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HORSE GALORE (L220) 大把在手 (Retired)

Y. S. Tsui / Rating: 87

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 12 yrs / IRE
Owner: Hi-Lo Syndicate
Last win: 30-11-11
Health: Castration. (13/07/2010) Left fore suspensory injury. (31/12/2010) Lame right front leg with fetlock effusion and moderate arthritic changes. (03/04/2013) Right front lateral splint bone fracture. (05/04/2013) Lame left front leg (small lesion right front lateral branch and left front media branch of suspensory ligament). (24/09/2013) Lame left front leg: both front fetlocks advanced degenerative joint disease. (21/02/2014)
Sire: Choisir
Dam: Queen's Victory

Past Performances
Total Starts: 36: (4-8-6)
ST 1000m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1200m: 4 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 12 (2-5-1)
HV 1000m: 7 (1-1-2)
HV 1200m: 11 (1-2-3)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
25-09-1343HV tf g/f C10002WDY. S. Tsui118K. C. NgB2 LONDON CHINA TOWNBEAUTY SPARKLEBUNDLE OF LOVE0:56.622.8  115287  
27-03-13495HV tf g C100024Y. S. Tsui122K. C. Ng3 SIMPLEBUNDLE OF LOVELONDON CHINA TOWN0:56.922.8 12.84 21.66 22.693-4-41.51147918.24
06-02-13376HV tf g A100025Y. S. Tsui117C. Y. Ho11B- CHARITY SPIRITSIMPLEREGENCY LUCK0:56.823.2 12.91 21.67 22.397-8-511149913021
27-01-13351ST tf g B120029Y. S. Tsui127T. H. So3B SOLAR GREATLITTLE COWPRETTY ONE1:09.522.6 24.27 22.68 23.142-2-93.51160933399
16-12-12249ST aw g -120026Y. S. Tsui119C. Y. Lui8B HAPPY INDEXCOSMIC BOOMAMIGO1:08.923.1 23.61 22.59 23.193-3-62.51150951115
14-11-12165ST aw f/t -120024Y. S. Tsui123C. Y. Lui11B FREDERICK ENGELSMASQUERADERAMIGO1:08.323.2 23.16 21.88 23.641-1-42.251143971419
21-10-12110HV tf g/f B120029Y. S. Tsui127G. Mosse1B TIME AFTER TIMELEGENDARY DRAGONHAPPY TUMBLER1:09.623.3 23.43 23.11 23.663-4-93.751150999.210
01-10-1257ST tf g/f C+31000G36Y. S. Tsui113H. W. Lai6B VITAL FLYERCAPTAIN SWEETABLE SPEED0:56.122.3 13.35 20.54 22.932-3-64.2511451001010
26-09-1253HV tf g C100025Y. S. Tsui131O. Doleuze8B GOOD BOY BOYTIME AFTER TIMEGOOD WORDS0:56.822.7 12.85 21.44 23.053-2-53.2511591006.26.3
12-09-1218HV tf g A120023Y. S. Tsui131M. L. Yeung8B LEGENDARY DRAGONAMIGOHORSE GALORE1:10.123.3 23.88 22.92 23.561-1-31.2511471001113
04-07-12739HV tf g/f A120012Y. S. Tsui123O. Doleuze8B ARRIVED AHEADHORSE GALOREABLE SPEED1:09.823.5 24.19 22.24 23.558-3-20.751120992232
16-05-12626ST aw sl -120019Y. S. Tsui124Z. Purton12B FLYING COLOURSCERISE CHERRYMASQUERADER1:09.223.4 23.49 22.41 24.272-2-9611181011516
15-04-12544HV tf g/f B120015Y. S. Tsui133T. Angland6B LEGENDARY DRAGONARRIVED AHEADCHARLES THE GREAT1:09.223.0 23.77 22.80 23.235-4-53.7511281032827
01-04-12522ST tf g B+21000G36Y. S. Tsui115Y. T. Cheng7B LITTLE BRIDGECAPTAIN SWEETNEW VISION0:55.921.7 13.41 20.90 22.381-3-64.511311041913
10-03-12469ST aw g -120015Y. S. Tsui123K. C. Ng7B DYNAMIC BLITZAMIGOCERISE CHERRY1:09.123.4 23.34 22.36 23.631-1-51.25114810454.9
08-02-12388HV tf g B100013Y. S. Tsui129Y. T. Cheng5B FLYING COLOURSEL ZONDAHORSE GALORE0:56.622.8 12.74 21.36 22.603-3-3N11411036.37.4
21-01-12340ST aw g -120013Y. S. Tsui130D. Whyte5B KING MOSSMANCROWN WITNESSHORSE GALORE1:09.023.5 23.31 22.16 23.691-1-30.75114310265.3
21-12-11265HV tf g C120016Y. S. Tsui118H. W. Lai3B AT MOMENT IN TIMELET ME FIGHTFLYING COLOURS1:09.123.1 23.56 22.58 23.552-2-63.511561029.17.8
30-11-11211HV tf g C+3100011Y. S. Tsui120K. C. Ng6B HORSE GALOREAT MOMENT IN TIMEEL ZONDA0:57.323.2 12.62 21.50 23.201-2-1N1163974.24.6
19-10-11109ST aw g -120012Y. S. Tsui124Z. Purton10B ADMIRATIONHORSE GALOREHAPPY PRESTIGE1:08.123.1 23.24 21.91 23.182-2-2111439456.3
06-07-11755HV tf g/f A120023Y. S. Tsui130Y. T. Cheng1B EASY WINNERBEST FITHORSE GALORE1:10.123.2 23.85 23.01 23.542-1-31.751135949.16.1
19-06-11718ST aw g -120021Y. S. Tsui113K. C. Ng3B HORSE GALORELONDON CHINA TOWNST DIDAR1:08.723.1 23.33 22.30 23.151-1-12.751141856.12.6
08-06-11688HV tf g A100032Y. S. Tsui129Y. T. Cheng9B1 FIRST IN COMMANDHORSE GALOREGOLDEN BAUHINIA0:57.223.3 12.75 21.17 23.413-1-20.51137839.44.2
10-05-11615ST aw g -120032Y. S. Tsui126Y. T. Cheng4 BEST FITHORSE GALOREST DIDAR1:08.422.1 23.81 22.52 22.251-1-20.751131804.34.3
17-04-11556HV tf g/y B120032Y. S. Tsui129Y. T. Cheng11 BEST FITHORSE GALORENOBLE DE BEST1:11.724.0 23.71 24.13 24.144-2-21.251125782011
23-03-11491ST aw g -120031Y. S. Tsui124Y. T. Cheng5 HORSE GALORETOPPING LIGHTABLE CHARM1:09.423.7 23.75 21.91 23.761-1-1N1132733.43.5
27-12-10282ST aw g -120032Y. S. Tsui124Y. T. Cheng12 RICH UNICORNHORSE GALOREWINDICATOR RETURNS1:09.023.1 23.56 22.35 23.611-2-23.251120736.43.5
04-12-10226ST aw g -120032Y. S. Tsui119D. Whyte1 HAPPY REUNIONHORSE GALORETURF MAGIC1:08.823.1 23.91 22.16 22.874-3-20.51111712.41.8
17-11-10183HV tf g C100033Y. S. Tsui124H. W. Lai4 TURBO KINGCHEVALIER KINGHORSE GALORE0:57.623.4 12.84 21.78 23.284-5-321134719.57.2
03-11-10147ST aw g -120032Y. S. Tsui127D. Whyte6 WINDICATOR RETURNSHORSE GALORESOLAR UP1:09.623.4 23.80 22.82 23.384-4-22.2511227052.9
20-10-10119HV tf g/f C120034Y. S. Tsui122Y. T. Cheng10 RAINBOW SEEKERPAR EXCELLENCESHOWTIME1:10.223.5 23.69 23.06 23.731-2-41.251122707.710
23-09-1054HV tf g C120034Y. S. Tsui121Y. T. Cheng8 JUMBO GOLDGLENEALY STARJUN DAO1:09.823.1 24.06 23.19 22.886-7-41.51125708.810
07-07-10743HV tf g/f A120043Y. S. Tsui129Y. T. Cheng10 GO FAY FAYMAKE ITHORSE GALORE1:10.023.9 23.73 22.69 23.944-5-321120702219
02-06-10654HV tf g/y C+3120041Y. S. Tsui130Y. T. Cheng3 HORSE GALOREWITHALLMYHEARTFUN1:10.823.7 23.87 23.51 23.502-4-1SH1123643.32.9
08-05-10588ST tf g C120044Y. S. Tsui129Y. T. Cheng12 WINNER SMARTTHE RIFLESHANGHAI PIONEER1:10.023.0 24.10 22.97 23.242-2-41.751115658.29.2
10-04-10529ST tf g/y C+3120034Y. S. Tsui116Y. T. Cheng3 HAPPY REUNIONSUPERIOR UNITLEADING CITY1:10.724.0 23.94 22.96 24.492-2-43.751113679.120
21-03-10470ST tf g A+31200310Y. S. Tsui113Y. T. Cheng6 ENTRAPMENTROYAL DOCTORWEI HAI INVINCIBLE1:09.323.1 24.55 22.42 23.207-9-1051114671618