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CHEETAH BOY (L192) 獵豹小子 (Retired)

Y. S. Tsui / Rating: 64

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / b / g / 12 yrs / USA
Owner: Barbara Chung Kwai-ying
Last win: 02-03-13
Health: Lame right fore on race day morning and was withdrawn from race. (03/05/2010) After being boxed became fractious, reared, attempted to get under the front gates and became cast, withdrawn from race. (04/07/2010) Unacceptable performance. (19/12/2010) Bilateral stifle surgery: medial patellar ligament desmotomy. (18/08/2011) Unacceptable performance. (17/06/2012) Unacceptable performance. (08/06/2013) Unacceptable performance. (15/12/2013) Swollen right front fetlock after racing. (08/10/2014)
Bloodline Relations: SHANGDONG GENERAL
Sire: Came Home
Dam: Chilldown

Past Performances
Total Starts: 48: (6-2-4)
ST 1000m: 10 (1-1-2)
ST 1200m: 6 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 3 (0-0-0)
ST 1800m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 18 (5-1-2)
ST aw 1650m: 5 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
08-10-1473ST aw g -120036Y. S. Tsui120Y. T. Cheng8B SIGHT BELIEVERCALLING WITH LOVEHELLO KIMBERLEY1:08.822.6 24.92 22.31 22.4412-11-65.51119665.45.7
24-09-1431ST aw g -120034Y. S. Tsui118C. K. Tong5H-/B RUMBA KINGWINNING INSTINCTGREAT SKY1:09.322.7 24.01 22.90 22.775-5-42.251105671115
17-09-1418ST aw w/f -120033Y. S. Tsui120C. K. Tong8B/H KING DERBYAPOLLO CAVALIERCHEETAH BOY1:08.923.5 24.09 22.26 23.078-10-331110672363
25-06-14737ST aw g -1200312Y. S. Tsui126Z. Purton9B/H GREAT SKYSIGHT BELIEVERDOMINEER1:09.524.2 23.68 23.29 25.857-12-1220.251126731012
04-05-14598ST tf g A+31200313Y. S. Tsui126H. W. Lai12B/H SUN PINSLANG TAI SINGBERLINSKI1:09.923.2 25.01 22.81 24.1911-13-13131129752599
21-04-14570ST tf g C+3100037Y. S. Tsui125H. W. Lai11B/H PENIAPHOBIAPURE FORCECHARITY JOY0:56.622.6 13.48 20.94 23.048-8-75.251139773889
26-03-14505ST aw g -120036Y. S. Tsui125K. C. Leung4B/H ACCESS YEARSMASTER KOCHANWONGTURIN PEARL1:08.422.5 24.13 22.36 22.725-6-651125791122
05-03-14452HV tf g A1200312Y. S. Tsui127C. Y. Ho6B/H RAINBOW FIGHTERMY NAME IS BONDATACX1:10.323.5 24.30 23.15 25.067-7-1213.751140813699
23-02-14424ST tf g A+3120025Y. S. Tsui114K. C. Leung9B/H AEROVELOCITYOUR FOLKSHYPERSONIC1:09.222.7 23.97 22.58 23.333-2-53.751131839999
08-02-14388ST aw g -120026Y. S. Tsui114K. C. Leung3B/H SMART VOLATILITYBUNDLE OF LOVEGREAT SPIRIT1:08.723.0 23.62 22.53 23.604-5-66.51135854799
15-01-14332HV tf g C1200212Y. S. Tsui113C. Y. Ho11B/H BULLISH FRIENDTOUR DE FORCEEL ZONDA1:09.822.5 24.78 23.56 22.7510-10-127.51135871299
15-12-13247ST aw w/f -1650213Y. S. Tsui116C. Y. Ho4B/H HYPERSONICEAGLE POWERMR MEDICI1:38.724.3 51.13 24.02 29.145-5-8-1334.751136884799
13-11-13162HV tf g B100029Y. S. Tsui116C. Y. Ho11B/H ENSEMBLESTRAIGHT GOLDCHARITY SPIRIT0:56.922.8 13.49 21.74 22.5411-11-951126903299
30-10-13125ST tf g/f C+3100028Y. S. Tsui122C. Y. Ho11B/H AMBER SKYSICHUAN VIGOURHARD BALL GET0:55.822.4 13.94 21.01 22.3913-14-89.51115902799
08-06-13682ST tf g/f B+21200214Y. S. Tsui125C. Y. Ho14B/H FIONN'S TREASUREKEEN WONGCHOYABLE SPEED1:09.222.5 24.86 22.90 25.9810-14-14281133912399
01-05-13581ST aw w/s -1650212Y. S. Tsui119K. C. Leung9B/H FREE JUDGEMENTSILVER GRECIANLET ME HANDLE IT1:39.123.5 52.38 23.74 24.834-7-8-1211.251131913895
07-04-13515ST aw g -120025Y. S. Tsui126H. W. Lai1B/H BUNDLE OF LOVECOSMIC BOOMSILVER GRECIAN1:08.323.0 23.75 21.93 23.018-5-52.251128911621
01-04-13499ST tf g B+21000G37Y. S. Tsui114H. W. Lai2B/H GO BABY GOAMBER SKYVITAL FLYER0:56.122.2 13.42 20.81 23.393-7-791128913553
02-03-13433ST aw g -120021Y. S. Tsui121Y. T. Cheng8B/H CHEETAH BOYBUNDLE OF LOVECOSMIC BOOM1:08.723.4 23.37 22.00 23.332-2-10.51116851719
20-01-13332ST tf g A1400314Y. S. Tsui133U. Rispoli13B/H BEST WINSEA DIAMONDFIONN'S TREASURE1:22.423.6 35.37 23.61 25.034-2-2-14101139855099
06-01-13295ST aw f/t -120034Y. S. Tsui133Y. T. Cheng3B/H TURIN CHAMPIONGREEN ZONEMENTOR1:08.423.3 23.47 22.32 23.352-4-441138853.94.5
02-12-12210ST aw w/s -120031Y. S. Tsui133Y. T. Cheng8B/H CHEETAH BOYCULTURAL CITYSLICK BULLET1:10.124.0 23.58 22.62 23.982-2-1N11238087.5
14-11-12164ST aw f/t -120033Y. S. Tsui131C. K. Tong1B/H SLICK BULLETTURIN CHAMPIONCHEETAH BOY1:08.022.7 23.88 22.12 22.348-7-31.751117808.55.5
04-11-12136ST tf g/f C+3100027Y. S. Tsui112C. K. Tong12B/H AMBER SKYBEAR HEROCHARLES THE GREAT0:56.422.7 13.53 21.24 22.3412-14-74.251120827299
17-10-12100ST aw g -1650211Y. S. Tsui111C. W. Wong8B/H FREE JUDGEMENTNOBLE ALPHASILVER GRECIAN1:39.024.1 51.17 23.97 25.484-4-4-119.751107843086
16-09-1228ST tf g/f B1200211Y. S. Tsui121Y. T. Cheng8B/H MENTORRICH TAPESTRYFIONN'S TREASURE1:09.622.7 24.30 22.69 23.303-3-113.751108842877
08-07-12749ST aw g -1200211Y. S. Tsui123C. W. Wong10B/H RICH TAPESTRYHAPPY INDEXEARL OF LEITRIM1:08.123.0 24.19 22.35 23.119-10-119.251101882024
17-06-12702ST aw g -1650214Y. S. Tsui125Z. Purton8B/H AOMENNOBLE ALPHASILVER GRECIAN1:38.723.5 51.89 24.39 29.7013-13-14-1445.251120891112
16-05-12626ST aw sl -120015Y. S. Tsui113W. Pike10B/H FLYING COLOURSCERISE CHERRYMASQUERADER1:09.223.4 24.25 22.41 22.8910-10-521128893.46
09-04-12534ST aw sl -120022Y. S. Tsui119Y. T. Cheng7B/H FINAL ANSWERCHEETAH BOYREGENCY LUCK1:09.223.2 23.71 22.37 23.262-2-20.51122871113
04-03-12448ST tf g B+21000212Y. S. Tsui120C. W. Wong2B/H GO BABY GOSIR EAGLESCALIFORNIA CHOICE0:56.522.7 13.91 21.02 22.8914-14-127.751131894199
11-02-12398ST tf g C+31400212Y. S. Tsui133Z. Purton4B/H FLEET COMMANDEASY WINNERVIVA FREEDOM1:22.523.7 35.66 23.47 24.765-7-7-128.251116903099
27-12-11275ST tf g/f C+31000214Y. S. Tsui126Z. Purton11B/H STRAIGHT GOLDCHATER MIKADOVITAL FLYER0:56.723.0 13.57 21.13 24.109-14-1412.751106901648
19-06-11718ST aw g -120026Y. S. Tsui128Z. Purton4B/H HORSE GALORELONDON CHINA TOWNST DIDAR1:08.723.1 23.45 22.38 23.742-2-651130902.62.6
15-05-11624ST aw w/s -120031Y. S. Tsui129Z. Purton3B/H CHEETAH BOYCENTURY SUPER STARMING HOI GLORY1:09.023.7 23.21 22.09 23.714-2-15.51117762.21.7
13-04-11547ST aw g -120031Y. S. Tsui119Z. Purton10B/H CHEETAH BOYFLYING SMARTTHE PRINCE1:08.923.3 23.35 22.21 23.382-1-13.751108667.96.3
23-03-11488ST aw g -120041Y. S. Tsui133Z. Purton4B/H CHEETAH BOYFORTUNE SPIRITHAR HAR CHARMS1:09.423.4 24.01 22.26 23.175-4-10.511026065.1
30-01-11358ST tf g A+3100043Y. S. Tsui133Z. Purton5B/H BEST FITCHINA GOODCHEETAH BOY0:57.622.7 13.68 21.41 22.623-4-3H1099581217
19-12-10264ST tf g C+31800314Y. S. Tsui106T. H. So6B/H HOT SHOTFUN HEROESLUCKY FOREVER1:48.123.8 59.75 24.90 29.411-5-4-1436.751106603593
04-12-10229ST aw g -165036Y. S. Tsui112C. W. Wong7B1/H CHATER D'CATFLORAL PICASSOFLYING CHINA1:39.823.3 52.19 24.34 23.891-1-2-63.251096623486
10-11-10164HV tf g B1650311Y. S. Tsui118J. Lloyd4H FUN RIDERHAPPY SEVENMASTER GUNNER1:41.524.1 52.42 25.53 25.315-6-8-1110.751121643043
17-10-10112ST tf g/f A+31400313Y. S. Tsui116C. K. Tong13H ADMIRATIONLEGEND EXPRESSCHAMPION MOUNT1:21.923.9 35.01 23.62 25.252-4-9-1312.251110666099
06-10-1083HV tf g A120037Y. S. Tsui124J. Lloyd4H1 TURF MAGICWINDICATOR RETURNSSOARING RIVER1:09.823.3 24.10 23.01 23.284-6-73.251112672225
18-09-1039ST tf g A+3120038Y. S. Tsui121Y. T. Cheng5 BET ON MEBEST WINTELECOM TOP STAR1:09.422.6 24.42 22.68 23.132-3-85110367119
04-07-10730ST tf g C+31400GriWDY. S. Tsui131Y. T. Cheng FAY FAYREAL SUPREMETRAVEL PRINCE1:22.422.8  1122--20 
16-06-10688ST tf g/y A1200Gri7Y. S. Tsui126T. H. So7 FULFIL A WISHHINYUEN PALADINCAPTAIN SWEET1:10.622.4 25.57 23.74 22.6811-10-78.251115--7.812
01-05-10568ST tf g A+31200GriWDA. S. Cruz130M. Chadwick ADMIRATIONHINYUEN PALADINREAL SUPREME1:10.322.8  1080--2.6 
10-04-10522ST tf g C+31000Gri3A. S. Cruz130M. Chadwick2 LONDON CHINA TOWNHINYUEN PALADINCHEETAH BOY0:57.422.3 14.23 21.36 22.256-6-32.751087--2.43.5
06-03-10432ST tf g C+31000Gri2A. S. Cruz130M. Chadwick7TT- LONDON CHINA TOWNCHEETAH BOYHINYUEN PALADIN0:56.421.4 13.84 21.20 21.532-1-20.51088--1.41.2
21-02-10395ST tf g A+31000Gri1A. S. Cruz129W. C. Marwing4TT1 CHEETAH BOYSUPERIOR WARRIORWORLD WAY0:58.422.9 14.17 21.55 22.753-2-12.251106--21.7

HKJC Comment

Began fairly, ridden but failed to muster, dropping to last. Moved up turn, very wide into straight, finished off nicely near outer fence.