21.251061781627
28-03-12514HV tf g A1000210P. F. Yiu115C. W. Wong8P-/SRGOOD BOY BOYCHARLES THE GREATEL ZONDA0:56.922.7 12.74 21.61 23.341-2-104.751047791934
21-03-12493ST aw g -1200311P. F. Yiu127G. Mosse11SR-/PREGENCY LUCKGREEN ZONENOBODY BUT YOU1:09.323.4 23.22 22.69 25.171-1-1110.751059791929
07-03-12455HV tf g B100033P. F. Yiu132G. Mosse3SR ELUSIVE PRINCESMART KIDSHAWTHORNE0:57.223.3 12.66 21.25 23.643-1-321054796.16.8
29-02-12441HV tf g A1200310P. F. Yiu116C. W. Wong6SR NEW GLORYEASY WINNERREGENCY LUCK1:09.623.8 23.70 22.82 25.114-8-1012.251056791721
22-02-12419HV tf g C+3100032P. F. Yiu133G. Mosse1SR SUPER PLUSHAWTHORNEMERRY ANNIVERSARY0:56.922.9 12.61 21.42 23.161-1-21.2510627943.9
01-02-12369HV tf g A100035P. F. Yiu122K. C. Ng4SR CHARITY SPIRITFLASHING GUYGOOD BOY BOY0:57.223.5 12.57 21.46 23.392-2-51.251060794.63.1
18-01-12328HV tf g C100031P. F. Yiu126C. W. Wong9SR HAWTHORNEFLASHING GUYDANEWIN WINNING0:57.022.8 12.59 21.66 22.841-1-1N10537376.9
04-01-12293HV tf g A100031P. F. Yiu119C. W. Wong3SR HAWTHORNEGOOD BOY BOYGREEN ZONE0:57.523.2 12.74 21.52 23.281-1-10.510636775.9
14-12-11245HV tf g B100032P. F. Yiu110C. W. Wong7P-/SRTOUCH GOHAWTHORNEDANEWIN WINNING0:57.222.9 12.78 21.53 22.941-1-2SH1056631530
27-11-11200ST aw g -120038P. F. Yiu119J. Lloyd6SR-/PPALEPALEHANDSOME BATCHELORGREEN ZONE1:09.723.9 23.56 23.03 24.766-12-8101051646.47.1
23-11-11189HV tf g C120033P. F. Yiu121J. Lloyd5SR FLYING SMARTFREE AND EASYHAWTHORNE1:10.323.0 24.42 23.09 23.152-2-31.751065641114
05-11-11146ST tf g/f C+3100038P. F. Yiu115M. L. Yeung5SR ARRIVED AHEADSPACE RACEXI YING MEN0:57.123.1 13.34 20.81 23.594-5-84105465911
23-10-11116HV tf g B100034P. F. Yiu122J. Lloyd8H-/SRDOUBLE LUCKSPACE RACEVINTAGE HUSSLER0:57.623.5 12.74 21.41 23.711-2-41.5105965137.7
21-09-1132HV tf g B100038P. F. Yiu117H. W. Lai10H TOUCH GOSEA THE PEARLSSTORM UNICORN0:57.823.3 13.05 21.81 23.688-6-84.251059651310
04-05-11594HV tf g A100039P. F. Yiu117H. W. Lai4P-/H GOLDEN BAUHINIACHARITY SPIRITJUN DAO0:57.623.9 12.56 21.46 24.351-4-94.5104566126.3
13-04-11547ST aw g -120035P. F. Yiu117M. Chadwick2P2/H CHEETAH BOYFLYING SMARTTHE PRINCE1:08.923.3 23.31 22.29 24.311-2-561042668.55.1
27-03-11498ST tf g B100042P. F. Yiu126M. L. Yeung8H ETERNAL BEAUTYHAWTHORNEORIENTAL COURSER0:57.322.7 13.44 21.12 22.791-1-2Nose1039638.95.6
27-02-11426ST tf g A+3120043P. F. Yiu122T. H. So13H COSTA DEL SOLETERNAL BEAUTYHAWTHORNE1:10.323.7 23.70 23.00 23.761-2-30.751043613431
09-02-11384HV tf g A10003WDP. F. Yiu112H. W. LaiH AMEDEOEVER BEAUTYGOLDEN BAUHINIA0:57.323.6  1052617.5 
23-12-10268HV tf g C+3100041P. F. Yiu129G. Mosse9P-/H HAWTHORNEORIENTAL COURSERRIDE ON THE FIRE0:57.823.3 12.84 21.66 23.351-2-1SH1044561818
04-12-10224ST aw g -120047P. F. Yiu129H. W. Lai8P1/H1SPECTACULAR AWARDLUCKY TYCOONHAR HAR CHARMS1:09.923.6 24.33 22.37 23.8212-8-73.751047583151
17-11-10183HV tf g C1000310P. F. Yiu113C. K. Tong7SR- TURBO KINGCHEVALIER KINGHORSE GALORE0:57.623.4 12.96 22.14 23.406-10-105.51046613044
13-10-10100HV tf g/f B1200312P. F. Yiu117C. K. Tong9SR1 ACHILLES OF TROYMI REILLYSUPER PLUS1:09.823.2 24.07 23.06 24.694-6-1212.251049642246
26-09-1062ST tf g B+21200413P. F. Yiu129C. K. Tong14 ADMIRATIONCHINA WINNEW KING PRAWN1:10.323.2 23.62 23.41 24.211-1-135.751063647099
12-09-1025ST tf g/y C+310003WDP. F. Yiu116H. W. Lai LITTLE BRIDGEJUN DAOLONGWAH RISING0:56.723.0  10426426 
01-07-10726ST tf g C1000311Y. O. Wong111W. M. Lai6 LONDON CHINA TOWNDIAMOND KNIGHTLUCKY RED0:56.322.6 13.80 20.76 22.7613-13-116.251060693430
09-06-10675HV tf g A120036Y. O. Wong117Y. T. Cheng3 TURF MAGICSTAR OF FAMETOPPING LIGHT1:10.923.2 24.05 23.67 23.621-1-62.251053711716
16-05-10608ST tf g C+3120038Y. O. Wong117Y. T. Cheng7 LUCKY NINELET ME FIGHTNOBLE CHOICE1:09.923.9 24.52 22.57 23.306-6-831060712224

HKJC Comment

Very awkward away, hard ridden to keep up in midfield, 4Ls off the leader on the rails, not suited by the slow pace, no turn of foot.