BRILLIANT CHARIOT (L242) 神勇馬車 (Retired)

C. W. Chang / Rating: 50

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
ISG / b / g / 12 yrs / IRE
Owner: New Chariot Club Syndicate
Last win: 19-09-12
Health: Lame left front foot on the morning after racing. (26/05/2011) Unacceptable performance. (15/01/2012) Left front tendon injury. (19/03/2013) Left front tendon re-injury. (10/12/2013)
Sire: Rock Of Gibraltar
Dam: Moon Unit

Past Performances
Total Starts: 30: (3-4-1)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1650m: 3 (0-1-0)
HV 1000m: 1 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1650m: 21 (3-3-1)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
27-11-13196HV tf g/f C+31200410C. W. Chang121C. K. Tong8B/TT MERIDIAN TREASURERAINBOW FIGHTERCREATIVE UNION1:10.623.8 24.32 23.13 24.577-7-108.51127503399
13-03-13454HV tf g B165042C. W. Chang123O. Doleuze1B/TT LITTLE RAINFORESTBRILLIANT CHARIOTTRAVEL GUIDE1:40.523.6 53.48 24.30 22.955-6-6-21.251090496.89.8
06-02-13372HV tf g A165047C. W. Chang124O. Doleuze1B/TT TOM'S EIGHTHLITTLE RAINFORESTBEAUTY KING1:40.824.5 52.01 24.61 24.805-3-3-73.51092517.95.4
16-01-13320HV tf g B165046C. W. Chang126O. Doleuze11B/TT ONE OF A KINDSUGAR PEGASUSYUAN'S FORTUNE1:42.124.1 53.44 25.39 23.7611-11-10-62.751094532261
05-12-12216HV tf g A165045C. W. Chang128C. Lemaire1B/TT ALL THE WINNERSGOLDEN OSMANTHUSVERY WELL1:42.223.4 54.99 24.50 23.246-7-6-52.751108551312
21-11-12181HV tf g C165047C. W. Chang129O. Doleuze12B/TT HOME WITH GLORYABSOLUTE FANTASYGOLDMEN Y Y1:41.523.9 52.71 25.52 23.9910-9-9-74.51098562462
07-11-12144HV tf g A165045C. W. Chang127C. K. Tong3B/TT REAL DRAGONMAGNANIMOUSGOLDEN OSMANTHUS1:41.324.8 52.50 24.70 24.718-9-8-53.751096562821
10-10-1278HV tf g A165046C. W. Chang129O. Doleuze4B/TT FORTUNE BRAVOTOM'S EIGHTHHOME WITH GLORY1:40.923.5 53.22 24.71 23.643-4-4-641112561511
19-09-1229HV tf g B165041C. W. Chang124O. Doleuze1B/TT BRILLIANT CHARIOTEXPECTATORLORD DRAGON1:40.623.9 52.51 24.45 23.724-4-4-10.51103516.77.5
08-07-12745ST aw g -1650411C. W. Chang122W. M. Lai14B/TT YOUNG HEROOUR DYNASTYPERFECT JOY1:39.224.2 52.06 23.80 24.7413-12-9-118.751117513634
06-06-12669HV tf g A165044C. W. Chang122W. M. Lai8B/TT PEGASUS SUPREMEBLOSSOM DAILYRAY'S FAVOURITE1:41.124.0 53.12 24.52 23.948-8-6-42.751102511614
25-04-12565HV tf g C+3165041C. W. Chang117W. M. Lai6B/TT BRILLIANT CHARIOTRAY'S FAVOURITEFORTUNE BRAVO1:41.223.3 53.20 25.13 22.936-6-5-1Nose1095462416
28-03-12509HV tf g A165048C. W. Chang118W. M. Lai4B/TT GOOD LUCK WINRAY'S FAVOURITECHANCELLOR1:40.323.8 52.66 24.92 23.868-9-9-871099461010
22-02-12422HV tf g C+3165043C. W. Chang120W. M. Lai5B/TT MOCHIHAPPY SCOREBRILLIANT CHARIOT1:40.424.8 52.10 24.12 24.377-7-5-31.25110146187.5
08-02-12382HV tf g B165041C. W. Chang116W. M. Lai1B/TT BRILLIANT CHARIOTSUPREME TYCOONHEI HEI POSH1:41.024.3 52.84 24.38 23.847-7-6-1H11034175.1
15-01-12319ST aw g -1650412C. W. Chang112W. M. Lai1B/TT GOLDEN TREASUREBEAUTY SUCCESSCOMMON GOAL1:40.724.8 51.89 24.32 26.573-4-4-12131112416.34.2
04-12-11215ST aw g -165042C. W. Chang113W. M. Lai5B/TT1LEO'S PRIDEBRILLIANT CHARIOTOUR DYNASTY1:40.224.1 51.96 24.36 24.244-4-2-21.751093411210
16-11-11169HV tf g B165048C. W. Chang118D. Whyte6B LET'S GOALEASY AHEADROMANCING TAMAR1:41.924.2 53.99 24.46 23.827-8-8-82.251086437.66.8
26-10-11121HV tf g C165046C. W. Chang119W. M. Lai10B VIVA GUYSPANDAU BALLETZEPHYRUS1:40.823.4 53.06 24.75 23.784-5-4-64.51091451413
12-10-1186HV tf g/y A165046C. W. Chang117W. M. Lai5B PRIVATE ROADROMANCING TAMARHAPPY SEVEN1:42.124.4 52.69 25.27 24.544-3-4-621102467.97.1
18-09-1122ST aw g -120045C. W. Chang117W. M. Lai4B SMART CHOICELUCKY TYCOONRIDE ON THE FIRE1:09.524.2 23.74 22.24 24.366-6-54.751106461537
06-07-11752HV tf g/f A165042C. W. Chang114T. H. So7B HOME WITH GLORYBRILLIANT CHARIOTSUPER GENKI1:40.624.5 52.05 24.52 24.073-4-3-2SH1084462750
26-06-11728ST tf g A1000414C. W. Chang120C. K. Tong5B HIGH-LOFTWIND DAMPERCHINA GOOD0:57.423.1 13.83 21.16 24.4511-11-1412.51097476299
25-05-11650HV tf g C1650411C. W. Chang122J. Lloyd10B VILASOLHOME WITH GLORYSUPER GENKI1:40.924.1 52.09 25.25 25.462-4-7-1111.751089491318
04-05-11591HV tf g A165049C. W. Chang124J. Lloyd12B HAPPY AMBASSADORCOMPACT YARNMACASSAR1:41.823.9 52.78 25.12 24.565-1-1-941083491122
06-04-11527HV tf g A165042C. W. Chang126J. Lloyd1H-/B1KOENIGSBERGBRILLIANT CHARIOTCLASSA1:41.124.6 51.98 24.73 24.485-4-4-2N109348109
16-03-11470HV tf g B165046C. W. Chang119M. L. Yeung2H SPANDAU BALLETKING ON EARTHEASY AHEAD1:40.824.6 53.06 24.37 23.838-9-7-62.251105505753
23-02-11416HV tf g C1200410C. W. Chang127G. Cheyne12H1 RIDE ON THE FIREAMAZING CHOICEGOOD SMILE1:10.123.1 24.45 23.38 23.395-6-106.51106549999
26-01-11353HV tf g C+31200411C. W. Chang125G. Cheyne11 OASIS DAVISFRESH AIRETERNAL BEAUTY1:10.823.8 24.43 23.35 24.4011-11-118.51128577799
01-12-10214HV tf g A1000412C. W. Chang131G. Cheyne4 SUPREME TAIJIGOOD BOY BOYDREAM HORSE0:58.023.6 13.67 21.99 23.5312-12-1271146574865

HKJC Comment

Began well and allowed to stride forward but caught 4-wide without cover. Covered extra ground turn and tired after straightening for home.