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XI YING MEN (L352) 喜盈門 (Retired)

Y. S. Tsui / Rating: 37

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
SG / b / g / 12 yrs / AUS
Owner: Yau Kwai-tun
Last win: 14-10-12
Health: Lame right fore after racing. (09/01/2011) Mucopus in the trachea after finishing track work and was withdrawn from race. (07/02/2011) Became fractious after being boxed, reared, struck head on an overhead bar and got right front leg into adjoining partition, lame right front leg and was withdrawn from race. (15/07/2012) Unacceptable performance. (02/12/2012) Lame left front leg. (01/06/2013) Both front fetlocks moderate degenerative joint disease. (06/06/2013) Reared on the way to the start and dislodged rider, sustained lacerations to inside of right front cannon and fetlock, withdrawn from race. (12/10/2013) Right front incomplete lateral condylar fracture. (20/05/2014) Right front fetlock severe arthritis. (03/09/2014) Lame right front leg after racing. (19/11/2014)
Sire: Catbird
Dam: Rippling Mill

Past Performances
Total Starts: 43: (3-2-4)
ST 1000m: 25 (3-2-4)
ST 1200m: 2 (0-0-0)
ST 1400m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 8 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 4 (0-0-0)
HV 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrSection TimeIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
07-02-15373ST aw g -120056Y. S. Tsui131Y. T. Cheng12P-/B2GLORIOUS AVENUEDIAMOND ANGELSHANTARAAM1:08.823.4 23.19 22.21 24.261-3-65.251104381520
04-01-15283ST tf g/f C+3100056Y. S. Tsui133N. Callan3P TRILLION TREASUREJOYFUL LUCKISLAND SPRING0:57.022.8 13.12 21.12 23.401-1-63.751105405.96.2
19-11-14168HV tf g B100058Y. S. Tsui126C. Y. Lui8P HAPPY HOMINGTRILLION TREASUREENJOY THE FUN0:57.323.2 12.74 21.83 23.523-4-84.7511124097.1
15-11-14158ST aw g -120055Y. S. Tsui133B. Prebble3B-/P1MIGHTY GAINSKINGSTON JUMBODRAGON ENERGY1:09.323.5 23.53 22.19 24.051-1-52.751113401313
12-10-1477ST tf g/f A+3100043Y. S. Tsui112C. K. Tong10B GLORY HORSIEMELLIFLUENTXI YING MEN0:56.722.7 13.25 20.72 23.221-1-32.751133411813
01-10-1447ST tf g/f C+3100046Y. S. Tsui115Y. T. Cheng3B INCREDIBLE FELLOWELEGANT FRAMESPERI PERI SAFFRON0:56.222.8 12.89 20.50 23.541-1-641133415.57.6
21-04-14565ST tf g C+3100049Y. S. Tsui112C. Y. Lui4B HONG KONG DANCERCHINA POWERGENEROUS BOBO0:57.323.5 13.09 20.67 24.061-1-93.251102466148
26-03-14503ST aw g -120048Y. S. Tsui120C. K. Tong5B MEDIC KINGDOMHURRY HURRY UPGREAT PEGASUS1:09.723.6 23.59 22.47 25.222-2-89.51102483599
09-03-14455ST tf g C100046Y. S. Tsui123C. Y. Ho7B GENEROUS BOBOREGENCY HO HOREAL FIT0:57.323.3 13.30 20.70 24.011-1-63.751105503430
19-01-14334ST tf g A+3100049Y. S. Tsui119C. Y. Lui7B SUPER ABUNDANTEREGENCY HO HOSEASONS STAR0:57.322.5 13.41 21.43 24.312-2-9111091534223
01-01-14290ST tf g C120049Y. S. Tsui127C. K. Tong10B DISCIPLES TWELVEADDOLECHINA ANGEL1:10.123.6 23.74 22.88 24.901-3-98.51085552846
24-11-13183ST tf g/f C100048Y. S. Tsui129D. Whyte2B ARCHIPPUSPURE FORCECELESTIAL SMILE0:56.822.6 13.35 20.97 23.664-5-87.251082575.67.6
12-10-1374ST tf g/f A+310004WDY. S. Tsui130D. WhyteB WHY WHYPURE FORCEWHISTLE BLOWER0:56.722.7  1092574.6 
01-05-13576ST tf g C+31400410Y. S. Tsui129R. Fourie4B HONG KONG DANCERPRINCIPALKING HARADASUN1:23.024.1 35.45 23.44 25.102-2-1-105.751084593487
17-04-13538HV tf g/y B120038Y. S. Tsui114C. K. Tong8B IMPECCABLEWINNIE'S HORSESUPREME ESSENCE1:10.523.5 23.93 23.43 24.004-4-85.251090615699
01-04-13505ST tf g B+2120039Y. S. Tsui115C. K. Tong1B BULLISH FRIENDBUNDLE OF JOYEXCITING DREAM1:09.723.0 23.70 23.01 23.882-1-95.251102635899
06-03-13439HV tf g A100038Y. S. Tsui116C. K. Tong10B TOUCH GOCROESUSRIDE ON THE FIRE0:57.423.3 12.91 21.74 23.274-5-83.251082653966
20-02-13406HV tf g B1200310Y. S. Tsui118C. K. Tong4B NEW DEERFIELDMI SAVVYBRAVENESS1:10.422.9 23.58 23.95 23.911-1-106.251087676299
30-01-13358HV tf g C+31000310Y. S. Tsui121B. Prebble2B BRAVENESSGOLD RACERSUPER FRESH0:57.523.1 12.96 22.13 23.056-7-1041077683130
12-01-13312ST tf g C+3100038Y. S. Tsui121Y. T. Cheng8B WINDICATOR STARHAWTHORNEDYNAMIC VOYAGE0:57.022.6 13.30 21.08 23.311-1-84.25107768197.8
02-12-12211ST tf g C+31000311Y. S. Tsui124Z. Purton4B DREAM BUILDERJUN DAOPO CHING KING0:57.323.6 13.28 20.83 24.194-6-115.75107568107.3
04-11-12137ST tf g/f C+3100032Y. S. Tsui122Z. Purton8B ULTIMATE WINNERSXI YING MENBUNDLE OF LOVE0:57.022.9 13.23 20.87 22.972-2-2N1060668.94
14-10-1284ST tf g/f A+3100041Y. S. Tsui128D. Whyte5B XI YING MENWELL FITDUO GLORY0:56.522.6 13.40 20.62 22.573-3-12.251065576.96.8
15-07-12762ST tf g A14004WDY. S. Tsui131M. Du PlessisB/SR1AFRICA LIGHTJOYFUL WINNER IIELEPHANT MAGIC1:22.923.7  10775833 
13-06-12691HV tf g B1200312Y. S. Tsui111C. W. Wong9B2 GIFT IS GIFTUWILLBEGLORIOUSMY NAME IS BOND1:09.923.9 23.37 22.90 26.402-4-12171077612999
16-05-12625ST aw sl -1200310Y. S. Tsui113C. K. Tong4B- RICH TAPESTRYFORTUNE RED PEPPERHAPPY INDEX1:09.423.3 23.67 22.76 25.252-3-1013.751070644199
21-04-12559ST aw sl -1200312Y. S. Tsui118C. K. Tong11B HAPPY INDEXCOSTA DEL SOLGREEN ZONE1:09.223.2 24.44 22.41 23.9910-9-12101073675299
21-03-12493ST aw g -1200310Y. S. Tsui116J. Lloyd1B REGENCY LUCKGREEN ZONENOBODY BUT YOU1:09.323.4 23.50 22.65 24.875-5-1010.251074682421
10-03-12463ST tf g C+3100036Y. S. Tsui123Z. Purton5B BEAR HEROKEEN TACTICSGIFT IS GIFT0:57.222.8 13.48 20.89 23.692-2-65.251074707997
11-02-12395ST tf g C+31000314Y. S. Tsui123C. K. Tong9B/TT-GO BABY GOULTIMATE WINNERSGIFT IS GIFT0:57.022.9 13.33 21.01 24.271-4-149.751072725499
18-01-12328HV tf g C100038Y. S. Tsui129M. Du Plessis1B2/TTHAWTHORNEFLASHING GUYDANEWIN WINNING0:57.022.8 12.99 21.98 22.788-9-841084742118
08-01-12303ST tf g B+21000314Y. S. Tsui126Y. T. Cheng2B- VINTAGE HUSSLERCASTLE HERORED LUCKY STAR0:56.922.9 13.44 20.98 24.398-12-14121085752744
17-12-11255ST tf g/f C100039Y. S. Tsui127Y. T. Cheng8B FIVE CLUBSVINTAGE HUSSLERSPACE RACE0:57.123.2 13.20 20.79 23.621-2-92.751074752022
04-12-11219ST tf g/f C+3100037Y. S. Tsui128Z. Purton13B ORIENTAL PROSPERSPACE RACESUPREME JEWELLERY0:56.922.9 13.28 20.78 23.581-4-74.5107575118.9
05-11-11146ST tf g/f C+3100033Y. S. Tsui129Z. Purton6B ARRIVED AHEADSPACE RACEXI YING MEN0:57.123.1 13.30 20.69 23.292-2-311063741723
01-10-1159ST tf g C100031Y. S. Tsui120Z. Purton14B XI YING MENSHARE OF GOLDDIAMOND KNIGHT0:57.623.1 13.46 21.20 23.023-6-11.251060677.36.2
11-06-11697ST tf g C100035Y. S. Tsui124Z. Purton13B BEAR HEROEAGLE REGIMENTTIME AFTER TIME0:55.521.9 13.35 20.26 22.852-2-55.751033681513
10-05-11614ST tf g/f C100035Y. S. Tsui122P. Strydom13B1 EAGLE REGIMENTSPACE RACESUPREME TAIJI0:55.622.3 13.36 20.21 22.735-4-54.251039681510
09-04-11539ST tf g C+3100033Y. S. Tsui123D. Whyte11 ETERNAL BEAUTYCHARITY SPIRITXI YING MEN0:55.722.1 13.53 20.34 22.115-4-31.251041675.93.7
12-03-11465ST aw g -1200310Y. S. Tsui120D. Whyte11 WINDICATOR RETURNSPRAISINGSOLAR UP1:08.823.2 23.98 22.40 23.536-6-106.51052673512
27-02-11428ST tf g A+3100033Y. S. Tsui119D. Whyte6 CALIFORNIA CHOICEFATBOY SUGARXI YING MEN0:56.622.6 13.38 20.80 22.653-3-31.25105366286
09-01-11309ST aw g -120035Y. S. Tsui113Y. T. Cheng4 RICH UNICORNFLASHING AURALOADS OF JOY1:08.923.3 23.72 22.57 23.584-6-55.51038668.92.7
19-12-10263ST tf g C+3100036Y. S. Tsui118Y. T. Cheng11 CALIFORNIA CHOICEFIVE CLUBSFREE AND EASY0:56.722.7 13.56 20.51 23.426-2-651053665.92.7
06-11-10151ST tf g/y C+3100041Y. S. Tsui129Y. T. Cheng2 XI YING MENPONDEROSAFAIR NAVIGATOR0:57.322.6 13.54 21.19 22.624-4-12.751058541110
17-10-10105ST tf g/f A+3100042Y. S. Tsui126Y. T. Cheng14 MY MELODYXI YING MENCROWN WITNESS0:56.922.9 13.44 20.72 22.925-2-20.510805299.7

HKJC Comment

Vied for lead from the widest gate, travelled 3-wide most of the way to straight, unable to sustain effort after straightening.