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FAT CHOY OOHLALA (L250) 人人興旺 (Retired)

C. H. Yip / Rating:

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PP / b / g / 12 yrs / GB
Owner: Fortuna Syndicate
Last win: 01-05-11
Health: After being boxed became fractious, got both hind legs over back gates, sustained a wound over left hind cannon and was lame in that leg, withdrawn from race. (27/02/2013) Both front fetlocks severe degenerative joint disease with right front fetlock lateral condylar fracture. (28/02/2013)
Sire: Dr Fong
Dam: Macina

Past Performances
Total Starts: 27: (3-5-5)
ST 1200m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 10 (1-1-3)
ST 1600m: 13 (2-4-2)
ST 1800m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 2000m: 1 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
27-02-13422HV tf g C16501WDC. H. Yip126T. ClarkB-/TTAOMENBEAUTY FLASHRAINBOW CHIC1:41.622.1  1137995.3 
12-02-13386ST tf g C+31400111C. H. Yip125G. Mosse12B/TT PENGLAI XIANZITALLEY CLOSEKEEN MARIE1:21.723.3 35.45 23.43 23.668-7-9-1151132997.29.2
27-01-13347ST tf g B140013C. H. Yip123G. Mosse2B/TT RICH TAPESTRYLET ME HANDLE ITFAT CHOY OOHLALA1:21.423.3 35.56 22.90 23.179-5-5-311132986.97.9
01-01-13287ST tf g B+2160024C. H. Yip133G. Mosse6B/TT GOLD-FUNENDOWINGLUCKY FOREVER1:35.422.6 49.78 23.62 22.689-9-7-43.7511231006.211
25-11-12192ST tf g/y C140014C. H. Yip123D. Whyte9B/TT FULFIL A WISHPENGLAI XIANZIKEEN MARIE1:22.023.3 36.22 23.13 22.869-9-7-40.7511111004.45.1
14-10-1292ST tf g/f A+3140024C. H. Yip123C. Y. Lui5B/TT1FLEET COMMANDMY NAME IS BONDKYARA1:21.523.7 35.50 22.74 23.625-5-5-4210981007.56.7
15-07-12769ST tf g A160019C. H. Yip125W. M. Lai12B DAN EXCELFAMILISTSSUPREME WIN1:35.123.1 49.25 23.74 22.7713-13-14-9410961041621
17-06-12700ST tf g/y C+31400G35C. H. Yip113W. M. Lai10B AASHIQSWEET ORANGEFLYING BLUE1:21.724.0 36.00 22.50 23.7412-9-8-5310961061525
19-05-12634ST tf y C+3160015C. H. Yip122Z. Purton4B2 FAMILISTSOUTDOOR PEGASUSLET ME HANDLE IT1:36.323.5 48.84 24.35 23.605-6-5-52.7510901085.95
01-04-12521ST tf g B+21600G29C. H. Yip123Z. Purton2 ADMIRATIONGLORIOUS DAYSABLE ONE1:34.422.7 49.29 23.19 22.635-6-7-94.2510991099.112
18-03-12485ST tf g A1800G34C. H. Yip120Z. Purton10B- THUMBS UPKING OF SCOTSSAPELLI1:47.423.0 61.79 23.37 22.7011-11-11-42.7511151107.55
25-01-12351ST tf g/y A140017C. H. Yip123K. C. Ng10B GLORIOUS DAYSBULLISH CHAMPIONNOBLE ALPHA1:22.823.4 37.03 23.40 23.2512-11-12-7511191107.910
01-01-12286ST tf g A+31400G33C. H. Yip121Z. Purton11B AASHIQCAPTAIN SWEETFAT CHOY OOHLALA1:21.923.1 36.92 22.90 22.3412-11-8-3111051101725
11-12-11236ST tf g/f A1600G111C. H. Yip126M. Guyon11B ABLE ONECITYSCAPEXTENSION1:33.923.8 47.89 23.18 23.5711-11-13-11411101031437
16-10-1198ST tf g A+31800G37C. H. Yip133D. Whyte7B JACOBEEFAMILISTSSUPER PISTACHIO1:48.623.2 63.01 23.10 23.028-8-8-7311011104.16.7
18-09-1125ST tf g A+3140012C. H. Yip116K. C. Ng1B SUPREME WINFAT CHOY OOHLALANATIONAL TREASURE1:22.123.3 36.48 23.01 22.637-6-6-2Nose10881072.13.3
10-07-11766ST tf g/f B+2160012C. H. Yip122K. C. Ng9B SILVER GRECIANFAT CHOY OOHLALAFAMILISTS1:35.122.8 49.33 23.69 22.209-9-9-2N10871055.56.5
01-05-11585ST tf g A+3160011C. H. Yip124D. Whyte9B FAT CHOY OOHLALAHOT SHOTADMIRATION1:35.422.2 50.29 23.40 21.788-8-7-11.751099966.35.8
09-04-11541ST tf g C+3160022C. H. Yip128B. Prebble3B DESTINED FOR GLORYFAT CHOY OOHLALADRAGON FIGHTER1:34.522.8 48.25 23.58 22.854-5-4-20.51088943.43.6
20-03-11484ST tf g A2000G19C. H. Yip126B. Prebble12B AMBITIOUS DRAGONXTENSIONLET ME HANDLE IT2:01.523.0 75.31 24.30 23.0413-13-13-97.251095941514
20-02-11414ST tf g A160021C. H. Yip119M. Guyon3B FAT CHOY OOHLALASAPELLIDANZULU1:35.223.4 48.09 23.99 23.204-3-3-1311118334.1
05-02-11378ST tf g B+2160022C. H. Yip118M. Guyon2B1 FREE JUDGEMENTFAT CHOY OOHLALASEMOS1:35.423.1 48.64 24.12 22.8110-11-10-20.751103813.94.1
16-01-11331ST tf g C+3160023C. H. Yip113Y. T. Cheng5 LET ME HANDLE ITSAPELLIFAT CHOY OOHLALA1:34.523.2 48.71 23.26 23.189-10-10-33.751120816.57
12-12-10248ST tf g A160023C. H. Yip114Y. T. Cheng4 SICHUAN SUCCESSSEMOSFAT CHOY OOHLALA1:35.623.3 49.84 23.32 22.757-8-7-31.51124804.73.3
21-11-10187ST tf g/f B+2160032C. H. Yip131Y. T. Cheng6 KING AL AKBARFAT CHOY OOHLALASADDLERS LODGE1:35.723.1 49.35 23.52 23.056-6-4-21.251125793.33.3
06-11-10158ST tf g/y C+3140033C. H. Yip125Y. T. Cheng5 ADMIRATIONSICHUAN SUCCESSFAT CHOY OOHLALA1:23.023.1 36.82 23.72 22.9210-12-9-32.751132791120
11-07-10755ST tf g A140031C. H. Yip124Y. T. Cheng6 FAT CHOY OOHLALAEIGHT PLUS NINEMASCOT FORTUNE1:23.123.3 36.74 23.61 22.796-9-9-1Nose1104744.55.1
16-06-10695ST tf g/y A120034C. H. Yip120Y. T. Cheng4 SICHUAN SUCCESSPRAISINGSUNSEEKER1:10.123.4 24.41 22.86 23.199-8-421092741321